The 66th Annual Golden Globes Are Handed Out


The Hollywood Foreign Press handed out the 66th annual Golden Globe awards last night at the famed Beverly Hilton Hotel and a Who’s Who of Hollywood’s elite came out for the grand affair. As you may recall, the Golden Globe Awards were not held last year because of the Hollywood Writers’ Strike so many celebs were geared up to strut their stuff on the red carpet last night. Here are a few photos from the red carpet arrivals:

There were quite a few fashion disasters on the red carpet last night and I’m convinced that many of the folks who made their way down the red carpet were totally loaded. I watched NBC’s red carpet coverage and was aghast at how horrible the whole thing was. Not only did Nancy O’Dell look like she had a mop afixed to her head but she and her interviewer cohorts were simply HORRENDOUS as they interviewed the celebs:

If you watched the show, you know exactly what I’m talking about. But, once the show got underway and the awards started to get handed out, things leveled off and got sorta interesting. In the end, the Hollywood Foreign Press saw fit to bestow HEAPS of awards on Slumdog Millionaire (in the Film categories) and John Adams (in the Television categories). Here are a few pics from the press room and a rundown of what went down last night:

The movie “Slumdog Millionaire” emerged as the big winner at the 66th Golden Globes late Sunday, scooping four awards to underline its credentials ahead of next month’s Oscars. Late Australian actor Heath Ledger earned a posthumous Golden Globe for his performance in Batman blockbuster “The Dark Knight” while Kate Winslet won two awards for best drama actress and supporting actress. But, ironically, on a star-studded night in Beverly Hills, it was “Slumdog Millionaire” the rags-to-riches love story about an orphan who fights his way out of Mumbai slums on an Indian television game show. The film — featuring a cast of virtual unknowns — won best drama and also picked up honors for director Danny Boyle, as well as honors for best screenplay and best music. Sally Hawkins also won the best musical/comedy actress award for her performance in the light-hearted Mike Leigh film “Happy-Go-Lucky.” The 32-year-old actress beat favorite Meryl Streep (“Mamma Mia!”), Frances McDormand (“Burn After Reading) and fellow Britons Rebecca Hall (“Vicky Cristina Barcelona”) and Emma Thompson (“Last Chance Harvey”). After a disastrous event last year that was reduced to a celebrity-free zone by the entertainment industry’s writers strike, this year’s Globes red carpet read like a who’s who of the movie industry’s A-list. Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie, Leonardo DiCaprio were just a handful of the A-listers in attendance at the Beverly Hilton. Unlike the Oscars, the Golden Globes — which are chosen by around 80 members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association — have separate best picture awards for dramas and musicals. In the past four years the Globes have failed to accurately predict the best picture winner at the Academy Awards but overall, some 67 percent of Oscars best picture winners had first received a Golden Globe. As such the Globes are seen as an important staging post ahead of the Academy Awards, offering clues to which films will be successful at the Oscars, which take place at Hollywood’s Kodak Theater on February 22. The acting awards on Sunday saw Australian heart-throb Ledger honored as expected for his portrayal of arch-villain the Joker in “The Dark Knight.” Director Christopher Nolan accepted Ledger’s award, saying the actor’s death at the age of 28 had “ripped a hole” in the future of cinema. “All of us who worked with Heath on ‘The Dark Knight’ accept this with an awful mixture of sadness but incredible pride,” Nolan said. “For any of us lucky enough to work with him, I think for any of us lucky enough to enjoy his performances, he will be eternally missed, but he will never be forgotten,” he added. The victory cements Ledger’s status as the odds-on favorite to win a best supporting actor Oscar at next month’s Oscars. The other big winner in the acting categories was Winslet, who scooped best actress in a drama for her performance in “Revolutionary Road” and best supporting actress for “The Reader.” Winslet, 33, who had been overlooked after five previous nominations, was overcome following her double win, apologizing to her rival nominees and thanking “Revolutionary Road” co-star DiCaprio. “I’m so sorry, Meryl (Streep), Anne (Hathaway), Kristin (Scott-Thomas), the other one… Angelina (Jolie)!,” Winslet gasped. “Thank you so much… thank you soooo much!,” before adding to longtime friend and fellow “Titanic” star DiCaprio: “I love you with all my heart, I really do!” It was only the third time in Golden Globes history that an actor or actress had been honored with two awards on the same night. In the men’s acting categories there was an emotional victory for Mickey Rourke, who won best actor in a drama for his heart-wrenching portrayal of a washed-up prizefighter in “The Wrestler.” “This has been a very long road back for me,” said Rourke, whose career nose-dived through much of the 1990s after an ill-advised spell as a professional boxer. Rourke — who famously has a pet chihuahua — also paid tribute to canine friends who had comforted him over the years. “I’d like to thank all of my dogs, the ones that are here and the ones that aren’t here anymore because sometimes when a man is alone, that’s all you’ve got is your dog, and they meant the world to me,” Rourke said. Rock star Bruce Springsteen won for best original song for his theme song for “The Wrestler.” But it was a disappointing evening though for Brad Pitt and “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” which had started the night with five nods alongside “Frost/Nixon” and “Doubt”. All three films came away empty-handed.

