Borders To Release A Special Edition 2-Disc ‘Twilight’ DVD


Earlier this month we got to see the official artwork for the Twilight movie DVD that is scheduled for release on March 21 (and can be pre-ordered from Amazon HERE). BUT, this week Borders Bookshop announced that it will sell an exclusive 2-disc version of the DVD that comes bundled with a whole bunch of extra goodies to satisfy even the most rabid Twilighter out there:

About the DVD:

The Borders-Exclusive Edition comes with these exciting additional features:

Special Bonus Disc, Which Includes:
• Exclusive Twilight Cast Interviews with Kristen Stewart (Bella) and Robert Pattinson (Edward)
• Exclusive Twilight Cast Interviews with Cam Gigandet (James)
• Exclusive Twilight Cast Interviews with Edi Gathegi (Laurent) and Rachelle Lefevre (Victoria)
• Exclusive Red-Carpet Interviews from the Twilight Movie Premiere
• Exclusive Never-Before-Seen Red-Carpet Footage! Includes extra interview footage with Kellan Lutz (Emmett), Ashley Greene (Alice), rock band Paramore, and Nikki Reed (Rosalie)
• Exclusive Borders Book Club: Stephenie Meyer talks about the Twilight Saga

• Audio commentary by Catherine Hardwicke, Kristen Stewart, and Robert Pattinson
• Muse music video: “Super Massive Black Hole”
• Paramore music video: “Decode”
• Linkin Park music video: “Leave Out All the Rest”
• Five extended scenes with director introductions
• Five deleted scenes with director introductions
• Seven-part documentary: “The Adventure Begins: The Journey from Page to Screen”
• Comic-Con “fandom” piece
• Comic-Con NY sizzle reel
• Three trailers
• Penelope trailer

Exclusive Photocards
10 exclusive photocards are printed on a gorgeous pearlescent paper to give a dramatic sparkly effect—the perfect way to view your favorite vampires

Oh man, pearlescent paper that SPARKLES you say? Shouldn’t it be more of a DAZZLING effect? Pshaw, whatever. No matter what effect the fancy photocards have, it really sounds like this version of the DVD has a bunch of really great bonus extras. I’m fairly certain that any Twilighter worth their salt will opt for this version over the standard, regular version … tho, the true fan will prolly end up buying both. How many of y’all have already placed your pre-orders?


  • Chase

    OY! I want this edition but it’s probably going to cost at least $30 bucks if not more. I want the DVD now. : ( Can you preoder the borders one yet?

  • Rachel

    man, this one looks so much better .. the cover artwork for the standard one is awful imo .. i hope they’ll sell this version in asia :( in indonesia to be more specificccc .. we dont get much here .. *sobs*

  • Chelsea

    its about 30 bucks, but i’m in Ausralia so I have to pay postage plus the converted amount. WAHHH! at least I can preorder *Satisfied-ish smile*

  • rossy

    Sorry, but that many items in a box set being ONLY $30.00?!

    Think… $80.00 to $130.00! Don’t forget the mantra – AS MUCH MONEY AS WE CAN MAKE! Example – Lord of the Rings trilogy came out as separate DVD’s, then extended disks, extended BOXED SETS & finally a “Platinum Series of ALL 3 movies ($200.00 [Canadian dollars] each).

    I’m not sure the the States have the same in-store promotions like here in Canada… 1st day or so (depending on the store, some have the 1st week) a new DVD is out, it’s a “special” REDUCED price, like 20-30% off; if the papers offer a coupon, an additional 10-20%off. But only for a short time.

    I got my “Platinum set of LotR’s at a bargain price – The store had a ONE DAY PROMOTION that saw 60% off the retail price mentioned above… That & in-store credit for previously returned items I hadn’t wanted (Xmas gifts) from the store I’d received some time earlier – I wasn’t even a fan, but owning that set made me a fan for $80.00!

  • Zainab


  • Melissa

    It is sick that I want to cancel my Amazn pre-order and get the Borders one. I need help! :)

    • @Melissa — not at all! I say cancel Amazon and get the Borders one if you want the 2-disc DVD. honestly, the special edition disc has so much more material … it just makes sense and there’s still time to make up your mind to cancel the Amazon pre-order.

  • indiesr

    I already pre-ordered on Amazon, and I’m getting this one as well…I need therapy. :)

  • A

    I wish they would remake this movie with all the same actors/locations EXACTLY how I see the book in my head!

  • Cherron

    any price. [;

  • Cherron

    ps rossy,
    it really is only $30.
    good try though.

  • marie

    This looks sweet, but I want to have it on blu-ray and I cant justify having 2 copies for the sparkly cards. :(
    I would like to have the interviews though.

  • JJ

    I can’t wait to see Twilight. I started reading the books after the movie came out and everyone was talking about how good they are and I’m hooked! They’re such a guilty pleasure. Now I have to wait until MARCH to see the movie! Ah well.

  • Sara

    Enjoyed the books, wasn’t so pleased with the movie. If I buy it, it will be previewed at Hastings.

  • Kim

    SO glad I didn’t pre-order from Amazon yet. Definitely picking this up…

    I did check and the pre-order price is $29.99 plus shipping. Not bad!

  • Christina

    you can cancel your amazon order and preorder from Borders, I just did – its only a few dollars more and free shipping in the US.

  • shawna

    I did and I can’t wait to get it!

  • Elle

    The movie was terrible. I loved the books but would never pay to own terrible acting and a destroyed story!!!

  • NellStar

    I have to admit I’m buying the $70.00 version from Amazon. The Blu ray edition that comes in a lunch box.. and has other stuff in it. Actually, it was on amazon yesterday and I pre ordered it and then it was quickly removed from amazon..

  • zachary

    LAWL @ one of the special features being a trailer for Penelope! WTF?!?!?!
    A trailer for a movie that came out over a year ago, that no one even liked? Seriously? They’re still trying to recoup costs on that one, it would seem.

  • wow.. summit and Smeyers are making TONS of $$ on all this twi-merch!!!!!!

    i just want the version of the DVD where i can stare at rob the most… which one is that?

  • Jen

    Hot Topic is also releasing their own special edition of the DVD set. It’s the two disc set, and they are including a real Edward film cell from the movie. I think they are selling them for $24.99.

  • Sarah

    When does the borders one come out? Im buying both hahah, you were right about that trent =D

  • roxster

    Rossy – its not “many items” or a box set. I believe the only additional features that aren’t already offered by Amazon is the first half of Trent’s list (ending with the Borders book club interview). Everything else is on the other versions, and perhaps the photos. I agree the artwork looks better. Trent – love your point about dazzling haha obvs the Borders marketing people aren’t as well versed with the books as they should be! Special features of not, $30 is a bit steep for a DVD…heres hoping someone gets it for me 13 year old sister and I can steal it haha.