David Beckham Bottoms Out


Yesterday we played a little game of Guess Who with a photo of a young male Hollywood celeb showin’ off his underpants by lettin’ his pants sag off his derriere … and today we get to see the very same sort of thing from one, David Beckham. Becks was spotted making his way out of Nobu in Milan, Italy last night (his temporary home while he plays professional soccer with AC Milan) and was spied showing off his tighty white undies (Armani, no doubt) as he let his pants sag off his ass:

Lord, if this becomes a fashion trend again, I think I’ll scream. Well, OK, mebbe that’s not entirely true cuz if Becks wants to show off his undies, I’m really not going to complain. This saggy pants look was really big in the early ’90’s (Marky Mark Wahlberg, when he was rollin’ with The Funky Bunch, was very fond of this look back then). I suppose I *want* to hate this look until someone of a certain caliber of hawtness decides to do it and then … well … yeah. While some folks are trying to outlaw this look, I suppose we should be able to make for some concessions … especially in the case of one, David Beckham. I mean … right?

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

  • Iris

    If this look comes back I will cry.Even Becks looks much better in some form fitting trousers, don’t you think?

  • Again, another idiot wearing a BELT with this look. I just want to run up and pants the next guy wearing this look and see what happens.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Is this guy ever not so damn HOT!!! I can’t handle myself. No more dirty thoughts…

  • pooneck

    why even wear a belt if not to hold up your pants? ridiculous for a grown man to be so lazy. save the undies for the ads. i am not interested in seeing someone’s grunds (not even a good-looking man) in public. lack of class.

  • Kendra

    I want to bite that ass..Yummers!! He is perfection..

  • sarah

    I’m in grad school and I always see a bunch of kids playing basketball at the gym with their shorts hanging down like this and their butt cheeks exposed (in underwear, but still…). I just want to say, dude, the sight of your ass hanging out of your shorts is totally killing my exercise buzz! Ugh!

  • Ray

    I’m not a fan of the look, but at least he’s probably NOT wearing Hanes. I’ve seen so many guys sagging and showing off their nasty Fruit of the Looms or Hanes, so cheesy

  • Sailingsam

    He is losing a lot of weight..because of hard work playing soccer in Milan…He needs to get new clothes…

  • kyle

    fuck, it’s totally hot!! ok, so i do have an underwear fetish………

  • Matilda

    Stupid fashion victim.

  • Kristin