Vanessa Hudgens Auditions For The ‘Twilight’ Sequel


Now that the matter of who will be playing Jacob Black in the upcoming Twilight sequel New Moon has been settled (and how!), the focus can now turn to other roles in the film. I’m pretty sure that all of the other actors who had roles in the Twilight movie (ie. the Cullen family) will be coming back to reprise their roles but there are a few new characters not introduced in the first movie that have to be cast for the next movie. It turns out that Vanessa Hudgens, of High School Musical fame, has already auditioned for the role of Leah Clearwater, who plays the Twilight Saga’s sole female werewolf. If she gets her way, she will be among the new castmembers joining the Twilight Saga — BE WARNED! The following report contains SPOILERS that may ruin your New Moon experience if you have not read the books:

Now here’s a role Vanessa Hudgens would like to sink her teeth into. The High School Musical star has auditioned for the part of werewolf Leah Clearwater in the Twilight sequel New Moon, according to Ashley Green, who played Alice in Twilight. “I think she’d be great,” Greene tells MTV. As Leah, Hudgens, 20, would be a foil to Taylor Lautner, who will reprise his role as werewolf Jacob Black. In the Stephenie Meyer novels, Leah is her pack’s lone female werewolf – and a jilted one, at that. Unlike Hudgens’s Gabriella in HSM, Leah experiences heartbreak, being ditched by classmate (and fellow werewolf) Sam Uley.

HMMM … you know, I’m not immediately repulsed by the idea of Vanessa playing Leah in New Moon. Truth be told, I’ve never seen Vanessa Hudgens act so I can’t comment on that regard but judging by looks alone, I think she could play a respectable Leah Clearwater. I’m sure there are many diehard Twilighters who may balk at the idea of Vanessa joining the Twilight cast … but she will add some more starpower to the Twilight sequel. Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing remains to be seen. I’m very curious to see if she manages to get the part … I guess I always figured they’d cast a newcomer but … HMMM. I may have to think on this some more. What do y’all think … could Vanessa Hudgens actually bring Leah Clearwater to life?


  • Blair

    Please dear god no…I just don’t know if she will fit into the cast well…

  • kristy

    i have to admit that when i read the title of this post i was like omg noooooo shes horrible! but then i saw the picture that you added to the twilight poster and i actually thought she does kinda look the part.. and then i quickly remembered we were talking about vanessa hudgens and i was like o god no!

  • troyS

    Twilight doesn’t need star power, and she can’t act. A few years ago, she got by on cuteness, but that’s over. She was BY FAR the weak link in HSM3.

    She should study for a few years and then work her way back in the biz through small character parts.

  • Connie

    I guess….

  • Presley

    Very cute but also a terrible actress!!!!

  • Gaby

    You guys are nothing but HATERS….In the book Leah Clearwater has such a small role maybe this role would be good for Vanessa (at least it’ll give her some creds)…..I want to know who else will be cast in the New Moon movie, we still have the wolf pack and the vampire pack to worry about.

  • Katt

    um- no. she’s way too pretty. i think they need to find someone else, who isn’t as famous, to play leah.

  • Gaby

    Another thing who is the better actor the guy who plays Jasper (which i know sucked) or Vanessa

  • Christy

    NO! She is too precious!!!

  • Liz

    No way! Her face is too well known. They need an unknown actress.

  • Camille

    O_o Van H has starpower?

  • Danielle

    I agree with Gaby… Leah has a tiny role in New Moon. And since when does she get ditched by Sam?! They’re a couple! She cooks for him and the other werewolves! (I actually didn’t take that she was a werewolf herself from the book… so go figure)

  • Dreamytime

    She is a horrible actress.
    She exhausted the cute factor on the HSM films, so she has nothing left in her arsenal of tricks.
    Best for them to find an unknown who can act, not a ‘tress who can’t act.

  • Being an incredibly huge Twilight fan, honestly, I don’t think this would be a bad idea. She has the look I think that works for Leah. The whole her being kind of famous because of HSM kind of worries me but I think she would do a great job!

  • ems412

    Hell no

  • aj314

    Actually, it’s Emily that cooks for them in the book. Leah’s role is very small in New Moon, but bigger in Eclipse. I’m not a fan of Vanessa Hudgens, but can see her as Leah.

  • Cherrylips
  • Kathleen

    I really think they should find an unknown to play Leah. That would be more interesting.

