Hugh Jackman Grabs Some Coffee


Hugh Jackman continues to holiday in NYC this week after he and his family returned to the Big Apple from a quick trip to Vermont for a short skiing trip for New Year’s Eve and was snapped all bundled up yesterday as he ran out for a cup of joe … lookin’ damn fine all the while:

You know, it takes a damn sexy beast to make the mundane look so appealing. Hugh is simply walking the streets of NY with coffee in hand and, MMM, just looks like he needs his bones jumped. You may recall that Jude Law was seen reading a book on holiday in the tropics and made that everyday enterprise look totally delish. Fully clothed or not — no matter what the hell he is doing, Hugh Jackman is quite the sight to see. I hope we get to see sexy pics of him dropping off his laundry sometime soon!

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin]

  • Panti Christ

    The coffee can’t be nearly as hot as the man! lol

  • ppph3

    is there anything this man cant make look hot? lol

  • nicole

    such a beautiful man

  • christine

    is it weird that i find him hotter and more attractive here then i do in beach pics?? he looks soooo good here!

  • Amanda

    i live in ny and i never see any frustrating. maybe its a good thing cause’ i’d be on the front of the newspaper for jumping his bones =)

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    He is so damn hot!! I agree with Christine..he looks so good here! I do admire a hot shirtless hunk too but for some reason this is screaming come do me!!

  • Margie

    F8ck me hard! Shit, that has got to be a crime somewhere. If not then it must. Damn.

  • FK

    Jiminy Crickets! Sigh. Gorgeous.

  • rita

    He’d be hotter if he weren’t using a disposable cup. For shame for shame! Eco-consciousness is very sexy.

  • Robbie J

    Ditto rita… though he still made me adjust in my seat :)

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  • AmyM

    he is sooo fine.

  • stenny

    damn. that is sexy. haha, its nice to see a guy care about his appearance. he looks damn good walking down that street. :D

  • Blue Blaze

    dude you are so stalked! gosh man the guys gettin coffe! leave im be!