Jake Gyllenhaal Gets A Kick Out Of The Paparazzi


Whoa! It would seem that jury duty does not agree with Jake Gyllenhaal. As you may know, Jakey poo spent a second day doing his civic duty when he was called for jury duty this week and it appears to have put him in a really pissy mood. When approached by a TMZ videographer about how Jake is enjoying his $15 dollar a day pay for enduring jury duty, Jake mule kicks the guy and then runs inside the courthouse:

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Our photog got a kick out of Jake Gyllenhaal today outside court — as in, Jake mule-kicked him in the leg! Our cameraman was waiting for Jake to return from a scheduled lunch break from jury duty, when a frustrated Gyllenhaal walked into the door after pushing instead of pulling. We asked how he was doing … wrong question … Jake stomped down into our guy’s shin. Jake’s now inside the courthouse, waiting to find out if he’ll be selected on a jury that will hear — get this — a battery case.

UPDATE: 5:14 PM ET: Gyllenhaal was just excused from jury service in the battery case….probably because he just committed one!

Now y’all know how much I love me some Jakey poo but this lashing out in such a pissy manner is really unattractive … especially since he ran into the building as fast as he could knowing the pap couldn’t follow him. Trust me, I’m sure enduring the attention from the paparazzi is bothersome but to kick someone like this and run is really pretty shitty … and only kinda ironic, considering the case that Jake was potentially a juror for. Do y’all think it’s okay to kick people if you’re in a bad mood?


  • Mikey P

    Paparazzi deserve a lot more than that.

  • Megan

    The paps deserve anything that happens to them, bottomline. I would never torment someone day after day and expect them to not lash out. When you stalk and pester someone, you can’t be mad if they react badly towards you. Don’t want to be kicked in the shin by a celebrity? Find a different job.

  • H

    The paparazzi are hideous but you can’t attack anyone. Besides, doesn’t this just create more attention and more photographers following you.

  • Pam

    I don’t know, I definitely think paps deserve it. I don’t like to justify violence but.. you are seeing the guy has a shitty day, why would you ask “how are you doing?” You are looking for a kick dude and you deserve one.


    Fuck the paps fuck them right in the ear

  • pooneck

    it was crappy to kick the guy. but everyone from TMZ is so freaking annoying. i can’t say i would be able to restrain myself either.

  • Traci

    Why do so many of you think it’s okay to assault someone just because they are doing their job? Yeah, I’d be annoyed if I was followed around by them too, but I wouldn’t kick someone just because they annoyed me.
    And I really wouldn’t consider most paps stalkers, having been stalked myself, I find it kinda insulting for someone to say that some irritating photographer taking pictures of someone out shopping or stumbling out of a nightclub is on par with someone who makes threatening phone calls, or tries to break in to the house of the person they’re obsessing over. There’s plenty of celebs who have ACTUALLY been stalked, and I’m sure most would agree it’s not the same thing.
    I’m sure you wouldn’t cheer someone doing the same to a janitor, or a cashier, why is it okay to applaud bad behaviour in this case? It’s just a job.

  • Kendra

    I don’t condone violence in any way, but what the paparazzi doesn’t tell in their side of the story is that they say offensive and horrible things to these celebrities to get a reaction..I know you should just ignore it, but I know they step WAY over the line to get their “money shot”..It’s still not an excuse to physically harm them, but I’m not shedding any tears over those parasites..

  • lyndyloo

    I love Jake but that was out of line.
    violence is not sexy. boooooooooooo

  • wendell

    he should have kicked him in the crotch. the paps follow stars around all day long and it is wrong. they shouldn’t be allowed to get within a certain distance with their cameras.

  • Kristi

    Not that anyone deserves to get kicked, but you could see how fast Jake was trying to get in the door and not be disturbed – this guy was being a jerk and should have left him alone. And I think a person can only take so much and should be able to have some privacy.

  • Spongey

    LOL! That was hilarious! I replayed it like 3 times. It happened so fast, I wanted to make sure. I don’t condone violence either, but seriously, that was funny!

