Mariah Carey Re-Records ‘Hero’ For Her New Album ‘The Ballads’


Here is the official artwork for Mariah Carey’s new collection of songs titled The Ballads which features 18 of Mimi’s greatest slow jam hits — 9 of them are #1 songs!

In celebration of this new collection of ballads, Mariah re-recorded one of her biggest #1 hit songs Hero for inclusion in this collection. Additionally, a new music video has been shot that shows Mariah in the studio as she sings this new version of the song. After the jump, check out the video in full …

Hero is one of my fave Mimi songs ever (as I’m sure it is for many of y’all) and I really like this new, updated version (tho I think I do prefer the original). Even tho I already own all of Mariah Carey’s albums, I might have to pick up this collection of ballads … cuz even tho I HATE slow pop songs, Mimi is the one artist that consistently releases really amazing pop ballads. The Ballads is released on January 27 and can be pre-ordered at Amazon HERE. What do y’all think? Does this new version of Hero make you want to pick up the album for yourselves?

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  • E

    I love this version. Although I love “Hero”, I think I love “One Sweet Day” with Boyz II Men even more.

  • M3

    Oh yeah! I’ll be picking this up. I really love her ballads even though, like you Trent, I’m not a big fan of slow pop ballads.

    I think it’s darling that she features Jack so much in this video

  • Krissy

    Princess Zakiya is Trent’s god daughter.

  • Whatever!

    blech it sounds like she got a case of the Rhianna “ellas ellas ellas” The original was much more lighter an softer this just shows how her voice has aged from an angel to a street hooker….have another ciggie Mariah.

  • Sassy K

    You’re reeeeeeeally annoying.

  • Colette

    Wonder whether her choosing to re-record this song has anything to do with the X factor?

  • Christina

    I think you’re all talking rubbish its amazing and im not even a big fan.

  • JR

    Original is so much better…she shouldn’t have re-recorded this … her voice sounds really bad. bleh.

  • Snorri

    I give this new version a “Whaaaat??” and an “oh brother”…

  • Snorri
  • nicole

    if theres one thing i love about Mimi…it’s her ballads. i like new version but of course…nothing beats an orginial. i’ll be getting this CD for sure =)

  • elle

    This is pretty weak for mimi…she use to BLOW!!! Think Butterfly…that WHOLE Album is a classic and that’s when Mimi used her voice for popularity, not her double D’s

  • Aidan

    Um, no. Not at all. This sounds horrible. You should never re-record material if you can’t give it a new spin or make it better than the original. This sounds like the original version with a noticeable lack of polish and range. And she totally looks constipated in that video, like she’s trying to remember the verses TO THE SONG SHE WROTE. I love the original. This is marginal. I have her Greatest Hits and her #1s CD. Is another compilation really required? Pass.

  • Jenn from BC, Canada

    Wow, this is a craptastic version…I have heard better at karaoke. Mariah has definitely passed her hey dey. Time to retire diva.

  • Joanne

    Give her a break – she’s been singing for what, 20 years now? Her voice hasn’t declined, it changes with age – fact of life …. and considering she gave up singing these big belting ballads years ago, this was pretty good.

  • Joanne

    I’d like to add that if Mariah had kept singing those Hero style ‘big note’ songs, her career would have died out years ago … she needed to change with the times.

  • Yoka

    I think her voice really has gotten worse.. I’ve seen live video’s of her, and omg they were really bad, especially in comparison to her singing a couple of years ago. Her range definitely decreased.

  • Janice

    I don’t see the point in re-recording this song. :-/ Why mess with what was good to begin with? This version certainly didn’t add anything special to the song.

    As for Mariah–no one can do a pop ballad quite like her.
    Except maybe Britney. Dear Diary anyone? :D lol.

  • If it were the original “Hero”, I’d probably buy the album. I haven’t been a big Mariah fan since I was about 15. When she tried to “reinvent” herself by going ultra-trashy after the “Butterfly” album,she lost me.

    But the old stuff, particularly the ballads, are still old favorites. I agree though, its about time to retire.

  • amanda

    this is pretty weak for mariah…. the older version is like 80 times better

  • Eli

    Why does it seem like she’s having a hard time singing a song she should have sung a million times before? And why does she look so fragile, and surprised everytime a note comes out of her mouth like she barely got it out? So depressing, this is such an uninspired performance, if you want to call it that.