  • Val

    These characters are supposed to be American Indians.
    I’m confident there are American Indian actors that could play these parts.
    When a character is supposed to be a specific race, why not use them?
    It still irks me to see old movies where they painted white actors red to play Indians.

  • Dots

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! please no!

  • eiBeauty

    I agree, it would be nice to give American Indians a chance to shine in an ethnic specific role which are rare enough.

    • @eiBeauty – true dat, I am all for Native American actors in the Le Push gang roles

  • Gaby

    WAIT!!! Im confused I’ve read the book but its been sooooo long…..Leah Clearwater – isn’t she the one that dies in the book and thats the funeral they were talking about and Edward thought it was Bella’s….and itsn’t Emily the wife or girlfriend of Sam Uley who is very very pretty but half of her face is fucked up cause Sam attacked her when he turned one night????? enlighten me please!?!?

  • Pauline

    Please no! I think what is great about the first movie (although I do admit that with the low budget it could definitely be improved upon) is that most of the cast were unknowns. This movie should make the cast stars…don’t bring stars into it. It just adds a certain cheese factor. No offense to Vanessa but I really don’t want to start seeing Disney stars (High School Musical) coming into this movie. Those of us who are fans of the books are so loyal and we want to see a great movie made…not a movie filled with “the who’s who of Hollywood teeny boppers.”

  • Pauline

    No Harry Clearwater dies…he is the one who’s funeral Charlie is at when Edward calls and Jacob answers the phone…making Edward think that Charlie is at Bella’s funeral.

  • Gaby

    ahhhhh thanks Pauline!!!

  • Sara- Twilight Saga Obsessed

    Leah has a small role in New Moon, yes. But if you’ve read all four book, Leah’s role becomes intensely more important. Casting Vanessa Hudgens would be a mistake!

  • Karlee

    I do not think Vanessa would be a good actress for the part of Leah, although it is a small part in New Moon. Leah makes bigger appearances in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I think she may look the part; however, her face is too well known from high school musical. I think that if she does get the part… she has a lot to prove, and I hope she is able to scratch that image of herself as just the girl from high school musical. But her acting skills from hsm are not up to par.

  • stacey

    They need to cast a Native American in the role. If she is..then great, although I don’t see her in that ROLE at all. I am sure there is a more qualified Native American actress out there, lord knows they don’t get many contempary roles to play then it needs to be filled with a that person.

  • Gaby

    I understand I wouldn’t mind having no name actors get into this movie and hit it big…that would be cool for them….but as some of you guys mention that some of the actors in the Twilight Saga were not so famus actors…..BUT Kristen S. has been in quite a bit of movies she isn’t just some one time actor making it big for the first time on these movies….so if the rumor about Vanessa H. true or not true I don’t think she should be judge by how she acts in HSM I mean look at Daniel Radcliffe…he doesn’t always want to be known as Harry Potter…so thats why he has branch out to do other things….Lets Vanessa grown and give her a chance if the rumors are true. She might blow all ofyou guys away….as for hiring Native Americans for the parts I think thats a great idea, but I did hear they were having problems finding so many Native Americans for this next movie…but hopefully they can pull it off.

  • Kelly

    I don’t remember Leah’s character. I read the book a couple months ago… Was the role that small?

  • rachel

    absolutely not. first of all, she needs to be native american. second of all, she needs to be.. um… good. no but really, vanessa hudgens has an annoying high pitched voice, and when we really get to know leah in elipse and breaking dawn, i just can’t picture hudgens. leah shows a lot of emotions and i really don’t think vanessa hudgens has the range or skill to portray that.

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  • Tracy

    I think she would be good.

  • Chris

    For some strange reason, I think she’d be a good fit for that role. It would be a good career move for her & she would bring the Twilight movies some new, younger fans.

  • Heather

    I’m not down with her!!!

  • Jackie

    Oh HELL NO! Please no! Even if she was a great actress I wouldn’t want her in New Moon. Please hire a beautiful, Native American, unknown actress. Thank You!

  • Emm

    Hmm. Idk how i feel about this. Can she act?

  • Amy

    I think she could bring it…and she has a wolf-like appearance. She might be cute in High School Musical, but I think she could do well with the sarcasm and attitude! Let it simmer for a while peeps…..

  • Krista


  • Danielle

    Oh yeah, my bad! Whoops! I didn’t even know Leah was a werewolf, and she’s around at some house Bella and Charlie go to for dinner with Jacob and Billy.. right? She’s on the phone the whole time! No wonder I didn’t really remember her!

