Michael Phelps Gets Even Hairy-er


14-time Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps made his way down to Miami Beach, FL for the New Year and was spotted making a grand exit from a local eatery last night sportin’ a healthy new tan and a whole lotta facial hair … and I’m not even referring to the stuff on his lip and chin … behold:

I’m all for a hairy man but I have to draw the line at the eyebrows … when those things get thick enough for small children to get lost in, it’s time to do some pruning. Again, I love me some Phelpsie but he really doesn’t need another strike against him in the beauty department. Just a gentle tug of the tweezers or a quick rip of wax and he’ll be right as rain.

[Photo credit: Wireimage]

  • Susan

    It looks like two caterpillars in love. :D

    Chicks dig hairy caterpillars kissing for sure.




  • coco

    Ok… He is ONLY attractive when he is not wearing a shirt. I don’t find him attractive in the least bit!

  • Keisha

    hmmmm with the facial hair, he doesnt look nearly as fug as his usual…!

  • Roxster

    the right one looks fine, its just the left that looks all angry and furry. . not to worry though. I’m sure he’ll shave everything off when he starts competing again, if he doesn’t do it when he starts training again.

    • @Roxter – I know, right? The left one looks like it’s branching off in an new direction … nothing a little pruning can’t fix :)

  • sasha

    oh, gross. that’s not even in reference to the eyebrow.

  • CB

    I’m with Keisha. I think the facial hair helps to enhance his more attractive qualities (read: hide his facial deformities).

  • Sarah

    grossssss as always

  • It sorta draws attention away from the fact he has no upper lip so its all good!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • IS He still goin out wiff the 2 dollar pickme up cocktail waitress? O:

  • Panti Christ


  • At this point he can let it all go. He is the superman of our world and the girls keep falling at his feet as he walks by. Sure he seems like a goober, but none of us seem to have notice that when he was in the water. What’s next? A beer belly?

  • SalvadorDalí

    HAHAHAHA! Coco, I agree!

  • joey

    he looks 3 bilion times better in these pics then i have ever seen….

    i might actually hit it.

  • Rachel

    I’m sorry, but I just can’t see this man as hot. A tiny improvement with the facial hair though. He looks better with it.

  • irma

    With the facial hair, I’d def hit it.

  • wren

    Anyone who would judge this young man’s looks by the amount of hair in his eyebrows or on his face needs to get a real life. While I am all for drooling over hot guys, the obsession with the right clothes, the right haircut, the right tuck, nip, etc. is an obsession bordering on sickness in the gay community.

  • johnny

    Hair is good. More hair is more good.

    Gay guys: get a grip, natural is in and waxing is OUT!

    If it was up to you silly queens, we’d all look like Cher and have nary a hair on our bare Cher, at that. Sorry, I’m gay and I like me a MAN and that means hair on the bod, as much as possible.

    Frost off, kiddies.

  • It is all about acceptance-let him be what he wants to be and mind your own business.

  • Thomas

    Hmm, his eyebrows aren’t perfectly plucked, and this is somehow newsworthy. Poor guy, he’ll just have to be content knowing he’s accomplished more than all qgi diss him, put together.

  • Sandy

    Wow. He looks great! Brows and all.

  • WithLove

    Im with Keisha he actually looks cute here. I usually think he’s fug but he looks adorable in the 3rd and 4rth pic…he just needs a little trim and manscaping here and there.

  • RJP3

    i understand teh blogger is superclone pretensious gay – but this post is sickening in how pathetic and superficial it is — esp as Phelps will always be 100 percent better looking than skunkhead.

  • RJP3

    BTW not all gays are the pluck and wax kind — MOST are not — negative stereotypes are built by the loudest and most obnoxioius and insecure.

    Thus the gay fashion/looks/money fascism.

  • Sarah

    RJP3: Come back when you can spell.

    I understand that he’s an amazing swimmer but what is up with America trying to turn every talent they have into a sex symbol? He’ll never be conventionally attractive but they’re trying their hardest to make him fit into the “star mould” for publicity and fame…

  • DevilGirl

    I dont see why everyone thinks this guy is so hot! He’s FUG! Check out the other swimmers on the Olympic team—now they’d get medals for being smokin’– Phelps just looks like a big doofy tool.

  • Ric

    Even if he weren’t who he was, hairy or not, and he walked past me, I’d turn around for a second look!

  • Jennie

    I’ll say it time and time again he looks like a dinosaur!

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