Poor Brangelina … they walked away from the Golden Globes with nothing but a free meal and prolly a very nice giftbag — that’s it! And, to add insult to injury, Angelina got called “the other one” by Kate Winslet (which sounded an awful lot like when John McCain referred to Barack Obama as “that one” during one of the Presidential Debates). Tsk tsk. Neither The Curious Case of Benjamin Button nor Changeling have done very well at winning awards thus far, have they? HMMM. I am SO thrilled that Slumdog Millionaire cleaned up last night … truly an underdog film that is worthy of the praise and accolades it continues to win. If you’ve not see the movie yet, I urge you to do so before the Academy Awards are held next month … you don’t want to miss out. I was happy, too, that Heath Ledger won the award for Best Supporting Actor for his work in The Dark Knight. I really hope he is on track for an Oscar, he really deserves the win. Props to Kate Winslet for being the first person to ever win both Best Supporting Actress and Best Actress awards in the same year (I understand that has never happened before). I’ve only heard amazing things about The Reader and Vicki Christina Barcelona … so I am now on a mission to see those films (as well as The Wrestler, which I’ve been dying to see anyways) as soon as I can. I really enjoyed this year’s Golden Globe Awards mostly because so many small, relatively unknown films did so well. It gets kinda boring when the usual suspects (ie. big, blockbuster A-list celeb movies) win all the awards … it’s nice to see the talented little guys get their time in the sun. Next up, Oscar noms which come out next week. How many of last night’s winners do you think will get tapped for Academy Award nominations? Also, what did you think of last night’s show … good, bad, you’re over it already?

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  • I wish Jonathan Rhys Meyers would have won for best male performance in a drama. It’s ok though he already has one. I also wish True Blood would have won there award. And I think Rene Zellweger was the worst dressed last night.

  • E

    I really enjoyed last night’s show. Besides the AWFUL red carpet interviews, the 3 hours that followed were actually not too bad. I’m just so thrilled that Kate Winslet won. To me, she’s one of the best actors in the business right now and she totally deserved both awards. AND she deserves at least one Oscar, too.

  • M

    Not that I’m saying he’s not deserving, because he definitely is, but really how could they NOT give Heath Ledger the award? If someone else won, it would seem really awkward.

    • @M – I don’t think it would be awkward at all, I’m sure the winner would be Thrilled! I say may the best performance win.

  • Camille

    Kate WINSlet! YAY! She’s so effing awesome! I hope this experience is repeated at the Oscars. She’s long overdue!

  • Jake

    Ahh I can’t believe Anwar from Skins is at the Golden Globes xD

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I was so happy that Kate W won. I was totally yelling and screaming. I wished Leo would have won. He looked awesome. Go Anna P…She looked great and she deserved the trophy for True Blood! That show is so awesome. I really enjoyed the show and it didn’t seem that long or to boring either. I can’t wait for the Oscars!! PS I saw Gran Torino this weekend and WOW!! DO NOT SEE UNBORN..BLAH!!!

