Britney Spears Releases A Batch Of New Tour Rehearsal Photos


Really early this morning, I posted a teaser photo released by that features Britney Spears and her cavalcade of dancers doing dance rehearsals for her upcoming The Circus starring Britney Spears Tour. The site has since been updated and a whole slew of new pics from tour rehearsals have been released:

Britney Spears’s Circus topped the charts – with a lot of hard work – and now she’s promising to do the same in her upcoming world tour. In an exclusive rehearsal photo posted to Spears’s Web site, Britney claps to the beat in simple, comfortable dance gear. Jamie King, who choreographed her 2000 tour, is back on duty, and the singer, 27, looks svelte and toned in a tank top showing off her arms, and even the mom-of-two’s tummy! The arena tour, her first in five years, kicks off in New Orleans March 3 with special guests The Pussycat Dolls.

Woot! She looks damn good, y’all! After the jump, check out a BUNCH more photos from these tour rehearsals …

She’s back! She’s back!! Praise baby Jebus, our dear Britney is back!!! She looks so great … and you can clearly tell that she’s workin’ hard. Ahhhh … I can’t wait to see this show live. I dunno what the hell I’m gonna do when serious tour spoilers start to make their way to the Internets. I doubt I’ll be able to refrain from checking out at least some of the tour spoilers. Wee!! I cannot wait. What do y’all think … aren’t these photos the total bomb?

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  • MalibuBetty

    OMG!!! I think she looks even better than before – super hot!

  • nicole

    she may look good…but it would be nice if she wore pants that didnt look like they would fall with one wrong move to the left.

  • Brooke

    Her body is AH-Mazing!

  • Danielle

    She looks so great!! It makes me so happy! I cannot wait for 3/11 when I see her live!

  • Panti Christ

    HOLY CRAP – her body looks SO great! Great Job Brit!!!

  • adam

    yup…she’s a mother of two with that body.
    She looks amazing i cannot wait!

  • omg she looks STUNNING

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    She does look damn good!! She is going to rock the house!!

  • Cherrylips

    Flawless suck it hard haters @ nicole she’s always worn those type of sweats when she’s dances

  • April

    @nicole : i was totally thinking the same thing about her pants.

    how can she dance in those her ass has to be hanging out.
    regardless, her body does look amazing.


    @ nicole and April…. Because she doesn’t fall out of them it’s weird I know but I’ve watched tons of videos of rehearsing for previous tours and performances over the years where she did high kicks, back flips, and was shaking it… wearing sweats just like those and they never once slipped off her hips never O_O

  • Juan

    she looks amazing!! i need to get tix asap.

  • j

    hmmm…with sweats that low, you would think you’ll see her c-section scar.

  • Shawna

    those pants are made to fit like that, if she was too slim in the waist for those pants, they would slip down and what not, but ive seen her practice in clothes like that before and shes never slipped.

  • Kendra

    HOT HOT HOT! I always knew she’d come back in a big way..Never lost the faith..I’m so glad she proved me right!!!

  • Wow

    yeah, her asscrack is really low. she’s worn sweatpants like that for years, and even during the DWAD tour all her costume bottoms were like that.

  • K

    she looks absolutely amazing

  • surgery girl

    good for her! she ROCKS! hope she’s still eating though and not starving herself!

  • Monique

    ok seriously, everyones wondering about her PANTS??? is it just me or is it totally more ridiculous that she’s seriously dancing in that tiny bikini top without something flying out!


    @monique it’s because she will probably be wearing something similar on tour. Britney is known for the scantily clad outfits… also, when you wear something like this you are more focused on your body movements and how your body looks while performing. Remember they are actually performing in front of mirrors.

  • Tracy

    She looks ABSOLUTELY fabulous!!! I love it. Now all she has left to do is get 50/50 custody back and I think after the tour, she will!! Yay!

  • Ali_di

    She looks like she has really picked up the pieces and will shock everyone with a fabulous performance… I think it would be great if HBO or VH1 or MTV broadcast her concert to show the world that she’s back and that way fans around the world can enjoy her performance and if the concert doesn’t come to their country at least they can cheer her on at home.

  • Courtney

    Those are some loooooooooooooooow pants!! haha
    She looks amazing though!!
    So excited for the show :)

  • Elise

    Don’t get me wrong, I love her (I have tickets to the show over in Jersey…ugh, why, Brit Brit WHY can’t you come to Madison Square Garden) but methinks she’s had some plastic surgery in her abdomen. It’s possible she had a relatively non-invasive procedure, especially when the incision can be made over other previously existing scars…like from two C-sections…don’t be hatin’, I’m a fan, I’m just saying. If her body is naturally that way (after two pregnancies – where she got VERY big – and lots of ups and downs weight-wise (cheetos, frapuccinos, etc)) she is a freak of nature and good for her.

  • Heather

    she looks SO good wow.
    and about the pants hah, im a dancer and i wear pants like that for lots of rehearsals and for jazz and hip hop classes, theyre comfortable and easy to dance in and they fit so well that they do not fall down, theyre great for dancing!
    i cant wait at all to see her in concert!


    @ elise I doubt that she only got huge with Preston she only gain like 25-30 pounds with JJ and ppl need to stop acting like she kept gaining and losing a 100 pounds yes she went up and down but she never gained more than 35 pounds during her frap and cheeto binges besides its not like she got her abs and banging body back after a month of working out or something she been working her ass of for over 9 months now with the right diet and workout routine its not impossible for a mother of 2 to get her body back

  • PixieBassline

    She’s done a REALLY GOOD job at toning her belly back up…

  • Bruce

    I really really really hope she does some of her songs from Blackout!! I cannot wait to see her in D.C.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anne

    she looks fantastic! i’m super psyched for this tour!! you know it’s going to be great if jamie king is directing it! i can’t wait for her to release the set list…

  • Traci

    The pants may be made to fit like that, but she either has no crack, or she’s flashing loads of bum-cleavage. And the bikini top looks like it’s got enough coverage. Doesn’t look like she’s gonna pop out of it.
    Either way, I’m not a fan, but I have to admit she’s looking good.

  • Rachel

    Damn, Britney’s got it going on!!! Hot! Do your thing Brit!

  • meh

    She looks way too skinny for her figure. She’s skinnier than she was when she was 15. She doesn’t look healthy, and no, just because you’re skinny it doesn’t mean you look “good.” I’m pretty sure she had some procedures done and is prob starving herself. Look at her arms and that rib cage!


    @ meh Hi Hater go Diaf kthxs

  • Trev

    She still looks like a little whore! I am still waiting for the day she can write a really good song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Julie

    @meh….just because you can see her ribs doesn’t mean she’s starving herself….Up until recently you could easily see my ribs and I eat more than a man (e.i.. My boyfriend who is more than 230lbs)…Some people have rib cages that stick out more or has very thin skin at that area…Don’t hate on her because you wish you had her body…

    P.S…. I was a healty weight when you saw my ribs. (130- 5’9)

  • stfu.kthnx

    wow she looks hot
    i wanna look like that after having two kids.

    i’ll save $300 just incase

  • beautiful disaster

    WOW she really looks amazing….I am so happy that got herself together and is making a comeback…good for her…for a long time, it didn’t seem possible that she could pull it together and make such a great comeback….but she’s doing it and I think that’s great for her….I was never a huge Brittney fan before but after seeing her one-on-one interview in late 2008, I started looking at her a bit differently and I felt really bad for her in a way….go Brit!!