  • Astrid

    Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think it looks like he kicks the paparazzi….

  • Dustin

    totally deserved it

  • Mischa

    bahhahah, i love how all of you people are condemning the paparazzi and calling for “privacy” for the celebrities on a blog that posts pictures of people that were taken by the paparazzi. supply & demand people. maybe if we didn’t obsessively follow celebrities on pinkisthenewblog or people.com, the paparazzi would be out of their jobs and celebrities would be able to enjoy a life of privacy. …because that is clearly what you sign up for when you decide to become famous.

  • lyndyloo

    what a bunch of hypocrites you all are.
    so you think paps are scum yet you visit gossip blogs that survive only with the help of pap pictures.
    if it weren’t for paps, none of you would be here or any other celeb blog,
    just sayin…

  • Annabelle

    I agree with Astrid. I can’t really see anything in that clip. If Jakey did do that, I would be disappointed in him, but I’ll still love him and his violent ways!

  • lexi

    So lame. Grow a pair Jake.

  • justin

    What a little b i t c h

  • E

    Ehh paps suck. Should Jake have slightly kicked him? No. But the paps need to get a damn life and get a real job.

  • Pam

    I hadn’t watch the video. Seriously, how can he possible kick the guy so hard that the guy goes ouuu while he is opening the door and looking the other way. Assault is a little too much, that pap needs to relax, they are always blowing things out of proportion to sell a story. And, yes I read celebrity blogs but I’m not desperate to see jake going to jury duty. There are limits. And this is a neverending story, you don’t have to push the limits, you dont need to get in their faces or chace them around in your car, that’s insane, they are doing their jobs but that is no excuse to some of the things paps do. Let’s not forget this insanity killed Princess Di.

  • vic

    Anything the paps do they deserve it. The people are leeches. It’s one thing to take pics at a movie event. But private lives should remain private.

    Then again… you’d be out of a job wouldn’t you? So why wouldn’t you want him (or any other celeb) to react in such a way? It gives you more gossip for you blog. Keeps you and your love in a condo in weho… am I right?

    • @vic — actually, the paps are what keep celebs in their multi-million dollar mansions … for you see, without fame in the first place, there would be no way for celebrities to get noticed and make all that money they enjoy.

  • Disappointed

    Funny how Jake and his beard Reese are all smiles for the pap photo ops but Jake couldn’t just ignore this one guy and go in the door? The guy wasn’t even yelling or being obnoxious with rude questions, it was no big deal IMO. Let’s see..yesterday Jake spit at a TMZ pap when he was leaving the courthouse walking on the sidewalk. Last week he tried to run over paps at a CAA pre-GG party. WTF is going on that he has totally changed in the last year?? Drugs? Bearding getting to him? Rude Reese influencing him? This isn’t the classy Jake that I’ve admired for 8 years, not at all.

  • Laynie

    LMFAO i like him even more
    the paps who get hit by the celebs they’re annoying always are such hugeass ATTENTION WHORES themselves

    i’m honestly surprised the dude that got kicked didn’t claim his shin was broken and was sueing for compensation. pathetic.

  • tatiana

    Sorry. I cant feel sorry for the paps. They cross the line way to much.

  • John M

    Yes he should have kicked the shit out of him and punched him too, so maybe the scumsucker would go get a real job. Paps are disgusting pathetic excuses for human beings. Screw them. Ask me how I really feel?

    Don’t give me any crap about ‘just doing his job’. Following people around 24/7, when they are not “working” is not a job, it should be a crime. Jake was not “working” so the paps deserve whatever they got. Scumbags.

  • John M

    It’s Trent, Bitch! Says:
    January 28th, 2009 at 7:34 pm
    @vic — actually, the paps are what keep celebs in their multi-million dollar mansions … for you see, without fame in the first place, there would be no way for celebrities to get noticed and make all that money they enjoy.

    That’s a total load and you know it. Real actors and Jake is one of them doesn’t need the paps to make a living. We will go see his movies without knowing where he gets his coffee, what he wears to workout, or heaven forbid – who he’s dating.

