Heath Ledger Wins Posthumous Critic’s Choice Award


The late Heath Ledger won the Best Supporting Actor award at last night’s Critic’s Choice Awards which were held here in SoCal at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. When his name was announced, Heath was honored by the assembled audience with a standing ovation and The Dark Knight’s director Christopher Nolan accepted the award on his behalf:

THE late Heath Ledger has won the Critic’s Choice Award for best supporting actor for his portrayal of the Joker in The Dark Knight. The film’s director Christopher Nolan accepted the award on Ledger’s behalf. The win is another indication the Australian actor’s role in the Batman blockbuster may also be recognised with a Golden Globe on Monday. The Dark Knight also won in the best action movie category but the big winner at the Los Angeles ceremony was Slumdog Millionaire which received best picture, director, young actor, writer and composer honours.

This is a great sign that Heath will not only win his Golden Globe nomination but may, too, garner at least an Academy Award nomination … and possibly go on to win that as well. Detractors may still claim that these awards are merely “sympathy” awards but I have always contended (since the first time I saw the film) that Heath’s powerful performance is worthy of the accolades. Personally, I believe that he should’ve won the Best Actor award for his work in Brokeback Mountain so, for me, his Academy Award is overdue. Whatever happens in the coming Awards Season, it can’t be denied that Heath’s portrayal of the Joker was stunning and a true tour de force. Here’s hoping this Critic’s Choice Award is just the first of many to come.


  • gokarm

    Oh, THANK you. Me and my household are STILL put out that Ledger didn’t win for his portrayal of Ennis. Unforgettable, spectacular. But the Joker was at least AS impressive as Ennis in a completely different way…and nobody else’s performance stood out for me this year. It’s the year of the Joker, people!

  • Buckley

    I totally agree that his Brokeback Mtn. performance was absolutely oscar worthy.
    That’s when I noticed his brilliance

  • CB

    His short but poignant performance in Monster’s Ball was also phenomenal! This guy had so much talent. I’m happy to hear he won! Hopefully the Academy will recognize.

  • Brooke

    I watched the Dark Knight again last night and was reminded of what a stellar performance he gave. It is sad he left this earth so soon and he defenitey deserves all the accolades that are coming his way.

    And he is NOT overrated!

  • Kayla

    I believe he deserves to win for his performance as the joker. Heath was a great actor and put his all into his roles. He is completely different in every role and one trully sees the character come to life; not simply an actor playing a character.

  • Katie

    I thought he gave a great performance in Dark Knight. Actors win awards all the time that are not necessarily for the movie they were nominated for. Like when Denzel finally won his oscar….

  • Margie

    To see Heath go from playing a racist in Monster’s Ball to a heartbroken cowboy in Brokeback Mountain to a psychpath in The Dark Knight, how could you not reward him something that is soo overdue? He was a brilliant actor and I teared up twice in TDK because I couldn’t stop sitting there thinking about how much of a loss his death was.

  • nae

    he was a fantastic actor who deserves a lot of credit, which he was never given, even by me at first. his portrayal in broke back mountain was superb & his wickedness in batman was just fabulous! he is greatly missed!

  • pop

    why did they give it to him?= give it to someone who is alive….people always tend to remember things as if were amazing about someone who is dead..when thats not the case.he was a good actor, lets not worship him.or anybody.

  • Neptune

    We’re going all the way to the Oscars baby! Dead or alive, I don’t think it matters in the /least/. His performance was amazing, and he made The Joker beyond worthy of an Oscar, and its about time us comic geeks infiltrated the Academy Awards!!

  • Katie



  • Brittny Doll

    You know when its a great movie when you get mixed feelings intertwined in such a phenom way. Chills, exhilaration, soulfull laughter, and even tears of ironic sad joy. It’s undeniable his work in TDK is worth an award.

  • tatiana

    I agree. He really stood out in this movie. I was totally blown away by his performance. I still cant believe that hes gone. :(

  • John

    I know this is a very unpopular point of view..but here it goes…I wish people would stop making this man into a saint. It was a decent performance … Oscar worthy…absolutely NOT! He died of a drug overdose…sad? yes…. but a drug overdose…its sad he died but he did it to himself..no one else gave him those drugs…but to sit back and make him into this great American actor who deserves an Oscar because he’s dead is pathetic. He deserved an Oscar much more for Brokeback Mountain than he does for Dark Knight… lets keep this grounded and remember how sad he was to have killed himself (accidental or not).

    • @John – I, for one, do not see him as a saint by any means. I truly feel his performance in TDK is Oscar-worthy, I knew it from the moment I saw the film last July. In the end it’s a matter of personal, taste. I do not believe he should win because he died, I believe he should win because he gave the best supporting actor performance of the year.