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John Mayer Gets Back To Work

Jen who?

Here are a few pics of John Mayer playing a show at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater at Encore Park in Alpharetta, GA on Friday night wearing an awesome Purple Rain t-shirt and showin’ the world that life goes on for the media-friendly musician after a failed relationship with Jennifer Aniston:

Oh yeah, he really looks into it … I guess he has to work out his sexual frustration somehow now, right? After the jump, check out a couple more pics of John going apeshizz on his guitar for a portion of his live performance … More »

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Shannen Doherty Steps Out Alone

Lovin\' all the attention

The resurrected 90′s “It” Girl Shannen Doherty (who is trying to reclaim her fame from days of yore by appearing in the much-anticipated Beverly Hills, 90210 spin-off set to debut on The CW Tuesday night) stepped out on the town in Malibu, CA again this weekend in the only pair of cut-off jeans shorts the girl apparently owns. Here are pics of Shannen as she made her way into and then out of one of her favorite eateries this weekend:

Shannen is also featured on the cover of the current issue of US Weekly magazine where she talks to the mag about Tori Spelling‘s lies … and not much else:

Fourteen years after leaving her career-defining role of Brenda Walsh on Beverly Hills, 90210, Shannen Doherty is finally sharing her side of the story to refute the “bad girl” label and set the record straight in the latest issue of Us Weekly, available now. Among the revelations: Doherty, who will reprise her character in four episodes of the CW’s 90210 revamp, denies a claim by Tori Spelling that she once got into a fistfight with Jennie Garth. “We never did,” Doherty, 37, tells Us. “I think I would remember Jennie’s fist connecting with a part of my body or a part of my face. It just goes to show you how people will lie,” she says of Spelling’s account in her autobiography.

I managed to peruse his issue of US Weekly at the bookstore this weekend and I read the entirety of Shannen‘s interview … she got real pissy with the interviewer when asked if she would ever write a tell-all memoir and then was she was asked about any romance that she witnessed on the BH, 90210 set. Apparently, Shannen is no snitch and she’ll cut you if you ask her to spill. OOOOH man, I want Tori Spelling to join the new 90210 so bad now … I’m sure Shannen would like us to believe that she’s all grown up and mature now but I bet you any money if she came face to face with Tori Spelling something AWESOME would happen. I hope we get to find out.

[Photo credit: Wireimage; Source]

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Bad Photoshopping With The Stars

Here come some cheesy-ass 'DWTS' promo pics, ya'll

Yahoo! has unleashed a whole slew of new promo pics of the contestants of the 7th season of Dancing with the Stars … I’m not sure who exactly is responsible for this cheesy nonsense (ABC? Yahoo? Satan?) but the pics are so RIDIC I can’t hardly stand it:

Even tho these pics are sooooo bad (seriously, so bad!) I’m glad to see that both Cloris Leachman and Toni Braxton are bringin’ the fierceness. I dunno how the hell Lance Bass got talked into wearing his outfit — I thought for sure his days of being bullied into wearing horrible outfits to entertain the public were over … guess not. And can I just say that Ted McGinley who has been a TV hottie since the early 70′s still looks pretty damn good. Geeze, that man must have a deal with the devil … how is it that he can still look hawt after ALL THESE YEARS. Pact with the devil, I’m convinced. I’m not a big fan of this show but they managed to cull together a pretty interesting cast this season. I’m not sure who’s gonna pull out the win in the end … but I do know that Susan Lucci won’t be going home with the trophy (I’m sure it was an honor just being nominated … er, asked to be on the show). I might have to actually watch this season … despite these horribly bad promo pics.


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The Lake House

The TV Guide

Yesterday afternoon I accompanied Sarah and Mark to Sarah’s uncle’s lake house in Commerce Township, MI for a little pre-Labor Day fête where I got to hang out with Sarah’s amazing family. We spent part of the afternoon catching up with one another (while the boys lamented the outcome of the U of M football game) and supped on some of the best BBQ I’ve had in a long while. As the twilight set upon Lake Sherwood, Sarah’s uncle David took us all out for a boat ride around the lake:

It was just the perfect day, the perfect afternoon. I also have to send out some anniversary love to Lisa and Pat (Sarah’s aunt and uncle) who were celebratin’ their wedding anni yesterday (they’re the cute couple at the end of the pics above) I really love hanging out with Sarah’s family … I’ve been going to their family functions for years and it’s always so nice to feel so included.