    No talent “celebs” like those losers on reality shows and others use the paps because they have nothing else to offer. Don’t confuse Meryl Streep with Paris Hilton. Only one of them needs the paps to make a living, and it’s not the actor.

    • @John M — I absolutely disagree. Jake may not need the attention now but just a few years ago, when he was a relative unknown starring in a little indie movie called ‘Donnie Darko’ I seem to recall he was very interested in getting any attention he could. It could be argued that because of that attention, his level of fame rose to the point where he was able to get bigger and better jobs. Many celebs start out as nobodies. The lucky ones who reach high levels of fame get to a point where they are so rich and powerful that they feel they don’t need the attention anymore … then it’s “leave me alone, I want my privacy”. It’s kinda like making a deal with the devil … folks want fame and fortune but they have to take everything that comes along with it.

  • Disappointed

    The pap was not following Jake 24/7 or yelling at him or talking trash . He was outside a courthouse and was polite just asking regular questions. Is it that big of a hardship for Jake to ignore him or be polite? Jake has changed in the last 6 months and not in a good way.

    And for all of you who say paps are scum and they don’t have a real job and deserve to be treated rotten, then why are you here at gossip sites? Do you really come here just to see words? No, didn’t think so.

  • Tina Tina

    Paps are out of control.

  • marco

    Preach it Trent. I have seen paps behaving a lot worse and celebrities having more patience then jake has here. There are times when the paparazzi say horrible things to get a reaction and I understand why celebrities react like this in those situations but Jake is being a brat in this video. Don’t defend him.

  • Lisa

    Yes I do….

  • Ian

    Sad. Jake has changed, at least it seems so. Steroids have that effect.

  • D.R.H.

    Should have punched. You guys are scum of the earth. Get a life.

  • elne

    Yea, it’s ok to kick the paparazzi – even if you’re not in a bad mood.

  • John M


    You can hardly be objective since you owe your income and fame to the “work” of the paps. At least be honest enough to admit that.

    • @John M — I have always maintained my opinions of celebrity fame and its relation to the attention they seek and get. I have never hid my beliefs and I try to make my point at every opportunity. You can believe whatever you like, I will always hold true to my beliefs whether you agree with them or not :)

  • Jexer

    You provoked getting kicked and you know it.

    Don’t be a crybaby.

  • I could watch videos of paparazzi getting assaulted ALL DAY. My only gripe with Jake is that it wasn’t captured on camera. He should have knocked the guy down first and then kicked him in the head a few times. I’d pay to see that.

  • Mamma Rice

    Self-defense is what it is.

    The Pap uses the 1st Amendment as a weapon. The use cameras, harsh disrespectful language and proxmity as their tools to harm, defame, build-up, create or destroy character.

    So if Jake kicked him in the nuts, brains, balls or knees. It was only inself defense.

    Think about it? Why was a man(woman?) with a camera, THAT close anyway?

  • vic

    @ Trent…. that’s bs about paps keep them in million dollar homes… what about mega stars back in the day where there wasn’t 100 paps per square foot and thirty magazines and blogs to view these pictures. These paps are keeping bloggers and magazines and THEMSELVES with a roof over their head – Not celebs.

    • @vic — I didn’t say that paps keep them in their homes, paps help them get those homes in the first place. Back in the day the gossip game was totally different, technology has changed the way things operate. Fame and celebrity in cooperation with paparazzi and gossip reporting generate revenue for lots of folks.

  • Bryan

    Defending yourself against paparazzi isn’t assault any more than is treating yourself for syphilis.

  • Jake spitting at pap
  • Hypocrite

    Bearding with Reese Witherspoon turned Jake into a publicity wh0re.

    Jake has no right to be mad at papparazzi while he use them all the time to promote his fake heterosexual image.

  • Jeff

    You really couldn’t see him do anything specific. Maybe the photog just said that because you couldn’t see any of it. Hmmmmm? And, turnabout IS fais play.

    Jake is still fucking adorable.

