David Beckham Tires Easily Of Soccer Training


David Beckham, who has been training in Dubai with his temporary new soccer team AC Milan for the past week or so, had himself a grueling training session with the team this week and got snapped having a bit of a heart attack after overexerting himself a wee bit too much. Here are pics of Becks in action on the training field and of the soccer stud having his pulse checked by the team doctor afterward to ensure that old man Becks wasn’t overdoing it:

Just days ago David Beckham was declared so fit that he can continue playing football at the highest level for another six years. But during a training session with AC Milan, where he is currently on loan from LA Galaxy, the former England skipper was left gasping for breath and even had to have his pulse checked by a concerned medic. The father-of-three was left so out of breath that he could barely stand up after taking part in a gruelling training session with his fellow team-mates. Beckham was seen running in his socks in the sand on New Year’s Eve in Dubai ahead of a friendly match with German team Hamburg SV on January 6. After every 30 second-bout of rigorous exercise he had to stop to recuperate. His lacklustre display comes despite AC Milan’s club doctor Jean-Pierre Meerseeman saying earlier this week that the midfielder still had a lot of life left in him as a professional footballer. He said: “Beckham could go on for another five or six years. His cardiovascular readings are very good. His basic fitness is excellent. All he needs to do now is to alter his training programme slightly.” Perhaps this particular training programme was a little too much for the 33-year-old to handle and could do with a little of the said ‘altering’. Beckham missed New Year with wife Victoria and their children to stay in Dubai to train for his next match.

In his defense, I assumed that the temperature in tropical Dubai prolly soared to astronomical levels and that might’ve been the cause of Becks’s tiredness but, alas, that wasn’t the case. Temps. in Dubai have been in the 70’s this week (the low 70’s, I might add) so I guess he was just tired all on his own. That said, I really do hope that Becks can stay in the game for the next 6 years … I am SO not ready for his retirement. Mebbe he can get fitted for a pacemaker or something to help extend his viability in the game? After the jump, check out a few more photos of Becks on the training field. Don’t worry, there aren’t any more of him gasping for air — but there is a nice pic of Becks showing off his sexy stomach …

As much as I’m not all that keen on Becks being loaned out to Milan, I do hope that his stint with the team goes well enough for him to stay competitive in the sport. I would love to see many more years of Becks in action. Sadly, his time is running out … I hope he is able to capitalize on every waking moment available … that is, without him, you know, dying. Keep it up, Becks! We’ll be rooting for you on January 6!

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • Sarah Day

    I’ve played soccer my whole life; let’s cut him some slack it is hard work!!

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  • Illise

    its not weird as he havent played a full game in a while, i dont see too much future in Milan for him, he is way overrated there are much hotter and best soccer players than him

  • nicole

    i agree with Illise. Beckham seems kinda past his prime. and i dont think he’ll be around soccer much longer. there’s alot of better plays popping up. i dont remember the last time i saw him play a full game. i know alot of players dont play a full game. but he seems to leave early in the 2nd half. i think we might have to prepare for his retirement soon.

  • Illise

    And trust me, italian soccer fans are not like americans, they ask a lot from the players, and they dont change the idols, he will be in the same place he was when he went to Real Madrid, he was only buyed by Milan cause of the stupid obsesion his coach has with fame

  • Kate

    I agree…besides, Milan has enough players who play Beckham’s position…and very good players, btw. I don’t see Beckham in the starting line up, simply because Milan has Ronaldinho, Kaka, Pato, Pirlo, Gattuso and Seedorf…there’s no way to fit Beckham without hurting some egos. He’s gonna be a problem I tell you!