  • Rebekah

    Her looks are great for the role.
    Her acting skills….not so much.
    I’ve never seen her in anything except HSM, and she was most definitely the weakest actor in those movies.
    If she gets the role in New Moon, she’ll just be encouraged to act more.
    And that’s something no one wants.

  • jamie

    i think she’s a great idea tbh

    i think she would do a good job i don’t like her but can really see her being leah

  • Heather

    Ummmm yeah no. I love Vanessa, don’t get me wrong. But she would have to really get into the part to be Leah. Leah never smells is constantly miserable and edgy. Could Vanessa really pull off this roll and stop smiling?? IT’d be interesting but it’d probably be the last I see of the movies if she did poorly.

  • Megan

    I saw Twilight 12 times, it would have been more but the weather has sucked this year. I read the books when they first came out I love the story. IF THE CAST THAT TWIT AS ANYTHING I REFUSE TO WATCH IT! She is a talentless Annette Funachello wanna be it will ruin what could be a fantastic screen version of a fab book. Is there a protest, picket line, or contract out to stop this!

  • erin

    No way.

  • gossip girl

    dont hate her but NO WAY!

  • EmCee

    if she gets the part
    i will not see the movie.
    it was bad enough having Nikki Reed as Rosalie.

  • april

    one word: barf.

    i do not approve!

  • Jessica


  • nicole

    what’s funny about her playing Leah… is that Leah isn’t really a likable or identifiable character…. at least not until the last book… sooo with that in mind, i have no objections to her playing Leah. HAHAHA! =oP and besides… Leah is such a minor character anyway.. so she would hardly be in it anyway.

  • Erin

    I don’t see her as Leah. I guess, she just doesn’t fit the picture of Leah. I alway saw Leah as sort of plain but pretty. And her roles in New Moon and Eclipse is small. They only mention her a few times in New Moon and Eclipse (her dad’s death, the bonfire *in Eclipse*, the fight scene and at the end of Eclipse). She has a bigger role in Breaking Dawn. I just don’t see Vanessa doing the part. She’s not the best actress in the world.

    As for the other actors, at least they were relatively unheard of. Not by any means popular, or well talked about. Small roles, a few good ones. I liked most of them. Nikki was my only real problem. She didn’t fit my view of Rosalie. But that’s just me. And the guy that plays Jasper, he fits the role, too bad they left out his ‘superpower’ and most of his good lines.

    I’m rambling, it must be time to stop!

  • Carolina

    No way! Leah is definitely simpler. I can’t look at Vanessa in the movie and believe it.

  • Vanessa

    no no no no no- just no.

  • Sarah

    Dude. No. Just…Nooooooo. Vanessa Hudgens has no talent whatsoever. She just stands there and (attempts) to look cute. She cannot play a bitch, which those of you who have read the books know that she is. Even if her part in New Moon isn’t neccessarily large, her part gets bigger in each book to the point of being counted as a main character in Breaking Dawn. And I personally cannot STAND Vanessa Hudgens. So I am going to be furious if she gets a part in any of the films. Wait…. She can be that one chick from Denali that gets burned alive in Breaking Dawn. :)

  • vivian

    they better not hire her for the part. she is totally a different genre to what twilight is all about. i think she would stick out in the cast and not in a good way

  • Lana

    Vanessa Hudgens is not a good match for this role. She doesn’t deserve it and frankly she cannot act. They should be casting unknown Native American actors and actresses for the La Push gang, not slutty ex-Disney stars.

  • Rachel


  • Jenny

    No no no!

    Dear God. Come ON.

    It’s a smart move for marketing (hello, teen fanbase!) but horrible choice for Leah. Not right at all for the part. I think she needs to look a lot more “native american”, more rustic.

  • Kimmie

    For the love of all that’s holy!!!! Did they run out of choices for the role of Leah or what? There are numerous Native American actresses out there that could do a much better job than she could.

  • alex

    Good God NO.

  • Ann

    no no no no no no no no no.

  • Melissa

    OH noooooooooo no no no no no no….
    No no…

    She is NOT Leah Clearwater.

    I’m not a diehard twilighter but I’m a big enough fan to know that Vanessa “No Talent” Hudgens is not and will never be good enough for the role of Leah!

    Leah = nasty, bitchy, and actually very pretty in a natural way (at least how I pictured her)
    Vanessa Hudgens = no, no, and hell no!

  • Give me the role. I could do a better job than she could..
    Anyone could.

  • loren

    serious. give dottie the role.

