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Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson Enjoy A Mexican Holiday

¡Arriba, Arriba!

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson, who are no strangers to jet-setting around the world in order to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, have made their way down to Mexico together to enjoy a little rest and relaxation this week. Here are pics of the bikini-clad ladies soaking up the sun South of the border yesterday afternoon:

Good for them!! I think it’s a great idea to get away sometimes and enjoy quality time together with the person that you lurve. Both Linds and Sam have been working very hard lately so I think they’re due for a nice holiday some place tropical and nice. Rest well and live it up, L. Ron. Woot!

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin]

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Eminem’s Return Confirmed … Sorta

Prepare ye the way for 'King Mathers'

First 50 Cent started talking about the return of Eminem and then Em himself spilled that he might be releasing an album of new material “this year” … and, according to News of the World, it looks like that is exactly what’s going to happen. Eminem appears ready to come out of retirement and release his first new studio album in over two years called King Mathers:

HIP hop, yer don’t stop—especially if you’re still SLIM SHADY. That’s right rap fans. Throw ya hands up in the air, and wave ’em like you just don’t care . . . for I can reveal that the Em-pire will strike back this Christmas. After years out of the rap game, the world’s most popular lyrical gangster EMINEM is back and spitting dope rhymes in the studio again. I understand that Slim Shady will stand up in style with a new album called King Mathers. Slim, real name MARSHALL MATHERS III, revealed: “I’m writing and producing again, banging out tracks—and the music just gets better and better” … The 35-year-old megastar has sold a staggering 80 MILLION records and now his label Interscope Records can’t wait for his new release by the end of the year. My source tells me: “It’s exciting times and, of course, there’s massive expectation surrounding this new record. “But the fans need not worry about its quality. Most of the music’s being mastered at the moment. There’s a real belief the album will go stellar.” The 8 Mile actor has teamed up with fellow hip hop rhymesayer 50 CENT in the studio. I’m told the pair have been spending hour upon hour at the mixing desk in Em’s Detroit home perfecting one of the biggest comebacks since the SPICE GIRLS. “Eminem is out to realise his full potential,” adds my man in the recording suite. “The volume and quality of music he’s producing is prodigious.” It’s good news for the controversial rapper after years of hurt. The star who brought us classics like Way I Am and Stan, confronted an addiction to sleeping pills in 2005. But the doting dad—still embroiled in an ongoing slagging match with mum Debbie Nelson—has revealed that the worst is over and he can finally concentrate on his music, which is great news for his legion of fans. He says: “For a while, I didn’t want to go back to the studio. I went through some bad times but I’m coming out of those. It feels good.”

I find it very interesting that in the same year that both Britney Spears and Xtina Aguilera are releasing new music (and that Britney is making a genuine “comeback”) Eminem is releasing music in a comeback of his own. That the height of Britney and Xtina‘s fame, Eminem also enjoyed his own staggering fame … fame that was built, sometimes, on lampooning the poplets and boybands that also ruled the airwaves at the start of the new millennium. It really is like 1999 all over again. It’s weird to think of these people all grown up. I’m curious to see if Em can achieve the same success that he enjoyed in his hey-day. Tastes change … will the public be ready to welcome back the real Slim Shady again?


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The ‘Gossip Girl’ Boys Do ‘Details’ Magazine

Who's got the fiercest pout?

The trio of hotness on the hit CW series Gossip Girl, made up of Penn Badgley, Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick, are featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Details magazine. In the boys’ coverstory (which they shared, apparently) the guys talk about all the fun and foibles that come from starring on the popular “It” show of the moment. Here is the GG boys’ cover photo and a portion of their interview:

A year ago, no one knew their names. Now, after getting chased around New York by schoolgirls and going to every posh party in the city, the three guys of Gossip Girl are realizing just how famous they’ve become. In an interview with Details magazine, Chace Crawford, Penn Badgley and Ed Westwick shared their craziest experiences since starring on the CW show. “We have a lot of older fans,” Badgley said. “I get a lot of guys coming up to me who are like, ‘Oh man, my wife loves the show.’ Couple of drinks later they come up and they’re like, ‘You know what, I love Dan.’ And they probably watch the show more than their wives.” With the fans, of course, come the paparazzi and the rumors. Badgley has learned to tune out the comments on his relationship with costar and girlfriend Blake Lively. “One of the things that’s been my bread and butter with all these television shows I’ve done is that I don’t give a sh—,” he said. Crawford, 23, may have the worst luck with Internet rumors. “Model turned actor, dime a dozen, eye candy, doesn’t know what he’s doing …” … His character, Nate Archibald, just stopped being a hooker for his ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend’s stepmother, and he still says Nate is too sweet. “I’m hoping for a fall from grace for Nate. Five years from now, I better have murdered someone!” The other two also have thoughts on the direction their characters should go. Badgley thinks Dan is too judgmental and wants to explore his dark side, but Westwick thinks the opposite for bad boy Chuck. “Chuck’s just this vain kind of metrosexual Manhattan eccentric living in a flash world,” Westwick says. “He’s just mischievous. In the second season, you will see him do more of the good-guy thing.” Whether their alter egos are good or bad, the Gossip guys are hot and enjoying their moment in the spotlight. “One day it’s all going to go away,” Crawford said. “If this is what it is, then it’s wonderful.”