  • Angel511J

    Come on, Trent! Dying to hear your news! :)

  • PITNBer

    A few surprises, a few awkward moments but really really good. I missed the Red carpet arrivals, so not sure how many ‘HOT MESSES’ I missed. But overall pretty good!

  • PITNBer

    Oh and Tina Fey addressing negative blog posters and telling them to “suck it!” was hilarious.

  • Michelle

    Was J.Lo not wearing her wedding ring last night? I could’ve sworn that the ring was absent when she on stage.

  • I loved Kate’s speeches…she really didnt expect it which made it even better.

  • Joanena

    Must disagree with you Trent about NBC co-host Tiki Barber. He was spot-on, intelligent and polite; not to mention the fact that he actually listened to what the interviewees were saying to him!

    • @Joanena – my criticism of Tiki would be more about the format than his interviewing style, interviewing multiple celebs at the same time and then standing in front of one celeb to interview the other was so stupid — they all did it. NBC did a very poor job of handling the red carpet interviewing.

  • AmyM

    go mickey rourke! he freaking rocks!

  • Debbie

    What the hell happened to Drew Barrymore???? Last night’s outfit was worse than the baggy-boobed dress from a few years ago.

  • Amy

    I thought last night’s awards were pretty good also. However, how can you say that each year A-list, blockbuster movies win at the awards? Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Usually ONLY artsy, independent movies win any awards. Case in point look at all the artsy films that have cleaned up at the big award ceremonies in the last few years – Crash, Brokeback Mountain, No Country for Old Men, Sidways, Lost in Translation, Atonement, Babel – these were all independent movies that people in rural areas would never get to see until DVD. You don’t ever see Blockbuster movies nominated at awards show.
    I don’t mean to be irritating, Trent, ’cause I love ya, it just struck a cord!

  • Gaby

    I’m really happy that the actress that plays Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquiero???) in Trueblood won a award. I love that series and it was het frist Golden Globe….good for her way tto go TRUE BLOOD!!

  • christine

    i noticed JLO wasn’t wearing her ring either. but wasn’t her husband there with her? and not for nothing but i saw a pic of her on the people magazine site and it was not a good one! she had a big roll hanging over the side of her dress! i think she looks great but maybe she should have worn a different dress?

  • jess

    i agree with you, trent! the NBC pre-show sucked! it was so boring, even nancy o’dell looked bored. i ended up watching E! for the pre-show. even though ryan seacrest is annoying as heck sometimes, he does much better interviews!

  • I was clapping and high fiving when Tina, Alec and 30 Rock won their respective awards. They all deserve it. Tina is a goddess and the show is hilarious.

    And cheers to Anna Paquin! Any acknowledgement for True Blood is great!

  • Lisa

    I saw “The Wrestler” last night, before I knew the outcome of the Golden Globes, and the first thing I said to my husband when I got home was what a pity it was Mickey Rourke was up against Sean Penn in “Milk” this year because in any other year he would be winning every acting award out there… and then I went online and discovered he won the Golden Globe! He deserved it so much (I say this as a huge fan of Sean Penn’s performance in “Milk” as well). It was that good. I mean, revelatory. Go see it as soon as you can, Trent! I have never had any opinion of Mickey Rourke before but I was just blown away at how he just disappeared into the character. It was just a beautiful, poignant, nuanced performance. I hope he wins the Oscar as well. Between that win, Heath’s win, and Kate’s wins, I think it was one of the more satisfying awards show outcomes in a long time.

  • christine

    my bad, it was a link on MSN homepage that i found that pic of JLO

  • kitkatt357

    The other one(teehee)! Surprisingly, I mself find her quite forgetable as well. Pity, I thought way back when I saw “Gia” that she would really be someone worth watching, To bad that most of her movies are great because of effects and not her.

  • Cupid Stunt!

    Congrats Kate! Hopefully this means she gets her long overdue Oscar. :D

  • Sarah

    I thought I read somewhere that Sigourney Weaver won both Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress in the same year. I might be wrong, but someone should double check.

  • Joanena

    Gotcha Trent, yes you’re right as always: the NBC format was all wrong.