  • LovesTwilight

    Casting Vanessa Hudgens as Leah Clearwater is one of the worst ideas I’ve ever heard. First of all, she thinks shes a big deal because she’s done disney movies…aka, she thinks shes worth money, which she isn’t. Twilight didn’t have a big budget, and I’ve heard the budget for New Moon, while somewhat bigger, isn’t going to be alot bigger. They need a new up and coming actress. As mentioned above, I pictured Leah has pretty, but more plain. I don’t want Vanessa screwing this series up, I’ve read the books numerous times, and seen the movie too many times to tell out of embarassment (haha). This is the worst idea I’ve ever heard.

  • jadedsweetie

    i don’t know why there’s so much complaining about this one character, none of the actors can act.

  • Lola

    I would be incredibly disappointed if Vanessa Hudgens was cast as Leah, I don’t like that idea at all. I agree with some others who have said that it should be a Native American actress and not one so… overdone like Vanessa. I’m sure she’d like to do something different from HSM but I’ve read all of the books and I just can’t see her playing Leah at all. NO THANK YOU.

  • Anne

    Please no. I could see Q’orianka Kilcher as Leah. Leah’s role in Breaking Dawn is much bigger and we need an actress who can actually not be so, well, Vanessa Hudgens like.

  • Megan

    I friken hate Vanessa Hudgens
    This will kill the movie for me
    Please for the love of god do not cast her.

  • danna

    NOOOOOOOOOOO! she is too whiny and could NOT pull it off. no way.

  • honest ace

    I am a 22 year old female and I’ve read the series once, and have seen the movie once (and then again online)… I absolutely LOVE the books/movie and I see the movie as a place for new actresses/actors to show what they’ve got. I realize the two main characters (Bella & Edward) were not NEW actors, but they weren’t anything special in other films they’ve been in… (at least not to me) so they still seem new to me. I think they’ve done very well for themselves in this film, as well as everyone else (maybe besides Jasper…). Anyway, my opinion is that Vanessa has been, and always will be a Disney character to me. I don’t want these films to be stained with the “Disney” representation… I’m already ashamed/embarrassed as it is to admit that I have read and enjoy Twilight because of the HUUUUGE young/tween/teenage demographic. Vanessa will most definitely make me think twice about seeing the sequel in theaters. PLEASE DON’T CAST HER. gahh.

  • emily

    I don’t know that it really matters. I did see leah as being someone a bit less “perky”. I was really, really disappointed with some of the casting in the movie, especially after loving the books so much. Rosalie was terrible, she was supposed to be the most beautiful one and she wasn’t even cute (as a blond at least). Also jasper wasn’t really up to par. But who am I kidding, I loved the books so much that I went to go see the movie by myself! And I’ll see the rest of the movies when they come out but I wouldn’t mind if they recast rosalie.

  • aimie

    i think she’d be alright. i have an 8 yr old son who loooooves her. lol. but i’ve never sat and watche hsm. so, i don’t know how she is at acting but she is a young hollywood actress… i’m sure she’d have no issue being a bitch!

  • allison

    just.. no.

  • Elizabeth

    NO! She would ruin New Moon….anyone but her!

  • alexaaa

    NOOO! she sucks. in HSM 3 i was horrified when she sings and she cant even act. she’s only ‘famous’ because she’s dating Zac Efron. and she HOribble.

  • kelly

    absolutely NOT. they cast her, they will lose a HUGE chunk of fans. especially the ones who are of college age. stick to the less known, up and coming actresses. shes way too well known because of disney. and besides the fact that i dislike everything about her…she wouldn’t fit in.

  • Megan


  • I totally finished Twilight and New Moon and now am reading Eclipse. And no where in New Moon does it reveal that Leah is a Werewolf. I just called my sister and she said that this is revealed in Eclipse. Thanks so much for the spoiler ;o(

  • Jordan

    ummmm iheartcullen…. trent warns that his post contains spoilers. he always makes sure to warn us just in case!

  • Michelle

    I don’t see what it could hurt, I mean she had that part in fifteen before her HSM fame so it’s not like she’s never had acting jobs, and her and Nikki Reed can reminisce about that… but I do sort of agree that even though she may have Native American in her, I would assume the role would go to someone who looks a little more Native American than she does, fitting in with the whole Indian reservation kids thing. Whatever, as long as the main cast is back I could care less who they get for the new parts!

  • bob

    isn’t being zac efron’s beard enough for her?

