California Mother Gives Birth To 8 Babies At Once


While Brangelina might have their hands full taking care of 6 children all at the same time, that ain’t nothin’ compared to the baby work ahead for a new mother in California. Doctors at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Bellflower, CA announced yesterday that they delivered the US’s second set of octuplets Monday from a woman (who wishes to remain anonymous) who was expected to only birth 7 babies. After the 7th baby was delivered, SURPRISE!, doctors found one more little person crammed all up in there. Amazingly, all 8 babies (born 9 weeks early) are doing fine and are breathing on their own … mother is also doing fine:

A woman in California delivered what may be the nation’s second live-born set of octuplets on Monday morning, surprising doctors who expected seven babies. The six boys and two girls — ranging in weight from 1 pound 8 ounces to 3 pounds 4 ounces — were generally doing well in incubators following their Caesarean-section delivery at Kaiser Permanente hospital in Bellflower, California, doctors said. Three of the babies need breathing assistance, but otherwise the eight don’t appear to have serious problems, doctors said at a news conference Monday evening. “It was a truly amazing delivery,” said Dr. Karen Maples, chief of the hospital’s obstetrics and gynecology department. Doctors initially believed the mother — whom they did not identify — was pregnant with seven fetuses. The woman was 23 weeks pregnant when she was hospitalized seven weeks ago and ordered to bed rest. Over a seven-week period, a team of 46 physicians, nurses and other staff prepared for the births. When they started the delivery Monday — more than nine weeks before the babies would be full term — they were in for a surprise. “After we got to Baby G, we were surprised by the discovery of a Baby H,” Maples said. Getting the number correct with ultrasounds before delivery is difficult with so many babies, said Dr. Harold Henry, the hospital’s chief of fetal medicine. “It is quite easy to miss a baby when you’re expecting seven,” Henry said. The hospital said the woman didn’t want her personal information released to the news media, and it would not answer questions about whether she’d had fertility treatments. Preliminary research indicates this is the second set of live-born octuplets in the United States, according to the hospital. Eight babies believed to be the United States’ first set of live octuplets were born in Houston, Texas, in 1998. One of the infants died days after birth. The seven other siblings recently celebrated their 10th birthday, the Houston Chronicle reported last month. The first three to seven days will be critical for the California babies, said Dr. Mandhir Gupta, one of the doctors at the news conference. The infants could be in incubators for six to eight weeks and in the hospital for 10 weeks, Gupta said. The mother is doing “very well” after the deliveries, which took about five minutes, Gupta said. “She is very excited that she [has] all these babies and that the babies are looking good so far,” Gupta said.

Altho the mother/family wishes to remain anonymous at this point, I think they should seriously consider going public. With 8 babies to take care of, they’re gonna need some help … and mebbe a TV series? Jon & Kate Plus 8 could use a little competition, I think. At this point, the babies are only known as A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H which (it must be said) are even more odd than even the wackiest celeb baby names. And to clarify, this CNN report states that the babies require breathing assistance but I just heard a report this morning that they have been taken off respirators and are all breathing on their own … which is happy, happy news. Much congrats and love goes out to this family … they’ve got a wee bit more than they had bargained for but I wish them all the love and happiness in the world.

UPDATE: I just found out that the US’s first octuplets born (about 10 years ago) have their own website HERE. LOL!


  • Cherrylips

    SURPRISE!, doctors found one more little person crammed all up in there ROFLMFAO

  • MeGs

    I agree that they should go public..Oprah is waiting for an interview lol :P Best of luck to the new/large family!

  • holy smokes!

  • Fiona

    Ahhh, just what the already overpopulated world needs…

  • Kate

    I think that hat showing up on random heads is freaking hilarious. Nice one Trent

  • That is SERIOUS over-use of fertility drugs!! Can this couple even afford to bring up that many kids or are they expecting to get loads of $$$$ from selling their story to the press?

  • A


  • Jennie

    i have a 17 mth old running around, he is exhusting. i dont know what i would do if i had 7 more of him to chase around

  • tessa

    LOL Trent you are cracking me UP with that hat!!

  • Pam

    Oh god! Can you imagine that? I would definitely try to figure out which one is the one that has more potential and leave at least 5 of them in the hospital “Listen lady nurse, these came extra, spare parts purposes.. you can keep them” hahahaa. Crazy shit!
    The hat on the doctor just killed me!!! hahahaa, he looks lovely!

  • PITNBer

    LOL! Nice hat Dr. Gupta! Seriously. 8 babies is a litter! Glad everyone’s doing well. That’s a hell of a journey.

  • vic

    Wow Trent, you’re so funny with putting that hat on everything. It NEVER gets old. (I hope you all get the sarcasm).

