Hot Dude Of The Week: Dan


It’s time again for the Hot Dude of the Week and this time around we’ve got another hawt infusion of manflesh to greet us on this lovely Sunday morn … say hello to Dan:

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Normally I am NOT a fan of dudes with spare tires but I think I can make an exception in Dan’s case. Nice abs, nice tan, nice profile … this week’s Hot Dude has got it all. I could do without the frosted tips but, meh, who’s complainin’? I’d have Dan change my flat any day of the week … wouldn’t you? Enjoy!!

[Photo credit: All American Guys]

  • debho

    I didn’t even notice the spare tyre in his hand until you mentioned he had a spare tyre! lol I’m thinking you’ve gone nuts because this guy is hawt and not a spare ounce of flesh on him, then realise he really does have a tyre in his hand! Yeah, that prop was redundant. rofl

  • Amy

    Very nice. Also very clever with the spare tire joke.

  • Jennie

    i would like tocomment on the shirt thats 1/2 on, normally a look i dont think would work on most tow-truck drivers that would actually show up to change your tire. but Dan pulls it off brilliantly

  • Avi

    Eh, not so hot. No body hair. Hairy is hot, this is not.