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‘Britney Spears: For The Record’ Airs On MTV Tonight

Tune in

Don’t forget that MTV will be airing Britney Spears: For The Record on their network tonight at 10PM with a 1-hour countdown special leading into the documentary’s airing and a 1-hour wrap-up special following:

At long last, we will finally be able to see and hear from Britney Spears in her own words, from her own perspective after months and months of watching her life from the outside. Tonight’s documentary is an absolute MUST-SEE for all Britney Spears fans and, I suspect, a great many critics and detractors will be tuning in as well. Folks in the UK will be able to watch the documentary when it airs on SKY1 tomorrow night but the doc world premieres on MTV here in the US tonight. It shant be long now, y’all. Make sure you leave your comments about the program after it airs right here on the blog. I’m anxious to see the documentary myself but I’m equally anxious to hear what y’all think of it yourselves.


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Les Beckhams Continue To Enjoy New York City

Day 4

The Beckham Bunch managed to almost finally break away from those meddlesome hangers-on Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and were able to spend some time alone here in NYC Friday night and all day Saturday. First up, Becks and Vicki B. (who looked like a mutilated chicken in her fug fur coat) stepped out for dinner at Nobu sushi on Friday night …

… I understand Les Beckhams did dine with TomKat at Nobu but the family spent all of Saturday by themselves without any pesky Scientologists tagging along. Here are a few pics of the Beckhams as they made their way out of their hotel to head into the city to partake of various activities:

But, as will all good things, this Beckham family trip had to come to an end. Vicki B., who apparently has pressing matters to attend to in the UK, separated from her family and made her way to JFK airport and flew off to London while her husband and children stayed behind in NYC:

No word on how long the family will remain apart but I’m pretty sure the Beckham boys will be able to find stuff to keep them occupied while the robot is away. My guess is that the Beckham boys will be making their way back to SoCal sometime soon … who knows how long VB will stay in the UK. It looks like Becks really wanted to get in as much quality time with his family while he still can … after all, he is scheduled to temporarily relocate to Italy for the first couple of months of 2009 to play professional soccer there. Looks to me like mission: accomplished.

[Photo credit: INFdaily, Splash News]

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Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard Get Amorous At Disneyland

Mood swings

The happily coupled Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard spent part of their weekend at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA enjoying the Xmas decorations there and getting in a little bit of sucky face in the process. It’s been quite a while since we last saw BellDax out and about in public together … glad to see that things appear to be going well for the couple. Unfortch, Dax got a wee bit pissy when he realized that the couple’s public displays of affection were being photographed:

I mean … I get that mebbe it’s not always fun being photographed while enjoying intimate moments with loved ones but when you are a celeb who chooses to get intimate at a place like Disneyland (with who knows how many cameras on site) should you really be surprised? I don’t necessarily think that Disneyland is really the place to be making out with your more famous girlfriend (nor is it a place to be flashing the middle finger, what with all those young children all around) but that is neither here nor there. If Dax Shepard really wants to keep from being photographed in public, he should prolly break it off with Kristen Bell because, let’s be honest here, photogs aren’t really interested in him as much as they are interested in taking pics of her.

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin]

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‘Transporter’ Only Kinda Delivers

The TV Guide

Yesterday was pretty much a travel day for David, his siblings and me … we left Connecticut in the early afternoon and drove to Stamford before boarding a train for NYC. Aram flew off to San Francisco, CA, Lara drove back to New Haven and Eden, David and I made our way to Manhattan. At first we had grand plans to do something fun in the city last night but we ended up crashing out instead. We grabbed a bite to eat at Aja and then decided to venture out to see The Transporter 3:

I gotta say, I was very much looking forward to seeing the third installment of the franchise from the first time I heard that the sequel was on the way. For me, the Transporter films aren’t about great movie-making … they’re really about the fun action scenes. I was really hoping that this movie would offer the same … and while, yes, the film does offer some fun action scenes the whole thing is kinda ruined by the pitiful attempt to interject a plot into the film. Sorry to say, I wasn’t blown away by this film … the Ukranian girl who kept trying to get into Frank Martin (Jason Statham)’s pants was totally irritating. She was the weakest part of the weak storyline that was shoved into the film. The movie was strongest when the action scenes took place … all the fighting, all the car scenes — that’s why people see these films. I didn’t hate it … cuz the action scenes were fun but it’s not a movie that I would ever want to see again. Hopefully, if they decide to make Transporter 4 they’ll stay away from interjecting drivel into the storyline. Just bring the action — and the half-nekkid scenes of Statham — and leave the plot to other folks who really know how to use one.

Boo. It’s cold and rainy here in NYC today. David and I planned on spending the day checking out the windows on 5th Ave. but it looks like that ain’t happening :( Not sure what we’re doing tonight but we’ll prolly come up with something :)

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Reese doesn't spoil, Blake admits hooking Amy, no more variety shows for Rosie

Hot Dude Of The Week: Jon

Weekend Hotness

Woo hoo! It’s time to partake of the Hot Dude of the Week once again … this week, we’ve got a serious lookin’ chap who doesn’t seem to like wearing clothing (lucky us) … say hello to Jon:

Honestly, I had a difficult time finding a suitable photo of Jon for posting on the blog. Most of his photos featured him wearing a lot less (if you can believe it) which, of course, featured him showing off a bit too much for posting ;) Clearly, Jon takes his modeling very seriously (as well as his workout regimen) so I think it’s appropriate for us all to salute the lad for his professionalism and insane hawtness. Enjoy!!

