Kelly Clarkson Releases Two New Promo Images


Here are a couple new promo images of Kelly Clarkson that were shot by photographer Mark Ruiz to promote the release of her new album All I Ever Wanted which is due for release on March 17:

Head over to THIS Kelly fan forum to see these images (along with the cover artwork for her new single My Life Would Suck Without You) in ginormous, high res quality. She looks pretty swank in these photos … I love how her bling has that extra little sparkle that can only come from Photoshop manipulation. As I mentioned before, I am very much looking forward to hearing more from Kelly’s new album. These new promo pics are a great way to get geared up for her new disc.


  • E

    She looks beautiful. She’s wearing little makeup and, to me, she doesn’t look nearly as photoshopped as her single and albums covers. I love her new single. It’s so catchy and addicting. I am so so so very excited for her new album. Love her!!

  • Kristín

    love her!!
    beautiful pictures of her!!

  • Colbi

    Pretty pictures, but they seem a little bit bland.

  • Teri

    She looks great!

  • Janelle

    she looks good in these photos, but her single photo is so airbrushed :(

  • Mel

    Kelly will always be my favorite Idol!

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  • Lana

    I am so excited for this album! I can’t stop listening to “My Life Would Suck Without You”

  • I swear she looks different in these photos.. nose job??

  • anne

    I love Kelly but it appears the record company won in the end

  • Sorry, I’m not impressed with the new blond hair. I just hope she doesn’t pull a Jewel.


  • LOVECarrie

    Oh dear God…*sigh* Trent, thanks for that! She’s sooooo gorgeous! That second pic is…hawtness! (I know, I know..I’m such a “kezbo” haha)

  • aimie

    did she get a nose job????

  • Sara

    I think her nose is the same… just did a Google image search and I don’t think she got a nose job! I cannot wait for this new album! I’m so excited! I think that it’s good that since her last album was darker and she wrote songs at a low point in her life, there’s nothing wrong with being cheerful and poppy for her next album.

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