  • ppph3

    well of course it seems weak. she doesnt have the same voice as she did 10 yrs ago. the same can be said for almost everyone over 25…christina, britney, beyonce, …everyone we grew up with. by now thier vocals have all hit there peaks. and it’ll never be the same to what we use to know. this may not be her best ballad..and i personally dont think Hero was a song that needed to be re-recorded but its not terrible. she still has an amazing voice.

  • Serhat

    I don’t like the resung version. It’s kinda sad that she isn’t able to hit notes as used to do, but who know, maybe her voice will improve again. Many people wrote her off during the Charmbracelet era and she came back with TEOM & WBT. She even nailed Vision Of Love on a BET performance or that performance of Christmas (Baby Please come home) wasn’t that bad either.

  • What is great about this video is there is no sight of her beloved Nicky Poo!

  • Banana

    Oh give her a break. You guys complain about every single shit on this earth and it seems that no matter who it is or what she/he does, you guys are NEVER really happy.

    Go play with yourself and quit wasting your time, spreading your negativity to everyone else.

  • Julian

    I love Mariah <3
    I’m defo getting this.

  • Oh Mariah, your on fire!

    As the body ages, so does the voice……give her a break…..Mariah will always be FIERCE…yep, downloading this one.

  • J to tha Da

    Personally I prefer the original, but I agree this version isn’t terrible, its still a million times better than most artists who are out right now could do. She does have a real God given (take it or leave it) gift. And its ridic for us to expect her to sound the way she did 15 years ago. If I sounded the way I did 15 years ago I would sing like the girl in the Cuppycake song.

  • javajunko

    what happened to her face on the album cover? did she get a nose job or a photoshop job? and didn’t she just have a new album come out? her new music is crappy so she has to recycle her old stuff to try and sell something? I agree she is a very good singer but she really needs to change it up and start making different music, all her songs sound the boring same…and why fix what ain’t broken?? The original “Hero” is 10x better.

  • Bubblegum

    Awwwww….memories. I was 10 maybe when hero came out and I listened to it repeatedly for like 3 months. My musical preferences have definitely changed, but I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for Mariah. You know, she has never come off as catty or mean in any interview I’ve ever seen, I think she deserves all the good things she has. And let’s face it…her “aging” voice is still 50 times better than the average person’s voice.

  • Ashley H

    @ everyone who said it was craptastic, bad, awful etc etc. You have to understand that her voice is not going to be the same after all these years of singing and performing. plus, I don’t think this song was meant to be better then the first version, just different. it sounds matured. I mean didn’t ‘hero” come out almost 20 years ago? wasn’t it like ’90 or something?

    @ Trent and M3 – no nick, but they do show you that diamond! and I guess jack’s supposed to be her hero?

  • Kate

    Oh…I didn’t realize that Mariah Carey was still alive. Good on her. Now what are the chances that she’ll just take her incredibly annoying self and gracefully fade away into the background while retiring to some farm in Idaho. I girl can hope.

  • Panti Christ

    Is Jack that cute doggie? Aww…he seems like a fun handful :)

  • Poop Shoot

    I kinda like this version. It is more reserved and not over the top. The first Hero was WAY produced at Sony with sooo many vocal layers added. This stripped down, (ooh like Mariah’s clothes), version is a nice change. Also, you fucktards have to realize she works for a record COMPANY. It is a business that needs to make money. She is under contract with them to produce x amount of albums and probably x amount of compilation albums as well. That’s why Sony put out the number 1’s, et al. She cannot just wave her diamond studded hand and be like, “Oh no darlings, I don’t DO greatest hits.” So next time one of you assblows feels the need to play Simon Cowell, just shut up and go sit on a dog dick.

  • David Sosa

    I think Mariahs Voice has obviously changed but she is still using it very well. Lets not dwell on the past we cant all be lyp synchers like the new filth on the radio now adays or no talents which seem to dominate the charts with songs that have catchier beats and stupid lyrics and horrible vocals. Although mariah totally sold out on this last album, I know….well I hope one day she will get back in touch with her R&B roots and does another album like Butterfly or Mimi. A good balance of everything.
    Why she re-recorded this song is beyond me though!