  • Rawa

    Trent I have to ask, Will you be recapping and reviewing episodes of 24 this season?

    You probably didn’t see the premiere yesterday (since you’ve already seen the first 4 episodes and since I’m assuming you were watching the golden globes last night), but I do hope you will be recapping the episodes. I’ve always enjoyed your recaps as they are really fun and interesting! Thank you!


  • Melissa

    Hey trent….. Winslet was in Revolutionary Road, not Vicky, unless you were just stating that you wanted to see Vicky… mayhaps I was reading it wrong!

    The Wrestler was amazing. you’ll love it!

    • @Melissa – yes, that part was unclear … I have no interest in seeing RR but really want to see VCB ;)

  • debho

    I lol’d at Kate’s “who’s the other one?” moment. The look on Angelina’s face was priceless. If she could cast a bad magic spell, she would have. And BTW is it just me or does anyone else agree that she looked like she really didn’t care how she looked? She looked like the Little Missus had to throw on a ballgown and wasn’t happy with the idea. This is not the first time I’ve thought this about her.
    I would loved to have seen Meryl take home a trophy….she is the Queen…but am happy Kate got a double whammy.
    I really want to see Revolutionary Road…love Kate and Leo, but don’t want to see VCB…never have been a Woody Allen fan, nor do I like Penelope Cruz.

  • Emm

    “The other one…” LOL

  • Momo

    Hello! did anyone notice that when Kate W said the names of all the other nominees she forgot Anne Hathaway …. hahahaha, … but a little sad for Anne.

  • Momo

    nevermind ….

  • Paz

    -Yay for Slumdog Millionaire! It’s a rare film that actually lives up to its hype. Yay for 3-dimensional stories about people of color! Freida Pinto was the most beautiful one there.
    -Loved Tracy Morgan’s speech: I’m the face of post-racial America! Deal with it, Cate Blanchett!
    -People have been giving JLo shit about her dress, but even though it’s not my style I think it’s great that a woman approaching forty and has given birth to twins, is rocking a dress that celebrates her curves.
    -Loved Ricky Gervais: Told you Kate to do a Holocaust movie! The awards start rolling in!
    -I used to like Angelina Jolie but ever since she got with Brad Pitt and has been getting a new child every other year, she irks me to death. She seems like such a stuck up bitch now.

  • sez

    – Yay for Kate’s double win, gushing over how in love with Leo she was then thanking her husband for making them work hard to the point it was torture or something was funny.

    – Anna Paquin’s win – woot! – they’ll be talking about that for ages in NZ

    – Tina Fey “suck it” – funniest thing said of the night, way funnier than all the presenters who kept talking about wanting to be cast in anything.

    – VCB – Trent, waste of time. Seriously. well, it was woody quirky, and great acting in all – very sexy, BUT their was this annoying commentary going on by some guy with a strange voice who was really just stating the obvious – would’ve been better without it, plus when there wasn’t some pretty spanish guitar music, there was just ONE song (the same part of the song even) that got repeated over and OVER it drove me mad, it’ll be the shortest soundtrack ever i imagine. Wait for dvd.

  • La Princesa

    Happiest moments of the night for me were the 2 trips to the mic Kate Winslet made. She REALLY didn’t think she would win. I adore Kate. She was due, and I love it if she was nominated for and won both supporting and lead actress awards at the Oscars. She was absolutely humble, which was really cool. (BTW, I don’t think she was referring to Angelina as the “other one” in her speech, because she mentioned her…I contend that it was Anne Hathaway, who she never mentioned.) I can’t wait to watch both of the movies–The Reader and Revolutionary Road–this weekend.
    I can’t wait till Leonardo wins his big awards. That guy is just so amazing…
    The next best thing was Tracy Morgan!! Holy hell, that guy’s speech was FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Loved it, loved it..
    Colin Farrell was truly surprised, and I was sooooooo happy to see him win. He gave such a great well rounded performance in In Bruges, so I was very happy for him.
    I loved Drew Barrymore’s dress. What the hell was she thinking with that stupid hair, though???!!!!
    Didn’t like JLo tonight. She annoyed me! Marc looked really good in his tux with his glasses.
    Zac Efron was uber cute! He is a human Ken, ┬┐no?
    Tsk, tsk, Trent–Angelina and Brad are at least nominated! That’s a good thing. Look at the competition! How people can call Angelina unforgettable is just their believing tabloid reports moreso than anything. If you look at her work–and only her work–it speaks for itself. I get it, though, because during the Billy Bob years, I couldn’t stand the sight of her/them, but I still loved her films.
    As for Heath, my goodness, his turn as the Joker totally deserves the accolades, but like Maggie Gyllenhaal said in her E! interview with Ryan Seacrest, “I want him to win, but if he doesn’t, that’s okay too.” After hearing your review, I’m really super glad I stuck with E!