  • This is just getting WAAAAY out of hand – by this time, human litters are no longer the novelty act/side-show that they once were. Hopefully, these people aren’t hoping for a lifetime supply of diapers from Huggies or a free van from GMC, ’cause it is not going to happen!!! I can’t believe someone would endanger her health and the health of all those babies by doing this…

  • Erin

    I LOVE the hat on everyone! It makes me laugh a little more everyday! Thanks and I cannot wait to get my own…jks!

  • Amy

    The hat thing is a hoot. I can’t wait to see who the lucky person is tomorrow. Eight frickin’ babies. I think I would have done some selection before they were even transferred. They probably want to remain anonymous until the highest bidder can announce it.

  • Traci

    Ouch. I have phantom pains just reading that. I remember when my mom was pregnant with my sister. She constantly had a foot stuck in a lung, and you could see an arm just moving across her belly. That’s one (admittedly slightly big) baby. Eight? No thank you!

  • JJ

    I like how people assume they are trying to get free stuff. Having one baby I can say that being pregnant is overwhelming enough and I sort of doubt anyone goes into it thinking, “You know what would be really great? 8 infants to take care of!” Even if people donate diapers, money, etc. to help them…it’s not even close to being a fair trade off! I don’t blame them for wanting to stay anonymous for the time being. What post-partem mother wants to be in the middle of a media frenzy?

  • J&J

    I agree JJ!! It blows my mind that people think this woman set out to have 8 children at one time. This woman more than likely needed help having her own child. And I’m sure she was told she could have multiples. But, you will never understand what she was going through. Bravo to this wonderful woman who chose not to reduce the number of babies!! When you judge another you don’t define them, you define yourself!

  • Tracy

    I would be devastated to have that many babies at once. But props to her if she thinks she can handle it. I know I couldnt.

  • Katt

    i agree that we need to give the mom a break- i’m sure she’s not doing this for free stuff! but i love that they aren’t commenting on if there was use of fertility drugs. a bit obvious if you ask me……

  • Pam

    well yeah, either fertility drugs or in vitro… this can deffo be consider malpractice.

  • Tiffany

    Pam, maybe so but there are people that order stuff through the internet without a scrip and self-medicate and BAM, a ton of babies. In that case it would be the PARENTS fault and not the doc’s because unfortunately I am sure that selective reduction had been offered to them :(

  • Tiffany

    In addition to my above reply, I am NOT PRO-SR, just saying no doc in the right mind would whole-heartedly promote such a HOM pregnancy right from the start due to the very fear of malpractice.

  • Boogie

    TRENT!!!! Stop with the Aretha hat! I can’t take it! Hilarious!!!! This application was perfect, so unexpected!

  • Richard

    The woman who had these 8 children is one selfish bitch. There are so many children in need but she HAD to have her own children and used fertility drugs to have 8. Whoever has the same insurance company as her should get ready for your rates to go up. The medical cost of those babies is going to be in the millions.

  • Kendra

    People don’t do fertility treatments to have 8 babies! It’s a freak thing that happens! A good friend of mine wanted a baby with all her heart and had to do fertility treatments..Luckily she only had one, but she very well could have had a ton! Don’t hate the parents for it or call them selfish! Lame..

    My first thought was that Kate from Jon and Kate Plus 8 was going to be PISSED! Someone’s stealing her thunder! ;)

  • Ibby

    HAHAHA the hat is the best part about that entire posting

  • Jenn

    Oh geez…PLEASE stop with the hat! It was funny the first time, amusing the next 6, now its pathetic.

  • erica

    I love how the refuse to talk about the use of fertility treatment, ahahaha! I would hope they did otherwise that woman is never going to get laid after this. I can’t help but to picture these babies like a litter of piglets crawling all over their mother. Fingers crossed that this family shows up Jon and Kate and knock that evil whore out of the ratings!

  • Sarah

    Whoa! I cant believe the anger and hostility over such news. Yes, we have problems in our world and there are tons of children in need but this ONE woman who wanted to have children is not responsible for all that. She is keeping anonymous and not asking for any of this attention- whether it is freebies or judgement. I just hope her children will be ok and they surround themselves with family and friends. And that they refuse ALL reality TV show offers to keep their dignity :)

  • Luli

    Good to know all the babies and the mom are doing well.
    If you ask me, don’t stop with The Hat, I love it :D

  • Chantal

    This SINGLE WOMAN already has 6 kids at home….she is not married….

    .HER MOM’S HOME. They live in a 3 bedroom house and this woman already has 6 she has 14. I am going to assume she is on state assistance, as she is living in her mother’s home in a 3 bedroom house. Sad…

    I wonder who the daddies are. It was all over our news today about the fact she already has 6 kids. Why would this woman take fertility pills? Why have more children when you cannot even afford the 6 you already have by living with mommy in her 3 bedroom home……OBAMA!

  • Ron

    It seems that this woman needs someone to make important decisions for her. I say she is unable to make rational decisions on her own. You can bet that tax payers will foot the bill for this extreme situation. Folks who are trying to pay their own way, don’t do this kind of thing.