[Photo credit: All American Guys]

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‘Pregnant Man’ Thomas Beatie & Family Visit Spain

Family vacay

The famed “Pregnant Man” Thomas Beatie and his family, who recently announced to the world that he is pregs again with his second child, made their way to Spain this week to appear on Spanish TV to talk about the birth of their first child Susan Juliette (who was born back in June) and the impending birth of their second child. Here are a couple pics of the family, Thomas, Nancy and Susan, as they made their arrival in Madrid, Spain on Friday:

Nice to see that the Beatie family is up for taking family vacations like this … cuz, you know, it’s totally normal for families to be flown around the world to appear on live TV. Honestly, one might expect a family like this to capitalize more on their fame but they do tend to keep a relatively low profile (appearances on Spanish TV notwithstanding). They may not make a traditional family but they sure do look happy together. I wonder where they’ll pop up next.

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin]

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Zuma Nesta Rock Takes A Shopping Trip

Totally unnecessary

Here are a couple of supercute pics of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale taking their newborn son Zuma Nesta Rock out for a little shopping jaunt at Surfas this weekend:

Because the little guy has the mental capabilities of a sweet potato at this stage of his life, I’m not sure that he got much out of this shopping excursion but I suspect his parents had a good time shopping for bargains. You may recall that the Stefani-Rossdales spent part of their Thanksgiving Day hangin’ out at their neighborhood park … an experience, I’m sure, that little Zuma Nesta enjoyed prolly just as much. Honestly, any place where Zuma can poop in his diaper and get fed all at the same time is prolly just as enjoyable for him as any other. Ah, the life of a newborn baby … sounds grand :)

[Photo credit: Splash News]

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Guess Who Likes To Wear Fur


Can you guess which Hollywood “It” Girl was spotted out and about on the streets of Beverly Hills, CA this weekend proudly wearing a fur coat as she made her way out of Baldi restaurant?

Here’s a hint … it’s not Rachel Zoe. I gotta say … I think it’s very brave of this young woman to venture out in public while wearing so much fur … we wouldn’t want her to get flour bombed or anything like that. After the jump, find out who it is … More »


Britney Spears Celebrates Her Birthday At G-A-Y

Celebrate good times

After Britney Spears wowed the crowd on the UK’s competitive reality TV program X-Factor last night, she and her cavalcade of dancers made their way to the London nightclub G-A-Y to surprise the attendees with her presence and to get her birthday celebrations off to an early start. Here are a few pics of Britney being presented with a birthday cake at the nightclub last night:

But while Britney and her crew were having a great time celebrating her birthday in the VIP area, the massive number of folks who came out to the club to celebrate with her did not have such a great time. According to messages left on the club’s messageboard, too many people were let into the venue making for a very unsafe environment for many. Here are two messages posted on the G-A-Y messageboard that explain how things went down last night from two individual perspectives (grammatical and spelling errors are the authors’ alone):

Shame on you Today at 04:24 davidcox

That was the worst experience of my life. I can’t believe let that happen. The management should be fired. None of them did anything. They just stood around with a look of panic on their faces. It was so dangerous and they could have been shut down for that. What a joke. All those people passing out. The funny thing was that when I finally got out of the crush there was absolutely no one stopping more people squashing in. Shocking. What the hell was the manager and security doing? When you see a crush like that you stop anymore people going in and making it worse. Shame on you . You’re not at the Astoria anymore where there was loads of space. You need to learn how to cope with a smaller venue. I feel sorry for Britney as everyone will blame her but it’s not her fault. She looked ed off and upset then held up a sign saying “Sorry I’m leaving”.

still in shock Today at 04:39 G-a-y_Disco_King

i’m at home and there is no way i will sleep tonight it was not Britney s fault ..tonight reminded me of that football thing in the 80s when many people was crushed( and killed) it could have been like that as it was getting to the stage when i said to my bf “someone is going to get killed”. I STILL CAN NOT BELIEVE THIS HAPPNED LIKE THIS i’m writting to the council as i dont think wat went on tonight can just be left at that. no doubt the papers will also write a story or many on tonight. a joke of the biggest kind. HAS ALOT TO ANSWER FOR just thank god no one was killed tonight.

While some of the messages posted to the board may be a *tad* overdramatic (tho, considering what happened at Wal-Mart here in the US, mebbe they weren’t being overdramatic at all), I think it’s clear that the management did a poor job of policing the space capacity. There are many messages of anger towards Britney herself for “not showing up” to the venue as advertised (even tho it was never advertised that she would be there for sure). Unfortch for those people, they were too bizzy being crushed in other areas of the club that they weren’t even aware that she was there in the first place. The scene sounds ridiculous … I’m not surprised that Britney‘s people chose to keep her from going on stage. With that many people crushed into a small place, there’s no telling what would’ve happened once the crowd caught sight of her. All in all, it doesn’t sound like it was a great night for the common folk who came out to G-A-Y last night. At least Britney managed to have a bit of a party with her people in the VIP area, away from the madness below. After the jump, check out video of Britney with her birthday cake inside the club, a photo of Britney and her personal assistant Brett making their escape from the nightclub and a couple pics of Britney and her father Jamie Spears making their way thru Heathrow airport as they left the UK early this morning … More »

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