It’s nice that the guys have no problem sharing the spotlight … but they’re young and the show is still pretty new … the camaraderie may yet still fall apart to make way for in-fighting. You gotta wonder if Penn Badgely would’ve been able to score the cover of Details magazine all by himself. I could see Ed Westwick on the cover on his own and I can deffo see Chace Crawford scoring magazine covers left and right … but I’m not so sure about Penn. At least they’re all getting along and playing nice now so it’s not an issue … yet. I’m glad to hear that the guys seem to have their heads on straight and are being realistic about their new found fame. I think it’s wise to just enjoy it while they can and ride the wave for as long as they can. If they do a well enough job now, they may be asked back to reprise their roles 15 years in the future when the inevitable Gossip Girl spin-off show rears its ugly head.

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Guess Who’s Got A New Necklace

This one is E-Z

Can you guess which celeb was spotted out and about this weekend rockin’ a new piece of jewelry which she seemed very happy and proud to show off?

This one is really, really easy to guess … so no clues. After the jump, find out who it is … More »


Sarah Michelle Gellar Makes A New Friend, Gets A New Job

Couldn't get any cuter

Sarah Michelle Gellar, better known to the world as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, got the hankering to spend some time with her fishy friends at Sea World in San Diego, CA this weekend and managed to get in on the act with one of the performers … check out this supercute pic of SMG with her new dolphin friend:

While this pic is prolly the cutest thing ever, there is more important SMG news to impart. HBO has announced that Ms. Gellar has signed on to appear in their new series The Wonderful Maladys which is set to hit the air next year. That’s right folks, SMG is making a return to the small screen:

Sarah Michelle Gellar is eyeing a return to television with a half-hour project set up at HBO from screenwriter Charles Randolph. Set in Gotham, “The Wonderful Maladys” ensembler revolves around the dysfunctional lives of three adult siblings who lost their parents at a young age. Randolph described Gellar’s character as having “a kind of zealous immaturity — like a drug addict with a to-do list.” Randolph wrote the script on spec last year with Gellar and HBO in mind. HBO recently bought the script and is aiming to shoot the single-camera pilot early next year. Gellar and Randolph will serve as exec producers should the project go forward, along with Brillstein Entertainment Partners. “We’re on a fast track,” said Brillstein CEO Jon Liebman. Gellar has focused on features since “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” ended its seven-year run in 2003. She called the chance to do a series with Randolph, Brillstein and HBO “a terrific next chapter for me” … Gellar and Randolph are repped by Brillstein Entertainment Partners.

I hate to say it but, with the way that SMG‘s movie career has been going since her BtVS days, I kinda knew it was only a matter of time before she made a return to the small screen. Taking on this role for HBO is a good step back to TV for her, I think. She can still be challenged in a way that network TV cannot and isn’t faced with the prospect of carrying the entire project on her shoulders alone. I’m all for this … I can’t wait to get SMG back on TV on a weekly basis again.

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Red Hot ‘Chili’s’ Peoples

The TV Guide

Whew! It’s hot in SoCal, y’all. I gotta say, even tho I love the warmer weather here in LA, I’m not sure when I’ll actually get used to the idea of high 80 degree weather in October (the forecast is for hot temps all week long). Trust me, I’m not complain’ but … yeah, it’s hot. BUT ANYWAYS, yesterday I met up with Kirsten and Darion at the Chili’s in Westwood for a little dinner/hanging out session. As you know, Chili’s donated 100% of their proceeds yesterday to the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and we wanted to be a part of their effort to raise money for the organization. We ate and talked and ate and drank and ate … as always, ’twas a very fun time:

If you weren’t able to make it out to Chili’s yesterday you are still able to make any donation you can afford to give to St. Jude’s Hospital HERE. You don’t need a special occasion to be a hero, you know ;)

That was pretty much my day … we didn’t stay out too late, I came home to watch some TV and read for a bit. Nice and chill, just the way I like it.


Les News, 093008

Janet released, Chris Baker remembered, Slash going solo

‘The Hills’: Hate The Player, Hate The Game


Oh man … last night’s ep of The Hills was chock full of drama of varying degrees … there were lies, there were tears and there was a pool party — what else could one ask for in a single episode of their favorite faux reality TV program?

Last night’s ep centered on Lauren LC Conrad‘s return and the fallout from Stephanie creepin’ behind her back to try and mack on her ex Doug. On the Speidi front, mama Montag came for a visit and she ended up getting into it with Spencer … man, drama city! After the jump, find out who was lying about what, who was crying about what and how nothing can really stay a secret for long on The Hills in the ep titled Don’t Act Innocent … More »

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Dylan McKay Returns To ’90210’ Tonight

... in a roundabout sorta way

At the risk of offering a very spoilery spoiler for tonight’s episode of 90210, I have some amazing news to share … which, I guess has already been shared by the title of this post. I apologize for my excitement but this, well, is just so exciting — they said it wouldn’t happen, we were told it wasn’t going to happen but … Dylan McKay will be making a return of sorts on tonight’s new ep of 90210:

But that’s all I want to say about this startling and very exciting revelation out here in the open. After the jump, check out a preview video of Dylan‘s return to the world of 90210More »

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Paris Hilton Releases Her New Single ‘My BFF’

Theme song to her new MTV series 'Paris Hilton's My New BFF'

Paris Hilton just debuted her new single/theme song My BFF on On Air with Ryan Seacrest on KIIS FM here in LA … which I present to all y’all for your aural pleasure:

The new track will serve as the theme song for Paris’s new MTV competitive reality TV show Paris Hilton’s My New BFF (which debuts on MTV tonight). You may recall that Paris revealed that her boyfriend and Good Charlotte guitarist Benji Madden is helping her out with her new music (and it is my guess that he most likely provided the lion’s share of help on the creation of this track) which is very evident by the way that is sounds. So, without further ado, check out Paris Hilton‘s new single My BFF for yourselves:

The song deffo has a Good Charlotte feel to it … and Paris‘s voice does sound a lot more mature. HMMM. What do y’all think?


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