  • gg

    Hahah. You people are funny!!!. made me crack alot of smiles.I’m happy that she had all those babies…i can’t imagine if it was me…I have a 3 months old ..and is driving me nuts..Good luck to that baby’s mama

  • gg

    ooo one more thing…. Its very sad how people criticise that woman…see been pregnant with just one wore me out i felt like a walking cow whenever i was in week 36. I cant imagine how she felt.

  • Jennifer

    OMG she has 6 other kids at home. WHY oh why did she have 8 more. She still lives at home with mommy and daddy. Where the heck is the dad or is there one?

  • PW

    She needs her head exaimed. Family and children Services needs to keep an eye on her. While is great to use this procedure (under certain situations), this women told her mother she wants to see how many she can have.

    She lives with her mother. Her mother is fed-up and the family’s home doesn’t look like they can afford it and certainly isn’t big enough. I for one don’t want to be one tax payer that has to support her and that many kids. Who paid for the procedure. Who is going to pay for a hospital bill that will be about a quarter of a million. Yes you read that correctly. Eight babies in the neo unit for 2 months. She was also in the hospital 2 months before she delivered.

    The doctor should also be named and watched!

    Sad Sad Sad for the babies

  • stephanie

    I think it’s strange she won’t have her picture taken or give her story. She’s wanting to give it to the highest bidder. I think everyone should ignore her since that is what she wants. No diapers, no baby formula. She wants to be greedy, then let her have nothing

  • Tiffany

    Hey, I’m all for women’s rights swinging in the other direction. I think it beats killing 8 babies in utero. We need more people in this world to help us pay for social security that’s almost bankrupt, so whatever. Human life is the greatest asset we have, so good for her, and good for the babies.

  • Pink is DEFINITELY THE NEW BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for doing this funny story! So many of your readers are hitting our blog. Love the hat!!! Poor Aretha “inauguration” Franklin!

  • Pam

    Uh, there was no father, just a woman who had a problem wanting more and more babies…so who is going to pay for these children now??? Us tax payers??? Think about it…

  • Me

    Please the Dr that did the invetro should have his head examined. No father, and now 14 kids with a woman who lives with her parents??? I am getting so sick of hearing about this woman that has been mooching off the state on disability for the last 10 years and hasn’t been in to the Dr to update records to see if she can return to work since 2001. ALL of the kids she has she had AFTER her back injury on the job. Come on any woman that has had kids knows that your back aches when your pregnant from carying that extra weight around. And please she wanted to remain anonymous?? B.S. if that were the case no one would know because the media would not have been alerted. She just wants attention and money. Why should I pay for her and her kids because she chooses to have a litter?? She is just greedy and wants someone else to foot the bill for her. She needs to stop having kids and take care of those poor children she has now. How on earth can a single mother give enough care and attention to 14 kids?? I have 2 and they are enough for me. That woman is CRAZY and DCS needs to be very involved and watch them closely.

  • Hello

    Hello, is anyone out there. This women is unmarried, living with her parents and already has six kids. I’m all for technology and the right to keep your kids but here is somethings that makes you stop and think. What Dr. would do this? And where did they get the money for the procedure…Welfare…Taxpayers. Is this what Americans have become. I was a single teenage mother and I had medical assistance for me and my child, I never took money but as easy as it would have been to get i’m sure I wouldn’t have had a problem. I’ve alway made my own way and I still do and I have had a lot of problems, but being who I’m am I just feel wrong using what I don’t need and that others could benefit from. I have my own business now and do just fine. Thats the way I was brought up, to do for yourself. I think that the Goverment needs to step up and make changes to welfare or this is the way its going to be, the people who need help can’t get it and the people who sit on there asses and plop out kids can. People who actually work Paying for the people on Welfare. I can’t wait to see what comes of this whole thing. Come On America Do For Yourself. As for this woman I hope Child Services and welfare keep a close eye on her, but I won’t hold my BREATH.

  • Rita

    The Woman has emotional problems. Her parents are raising her 6 children and the mother states that she is given no money to supprt them. This woman has lived her life for the last 10 years on disability and assistance from the state. To knowingly have children when you are single and can not afford them should be a crime. She admitted on a talk show she paid over 100K for the invetro. Most likely funded from the 165K she got as a settlement for a back injury. She has even had cosmetic surgery to her face, her mother showed the before pictures. She is in need of psycological help and I hope that CPS watches all of this. To watch her talk she is clearly out of touch with reality. Where is the advocate for these children? Don’t they have any rights or deserve protection. Plenty of deserving STABLE parents would love some of these children. I hate to say it but I don’t think this is going to be a happy outcome. Shame on the fertility doctor and as for the mother – you are going to piss off alot of people when this really gets rolling – selfish sick woman!!