  • haha i was so glad kate called her “the other one” hahahahahahahahhaah take that!

  • Joanne

    I loved Drew’s dress and hair – I think she knew what she was doing and what people would say – but decided to have some fun anyway! I love her!

  • Joanne

    As for the pre-show interviews – They need to change around the format and go straight into the show (after red- carpet pics), then do interviews afterwards – when people are relaxed and a bit drunk. They will then get the ratings they desire.

  • Elizabeth

    I just saw the Wrestler tonight. I can not believe how good Mickey is in it! He BECOMES his character in that movie. I have all of my fingers crossed for him to win the oscar. I was suprised how happy the crowd was for him last night when they said his name!!

  • nicole

    i didnt watch the awards this year so i can only comment on the outfits…and i gotta say… JLO & Megan Fox looked amazing…but when dont they look good on the red carpet?

  • Yay!

    Glad Kate won two awards… she really deserves those although she deserves 2 Oscars much more!!! I really hope she goes on to win an Oscar and hopefully 2.

    Glad Heath won as well.. put it this way – it may seem they are sympathy awards, heck they probably are. I would vote for him too. But his role of the Joker drew great interest from the media before he passed. And i don’t think he would have been nominated if it wasn’t worthy, it was worthy. Whether he deserves it compared to other nominees is in the opinion of everyone else. But i believe he deserved it for his role, his life and because he has deserved one in a loooong time.

    ALSO, Trent you say you’re glad Smaller, unknown movies won a lot of awards, yet you were disappointed that Brangelina didn’t win any awards. That almost sounds like you are contradicting yourself. Benjamin Button stars two Hollywood A-List actors on a large budget & the Changeling also had a larger budget than other nominated films, although neither have great box office grosses. IMO Brad & Angelina are overrated and i believe just get nominated for exposure to these award shows.

  • Rachel

    I’m so glad Colin won for In Bruge! And I’m glad Heath won the golden globe too. : )

  • Michelle

    It was alright. As the Globes go this one seemed a little slower than other years and yet on the flipside the actors and actresses and such seemed to get themselves a bit more tipsy this year! I am SOO NOT an Angelina fan and still think Brad is a tool for choosing her over Jenny, so I thought it was freaking hysterical when Kate Winslet forgot her name. You gotta love the Brits man, they bring on the funny! Ricky Gervais is also a great example of that statement! Tina Fey was my favorite though of the night, seriously that woman is probably the MOST BRILLIANT comedienne at least of our time. I was completely NOT amused by Sasha Baron Cohen’s comments and clearly most of the audience wasn’t either. That man or whoever told him what he was going to say should be smacked. I hope Isla was up at the bar so she couldn’t be there in the audience to actually witness that! Does anyone else agree about his comments?

  • ITA with the NBC coverage it was horrid. I couldn’t watch I watched E!’s coverage which was a thousand times better. Ryan Sacrest was engaging and actually does good interviews…Who’d have thought it? The show was ok, I was really kinda bored because I guessed 95% of the awardees correctly. BOORING! Loved that Kate Winslet won Best Actress in a drama because I was certain Anne HAthaway was gonna get it but she didin’t *surprise*. Loved Colin Farrel’s speech. Literally LOLed for Ricky Gervais and Sasha Baron Cohen. Hated Cameron Diaz’s dress.