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Halle Berry Dresses Down For Her Latest Role

Not Halloween related

Halle Berry was spied on the cold street set of her new movie Frankie and Alice last night which is currently filming in Vancouver, Canada … and she didn’t look dressed for the weather. While other celebs were playing dress-up last night (some in a fun way, some in a lame way) for Halloween purposes, Halle was playing dress-up for work purposes. Here are a few pics of Halle on set last night:

Set in the 1970′s, Frankie and Alice tells the tale of a young woman suffering from multiple personality disorder … which causes some strife for the African American woman because one of her personalities is racist. Um, while the premise does sound a bit comical, I’m sure the drama will be a serious effort rather than a comedic one. Halle looks pretty damn good in this skimpy little outfit, I gotta say. I’m diggin’ the hair … and the Foxy Brownness of her character overall. She looks hawt, y’all.

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

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Heidi Klum Steps Out … With Barack Obama?

Shh! Don't tell Michelle

Heidi Klum was snapped on the streets of NYC scandalously and brazenly holding hands with Senator Barack Obama! Has the good Senator from Illinois given up on his bid for the White House in order to hang out with the Project Runway host instead?

Hee hee … actually, Heidi was actually walking the streets of NYC with her husband Seal underneath that Obama mask. As some of you are well aware, Heidi Klum very famously throws a huge masquerade ball each Halloween and it looks like Heidi and Seal were running around taking care of a few last minute things before the big to-do tonight. I can’t wait to see what these two will be dressed like tonight. That being said, Heidi and Barack make a hawt couple.

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‘Grad’ To See You, Lance Bass

Lamest Halloween costume ever?

Lance Bass stepped out on the town last night showing off his idea of a cool Halloween costume. Homeboy wore a red graduation cap and gown …

… which, I gotta say, is prolly the most uninspired and lazy Halloween costume I think I’ve ever seen a celebrity wear. It’s not even timely nor does it really relate to anything. Boo. It’s a disappointing showing from my boy Lance … here’s hoping he comes up with something more inspired, more impressive for Halloween tonight.

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Britney Spears’s Official ‘Circus’ Album Artwork

Plus official tracklist & next single announcement

Earlier today I posted a rumored tracklist for Britney Spears‘s new album Circus which, it turns out, is mostly wrong. has just been updated with the full official tracklist and the official album artwork:

Britney SpearsCircus

01. Womanizer
02. Circus
03. Out From Under
04. Kill The Lights
05. Shattered Glass
06. If U Seek Amy
07. Unusual You
08. Blur
09. Mmm Papi
10. Mannequin
11. Lace and Leather
12. My Baby

Bonus Track:

13. Radar

Compared to the tracklist posted earlier today, only 4 of the songs match up (Womanizer, Circus, Kill the Lights and Mannequin). There are no writing/production credits listed with this official tracklist so we’re gonna have to wait on that info. I’m not sure how I feel about the album artwork. It deffo has that “circus” feel to it (ie. the old posters from the heyday of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Baily) and she does look pretty but … there’s no pizzazz for me. In all honesty, I’ve never been impressed with Britney‘s album artwork. I think my fave cover is the Britney cover (but only because I got the Japanese import that had glitter all over the cover). What do y’all think … is this a dope album cover or not?

UPDATE: has just announced that Britney‘s second single off her new album will be the title track Circus:

OMG!!! There’s been a lot of buzz on the Internets about what Britney’s next single will be and we can reveal it will be…… CIRCUS!!!!!!!!!! We’re told the song is an up-tempo track and was produced by Dr. Luke and Benny Blanco. Britney’s up tempo tracks are my fave!

Which makes total sense, judging by the look of the costumes worn by her dancers on the set of her next music video, Circus looks like it’s gonna be a fun track and music video. Woot! I love all this new Britney news that is comin’ out today … don’t you?


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The Spederline Kids Get In The Halloween Spirit

Everyone's all a-buzz

Kevin Federline was on hand today to pick up his children with Britney Spears, Sean Preston and Jayden James, from their preschool here in SoCal today — and the boys were already dressed and ready to get the Halloween fun underway. You may recall that Britney has been the one who was picking up the kids from school for the past couple of weeks but today’s Halloween pick-up fell to K-Fed. Here are a few pics of The Federline and his sons — dressed as adorable bees! — at their school earlier today:

Awww … they are so cute! I just love Britney‘s kids … they have grown into such adorable little boys. These bee costumes are TO DIE FOR! I gotta say, I really wish it was Britney who was the one to pick up the kids today but K-Fed looks kinda decent in these pics. We have no way of knowing what the Halloween plans for the Spederline kids look like but I hope they will be able to spend time with both of their parents tonight … wouldn’t that be a nice way for them to enjoy All Hallow’s Eve?

