Hot Dude Of The Week: Dan

Weekend Hotness

It’s time again for the Hot Dude of the Week and this time around we’ve got another hawt infusion of manflesh to greet us on this lovely Sunday morn … say hello to Dan:

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Normally I am NOT a fan of dudes with spare tires but I think I can make an exception in Dan‘s case. Nice abs, nice tan, nice profile … this week’s Hot Dude has got it all. I could do without the frosted tips but, meh, who’s complainin’? I’d have Dan change my flat any day of the week … wouldn’t you? Enjoy!!

[Photo credit: All American Guys]

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  1. debho

    I didn’t even notice the spare tyre in his hand until you mentioned he had a spare tyre! lol I’m thinking you’ve gone nuts because this guy is hawt and not a spare ounce of flesh on him, then realise he really does have a tyre in his hand! Yeah, that prop was redundant. rofl

  2. Amy

    Very nice. Also very clever with the spare tire joke.

  3. Jennie

    i would like tocomment on the shirt thats 1/2 on, normally a look i dont think would work on most tow-truck drivers that would actually show up to change your tire. but Dan pulls it off brilliantly

  4. Avi

    Eh, not so hot. No body hair. Hairy is hot, this is not.

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