  • Jess

    I think it would be a horrible mistake if they tried to pull her into the role of Leah. Yes, I think that she (by looks only) could pull off the role, but her acting skills aren’t good at all.

    Well, on the other hand, I didn’t think any of the actors were very good in the movie. I was pretty disappointed with the movie overall…doesn’t hold me back from seeing New Moon in the theaters.

    I wonder who they’ll cast for the Volturi!!! Now that’s exciting for me!

  • Andrea

    Oh hell no! She talks in this voice I can’t stand! Her acting in HSM wasn’t even acting, that was… well I don’t know what that was. Just please no. If a representative of any sort comes across this comment, please trust me! Vanessa Hudgens would hurt this movie’s credibility, and believability. PLEASE NO!

  • Syrina

    Casting Vanessa would be such a mistake. She doesn’t fit into the story at all! Also, she is not that good of an actress. I think they should definitly cast a Native American for the role of Leah. That’s just the way it is in the books and will make it more interesting.

  • omg. NO!!!!! she totally doesn’t fit the role.

  • chloe

    noooo!!!not that slut.let someone else play the role.i probably wont even want to watch half of the movie if she’s in it.she cant even act.please,dont let her spoil the there anything we can do to keep this from happening?

  • rubie


  • Zainab


  • Lulu

    Por el amor de Dios NO!

  • Mrs. Nott


  • Stacey E

    no no no ! she does not fit at all. yes she pass as indian–but this is not how i would have pictured leah at all.

  • jesus.


  • Shazz

    please no… she’ll ruin everything..

  • erica

    nooooooooooooooo! hope they don’t cast her

  • mirainc

    Hell no! She’s too overated for the role. They need someone unknown to play Leah to add to the suspense. Besides, she’s too cutesy for the role.. No No No!

  • to val

    I agree! As a Native American, I get so pissed that these actors/actresses are up for the Native American roles!!

    Aren’t there ANY Native actors/actresses in Hollywood? Seriously. Even mixed race…

    Or do what Kevin Costner did for Dances with Wolves and hire Native unknowns.

    Sorry, that spin on the story is what got me hooked on the books in the first place.

  • Laura

    twilight is already a nice, solvent franchise.
    can we please try to prevent the disneyfication of at least ONE THING in this whole entire world?

    anyway, prejudice aside, i don’t think that vanessa h. is a good enough actress to portray anything other than the ‘nice girl’. secondly, her face is already too well known and the hsm hype would dominate the other actors and most importantly, they should probably choose a native american actress…


  • Erry

    I know that she’d make a great actress in this role, I’m sure of it and everyone who says that she’d be bad, you’re just 100% Vanessa or Disney Haters, mhm, that’s what you are.

    Just because Vanessa acted in a DCOM doesn’t mean that Twilight will become a DCOM, god, you guys need to learn to just live and let live, not live and let die, dear lord.

  • Tiffany

    Definitely NOT my idea of who should be playing Leah (never saw VH act though). Didn’t (and sometimes still don’t) think K. Stewart should’ve been Bella but she did alright.

    Q’orianka Kilcher would definitely fit the bill look-wise but I wonder if she could pull off Leah’s attitude…

  • ummm no she didnt just look on just jared jr its a rumor
    but i have to admit thats one funny pic make room for me bitches!!!

  • Meagan

    I don’t hate Vanessa Hudgens or anything but I mean, come on, Leah is a bitchy character most of the time and Vanessa doesn’t fit into that AT ALL. I think it’s a bad choice but whatever happens happens.

  • Candice

    OMG PLEASE NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She’s too happy and upbeat to play this character!!!!!!!

  • Candice

    If they’re going to use someone that’s “Well known” I’d rather them choose someone like Mila Kunis

  • The news came out today from Vanessa’s rep that she never auditioned. And someone from Summit said they aren’t even filling the role of Leah.

    Sorry ‘Nessa, you’ll have to meet Rob some other way.

    Maybe you can try out for Reneesme in a few years

  • Melanie

    no, no, and no.

  • e


    this movie is so so so so so so so so so going to the dumps… it’s like a disney movie on crack….

  • k

    OOOOHHH NOOOOO!! vannessa hudgens is such a horrible actress. in my opinion, i think she’ll spoil the movie. i really hope she won’t get casted.

  • Gerri

    I SAY NO TOO!!! >=(

  • Sueeet

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooo! Stick to the STATUS QUO Vanessa H!

  • Sam

    Noo!!! Y did u even audition! Vanessa???!!!