  • Anger Control

    Check out previous TMZ video – JAKE SPITTING AT PAPARAZZI.


    Maybe he tripped

  • I don’t know what the paps are complaining about. I’d LOVE to have Jake kick me. Sign me up!

  • ll

    Jake grew up very rich and has always gotten exactly what he wanted. How dare anyone annoy him.

    Seriously what a baby. I don’t like him anymore.

  • Heidi

    I wouldn’t normally say it was ok to kick someone, but in this case I think its excusable….thats if he actually did it… He has a right to live his life without being stalked…I would do more than kick them….

    Just hearing the camera man say “ooo jake, you assaulted me” in a whiny, patronising voice makes ME want to assault him…No wonder the courts are beserk in the U.S…they are being clogged up with fucktards like this…the photog needs to grow some balls, or some big ovaries…whatever the case may be….

  • Nikki

    That’s kind of like asking if the crocodile hunter deserved getting snapped at by an alligator… yeah, dude, you walk up and interrupt its nap time by poking it with a stick and its gonna bite… same thing with celebs. Leave them alone…

  • Traci

    If you lot think it’s okay for celebrities to assault the paps, then why are you even here?
    I didn’t bother to watch the video, because I don’t care, but the comments about assaulting and abusing other human beings are absolutely disgusting. Would you laugh if you saw a homeless person being violently assaulted? Or is it okay, because that person needs to get a “real” job?
    Also, Princess Diana wasn’t killed by the paparazzi, she was killed because she got in a car with a drunk driver.

  • Jenny

    I don’t think he kicked him, it looked like it was the door that hit him, not Jake. I didn’t see any sort of movement in the upperbody that would suggest Jake using phsyical force in the pap’s direction.

    I’m calling shenanigans.

  • Pap Smasher

    I like it better when the pap get smashed in the face or when an expensive camera gets broken. If you’re close enough to be kicked then you’re too close — step back or pay the price.

  • Ash

    Like, seriously, I dont see why its such a big deal. I actually find it to be hilarious. Everyone always makes a big deal, “you just assaulted me”, yeah well you just harassed me. Get over it. And when people say, they shouldnt get punished or whatever for doing their job. Sorry to say, its not a real job. Yes they make money doing it, but seriously. They choose to do it, they know there pissing people off, the majority of them make a big effort to piss celebs off, what do you expect? Im sure that pap was so happy to get kicked by Jake cuz now its a big deal and hes gonna get his 15 minutes and make more money off his pictures. I say good job Jakey!

  • James

    People-no; paparazzi-yes!

  • tristan

    Yes, he deserved it, ESPECIALLY if he’s from TMZ. Those people are the lowest form of life.

  • murphy

    So the paps keep the celebrities in the limelight for an extra 15 minutes. I’m sure they were doing ok before TMZ ever existed. The paparazzi market has become so saturated, that these goons go to great lengths to bait a celebrity for the sake of getting a scoop, and to get paid. They’ve gone militant on their hunt for a prized photo op. Yeah for Jake…it’s always open season on those slimeball photogs…

  • Peter

    Paparazzis have no class. If they did, they would be having better jobs.

  • Jake

    Hopefully because of the crisis, lots of paparazzi will be jobless and try to get normal jobs, and people would stop reading this superficial pages and concentrate in more important things.

  • JayDub

    Um… if it weren’t for the Pap you dumbasses wouldn’t have anything to read or comment on.

  • Nora

    jake can do whatever he wants cos he’s jake. i’ll kick the paps to hawaii if i were him. so what? another regular person, showing regular behaviour. its freakin normal WTH. What a crybaby that pap is. Lay a finger and they’ll scream they’re getting raped. Shithead.

  • suckit

    Mmmm, don’t buy it, don’t see any kicking…. if the pap was following too close he may have got it in the shin accidentally, but I don’t see any kicking. I’ve “kicked” the little asian “ladies” unintentionally in the shins when they’re treading on my ass, again unintentionally. Maybe we can add personal space to the Bill of Rights…