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

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‘Spring’ Has Sprung In LA

The TV Guide

Last night David and I made our way to the Ahmanson Theater in downtown LA for the red carpet premiere of Spring Awakening, the hit Broadway musical that is currently on tour in this region of the country. Both David and I have seen the show in NYC with the original Broadway cast so we had high expectations for this touring production:

I feel I must preface my comments about the show we saw last night by saying the original Broadway production and cast managed to win 8 Tony Awards including Best Musical … that is tough to compete with. That said, this touring version of the show is good … just not great. Kyle Riabko, a pop singer who recently released his debut album (which features a duet with Liz Phair, BTW) and reminds me a bit of Jesse McCartney plays the male lead role of Melchoir and Christy Altomare plays the female lead Wendla. I’m sorry to say that, while each is very talented, I didn’t feel the passion that their roles require. I found them both apt singers but, again, there was no power to their voices to drive the emotionality home with the audience. I was very impressed with Blake Bashoff who plays Moritz and Sarah Hunt who plays Martha. They were each able to connect with their roles and offer the powerful performances to exude that emotional connection required of the story. There was a bit of “high school musical”ness to the performance but it could’ve been a result of opening night jitters. Also, the audience was an atrocious one for them to play to. The audience riotously laughed at the violent interplay between Melchoir and Wendla when he beats her (some in the audience thought it was “funny”) and, appallingly, someone let their phone ring for about 40 seconds without silencing it during a very quiet part of the performance. The gentleman who was sitting behind David and me was so obnoxiously loud that we really did not enjoy ourselves very much. I fear the rude audience may have had an effect on the players’ performances. In any event, I’m grateful for being able to see the show again. I’m sure diehard fans of Spring Awakening will be very pleased with this production. The show, itself, is spectacular. This time around I was able to really get into the story and found the whole experience much more enjoyable than the first time I saw it.

David and I were not able to stay for the VIP afterparty because we had to bolt for the airport to pick up his sister Eden who flew in for the weekend. We had to leave the theater as soon as we could. Much love and thanks goes out to Jason for inviting us out to the show, we had a great time!!

Tonight is Halloween … and I’m still not entirely sure what we’ve got planned. Steph and Alek are home so we will be seeing them for sure. Beyond that, I dunno … I do have a costume to wear tho … I’ll have pics tomorrow :)

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Les News, 103108

Mackenzie pleads guilty, '30 Rock' wins in the ratings, still no 'Friends' movie

Les Beckhams Go Pumpkin Pickin’

In fine SoCal style

David Beckham, who we learned earlier today is now officially signed up to play professional soccer for AC Milan in the MLS off-season next year, took his family to a pumpkin patch here in SoCal yesterday so that they could pick out the perfect pumpkins to carve into Jack-o-Lanterns this Halloween season. As you can tell by Becks‘s attire, it’s been hot here in SoCal despite the time of year:

Seriously, the man can make even a trashy tank-top like this look really sexy. I’m not sure if we’ll get to see any of the Beckham bunch dressed in their Halloween costumes but I’m sure Becks and VB have got fun plans for their kids tonight. I gotta say, I’m really gonna miss having Becks here in SoCal for the couple of months he’ll be away in Milan, Italy so I’m just gonna have to enjoy him while we still got him.

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‘Spring Awakening’ Opens In LA

The tour rolls into town

The hit Broadway musical Spring Awakening had its red carpet opening here in LA last night at the Ahmanson Theater. This touring version of the show, whose last stop was San Francisco, CA, has made its way to LA and premiered last night. Here are a few pics from some of the red carpet arrivals last night:

As you can see, some castmembers from The CW‘s 90210 came out for last night’s premiere. You may recall that the fictional kids at West Beverly High put on a performance of Spring Awakening at their school this season on the show. Interestingly enough, none of the 90210 actors who came out for last night’s premiere were actually involved with the fictional staging of the musical on 90210 (Jessica Lowndes‘s character Adrianna was supposed to play the lead but had to be replaced after she got cracked out on drugs … on the show). David and I were very lucky to attend last night’s premiere opening and I’ll have my review in my TV Guide post later in the day. While the group of celebs who came out for last night’s opening wasn’t necessarily stellar, there were a lot of fun people in the hiz to enjoy the fun last night. Spring Awakening will run at the Ahmanson Theater until December 7.

[Photo credit: Wireimage]

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Sarah Jessica Parker Gets Involved In The Political Process

And YOU can, too!

Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker reported for duty at the NYC Headquarters of the Obama/Biden campaign last night to man the phone banks for a few hours in order to make calls on Obama‘s behalf to undecided voters. Not content with just showing up for the glitzy Hollywood fundraisers, SJP rolled up her sleeves and got down in the trenches with other committed Obama campaign volunteers:

I think it’s very impressive for someone like SJP to put her money where her mouth is (in this case, literally) and actually work for a campaign like this. It is very easy for celebs to just show up at fundraisers, donate money and be on their way but you gotta respect the celebs who care enough to actually put in an modicum of effort to work on a political campaign like this. I’m happy to report that my BFF Sarah will be donating some of her time this Sunday to volunteer for the Obama/Biden campaign in her Dearborn, MI neighborhood. The presidential campaign is getting down to the wire and folks are really stepping up in the last days to try and make a difference and bring much needed CHANGE to this country. It’s not too late for YOU to get involved in your neighborhood:

Click HERE to find out how you can get involved in the Obama/Biden campaign in these few remaining days. Having worked on previous political campaigns for the Democrats, I can assure you … it’s an insanely rewarding experience. Can’t volunteer? Click HERE to make a donation to the Obama/Biden campaign and receive a One Voice can Change the World t-shirt! Get involved, make a difference :)

[Photo credit: Splash News]

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