  • K

    I just think it’s funny everyone sits here all “oh she’s such a horrible actress, she can’t get the part!”

    Did any of you even WATCH the damn movie? They all sucked, hard. She would fit in perfectly.

  • Allison

    god no please no not vanessa hudgens,yucks.

  • Misty

    please no!

  • Jenni
  • Roxster

    Worst idea ever. Horrible Actress. Doesn’t look old enough. Blah.

  • Jenn

    i really hope they do not cast her… i definitely think going with a lesser known actress would be better…I don’t think Vanessa fits the part at all…way too bubbly, too Disney. Twilight was great cause it was a bunch of unknowns that has a cult classic kind of feel, and she is just too mainstream

  • fran


  • Twilight Fan

    Sorry, but I feel it’s a bad idea casting VH in the Twilight series. She’s known for appearing in HSM and it would only be brought forward into the movie as ‘VH, the girl who acted in HSM’. Twilight series may be building up, but that doesn’t mean adding someone who’s already known just to bring it up a notch. VH may be appropriate for other movies but not for this.


  • stfu.kthnx

    if she gets the role, i’ll close my eyes… block my ears and start singing during the movie just so i don’t have to put up with her crap.

  • Anindha

    Probably not, they need an actress that ooze mystery..that can capture the essence of leah. if vanessa got the gig, people pretty much will see her as that chick who sings in some high school movie who try really hard to become a werewolf..

  • Anindha

    agrreeee..with twilight fan

  • Dulcinea

    OMG. No way…please….!

  • ,,….i’l disagree with what others say about Van H..
    Helloooo!!!don’t be so HARSH!! I think she can manage to play the role as leah properly,,..

  • Japalare

    PLEASE NO !!!!!!
    Don’t ruin our movie, our love story, I will cry if I see her face in the movie. BE REASONABLE !!!!
    I repeat what I always ask you for:
    FRESH, NEW FACES !!!!!! no idiots like her, she can’t even act for crying out loud.

  • Danielle


  • Nat

    I REALLY don’t think letting Vanessa Hudgens of all people play Leah Clearwater is a good idea.
    It’ll make the movie all Disney and kiddie-like. It’s supposed to be dark and different. The series is based on Vampires and Werewolves, not ‘Wildcats’ and singing!
    I don’t have anything against Vanessa Hudgens, I actually might even like her, but if she’s put in the movie, I swear it’ll be ruined.
    Don’t Do It!!!!!!!!

  • Kayla

    OMG NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO if she gets that part i will be so mad. She isnt even pretty and she is a terrible actress. It will wreck the whole movie. Im not even sure if i would want to watch the movie with her in it. Vanessa Hudgens was okay in highschool musical but New moon isnt some disney movie for little kids. Im like crossing my fingers that she doesnt get the part.

  • twilight

    Nooo please, she will destroy the whole movie! it’s Edward and Bella is all about,, Vanessa should not be a star in the movie! She can stay in high school musical, where she belongs!

  • Mari

    I dont think so, Leah clearwater was a strong woman, she was fit, she was athletic and she was bithchy. Vanessa Hudgens is neither strong or athletic. At least in my point of view. She is also so girly and all about High School Musical, worst musical ever made. Idk i would picture Megan Fox as a leah but who knows i hope vanessa isn’t cast into New Moon.

  • Andy

    I’m so happy that i’m not the only one who thinks that Vanessa is bad idea.She’s so fake and so girly that she would just ruin Twilight…. And I don’t think that alot of fans will want to watch new moon if she’s in it.

  • olivia

    what no. she is way to good looking to play as leah. she has way to much bagage. sure she did fine in hsm but she kinda grow up in that role so she was good at it. but this is some thing that should not include her. because one she is more of a actor for littler kids while the twilight saga is for upper teens and some adult(well when you get to the last book). another reason is that if you think that there was alot of people into just twilight wait til this comes out and the others they dont need someone well know. that will just turn some fans away(i mean look at all the NOs to the YESs). and sure she has the type of skin shade to play it but leah is kinda like a tough girl and when i look at vanessa i do not see someone that can be tough. can you? really even the whole thing is unreal do you think they would cast someone that everyone knows and besides the little kids hate. come on get real. they would not juperdize this. beacause this is important to most of us. we want to see our beloved book saga become alive. so in gods name all so holy do not let this happen. now if she must take place in this i would like to see her as emily because she is a small role so you dont have to see her much and her face gets to be messed up. haha