Les News, 010709

Taylor Lautner to stay Jacob? Led Zeppelin 2.0? Joe the Plumber rears his bald head
  1. nicole

    i approve of Channging Tatum too. i approve of him in every single way <33

  2. Roxster

    Aww that stinks that Rob is pulling out of Parts per Billion, it sounded like he was really looking forward to it. From what I heard, it sounds interesting, and he said the script was really good. bummer for him.

  3. Kara

    I do not understand why Jodie Sweetin’s life is considered news!

  4. Ashley

    So I was told recently that there in innuendo in Britney’s song “If You Seek Amy”… as in… “f-u-c-k-me”… anyone else heard about this?

  5. Kendra

    I wholeheartedly approve of If You Seek Amy as the next single..It’s going to be big! Then she has to release Unusual You..And then..Then..I’ll be happy..

    I dig the Eminem song, but they lyrics are a bit lame..The beat is great, the chorus super catchy, Em’s flow is as great as ever, and I LOVE Dr. Dre..I’m sure I’ll be buying this when it comes out..

    Ashley – That’s totally old news! But yes..If you listen to her sing if you seek amy it sounds like f-u-c-k me..

  6. Zainab

    yay for taylor! :D :D <33
    oh, and i lovee crack a bottle! :)

  7. Ashley

    apparently I’m behind the times. Thanks Kendra :)

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