Guess Who’s Got A New Necklace


Can you guess which celeb was spotted out and about this weekend rockin' a new piece of jewelry which she seemed very happy and proud to show off? This one is really, really easy to guess ... so no clues. After the jump, find out who it is ... View post

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Red Hot ‘Chili’s’ Peoples


Whew! It's hot in SoCal, y'all. I gotta say, even tho I love the warmer weather here in LA, I'm not sure when I'll actually get used to the idea of high 80 degree weather in October (the forecast is for hot temps all week long). Trust me, I'm not complain' but ...

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Les News, 093008


Janet Jackson is released from the hospital. Chris Baker memorialized. Trent Reznor talks to [thanks Stacey] Womanizer the Brad Walsh remix HERE. Jack White and Alicia Keys show us Another Way to Die. THIS is bound to get old sooner or later. Someone get HER a book, please. How much does it cost to be gay? Lance Bass likes girls, sometimes. Jennifer ...

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