This afternoon, almost everyone we know here in Michigan is coming out for a pre-Birthday party for Sarah’s birthday (which is next week). Sarah planned the party to be early so that I could attend (since I won’t be here for her actual birthday). It promises to be a pretty fun shindig. Party prep has already begun so I gots ta get finished and get to celebratin’. Hope y’all are having an equally amazing Labor Day weekend :)


Les News, 083108

Gandolfini got hitched, Diddy puts McCain on blast, Doherty calls Spelling a liar

Hot Dude Of The Week: Greg

Weekend Hotness

Oh yeah, bitches … it is time for our weekly does of man meat … it’s time for the Hot Dude of the Week, y’all. Since I’m back home in Michigan and the weather has been absolutely perfect all week long, I’ve been able to enjoy all the natural beauty that Michigan has to offer … that is why this particular photo of Hot Dude Greg caught my eye:

Those of you not familiar with the natural beauty of Michigan are really missing out … we’ve got lush greenery, calm lakes and rivers and our fair share of hawt dudes … and this pic of Greg seems to represent all of those elements very nicely, don’t you think? There is something comforting about being able to enjoy the things about Michigan that I took for granted when I lived here … I’m seeing my home with new eyes and I like what I see. I’m gonna be bummed to leave for home tomorrow.

Oh and don’t cha love how I managed to turn a sweet little post on the beauty of nature by throwing in a hot half-nekkid dude? Skills, y’all. Mad skills :) Enjoy!!!

[Photo credit: All American Guys]

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Trent Reznor Gets Hairy

And I kinda love it

This past Friday, the official Nine Inch Nails website was updated with a new photo of NIN frontman Trent Reznor pausing backstage on his way to the stage at their tour stop in Philadelphia, PA … check it out:

Hot damn, now this is an awesome picture … whether you’re a NIN fan or not ;) Sarah and I noted that Trent was letting his facial hair grow back when we saw NIN play Toledo, OH last Monday and it looks like he’s been letting it grow since then — oh yes, me likey. Hopefully he’ll have himself a full-on beard by the time I get to see NIN again in Inglewood, CA next weekend.

In other NIN-related news, Pink reader Kent gave me the heads up that has posted a very cool article on the band called 20 Years of Nine Inch Nails in their ongoing Music Milestones feature. I guess I never really realized that since Pretty Hate Machine, NIN‘s debut album, was released in 1988 that this year is the band’s 20th anniversary. Wow. In any event, I think all y’all should read the Billboard feature on NIN HERE … I’m pretty sure that even the most hardcore fans will learn (or be reminded of) a few things about this amazing band.

[Source via Source, thanks Kent]

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Kiefer Sutherland Gets Wet & Wild

Jack Bauer saves the world at the beach

24 star Kiefer Sutherland was spotted enjoying a day of sun and surf in Malibu, CA this weekend with only a pair of swimtrunks and a pair of flippers … behold:

I love the Kief … I think I love him more when he’s half-nekkid and soaking wet … Woot! I’m not sure if the flippers are really all that necessary but who am I to argue with the amazingly resourceful Jack Bauer? Oh yeah, I am so excited for new eps of 24 but we are still so far away from the debut of the new season (even the 2 hour TV movie 24: Exile is over 2 months away) but I think I can make do with Kiefer sightings like this until then :) So whadda y’all think? Thumbs up, yes?

[Photo credit: Splash News]

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Levi Alves Attends His First College Football Game

Unfortch for him, it was a Texas game

The almost 2 month old Levi Alves McConaughey, first child of Camila Alves and Matthew McConaughey, attended his first NCAA college football game yesterday in Austin, TX … daddy Matty took his newborn son and babymama to the University of Texas (his alma mater) to watch his team take on Florida Atlantic University. Here are a few pics of the happy family on the field at Texas Memorial Stadium yesterday afternoon:

Awww … I think it’s so precious that Matthew would want to take his son to the very first Texas homegame of the first season after his birth … it’s really cute seeing the little guy in his little UT headwrap. I’m sure Matthew is going to be a bit miffed when his first born son realizes that the University of Oklahoma is really the better school in both academics and athletics and decides to go there instead. So precious. All in all, tho, it looks like the family had a great day … UT beat FAU by a score of 52-10 and Matthew looked as pleased as punch. Camila looked bored to tears (and a bit confused by that finger gesture that Matthew was making her do) and I doubt Levi even woke up once … but still, they do paint a very cute family picture, don’t you think?

BTW, WTF? is up with the fact that college football has already begun this year?! Seriously, the summer *just* started and now we’re already into the Fall college football season … how depressing is that? Much congrats and love goes out to the University of Oklahoma Sooners for their defeat of Chattanooga by a score of 57-2. Sadness for the University of Michigan and Michigan State University for each losing their games yesterday :(

[Photo credit: Splash News]

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Meet Halle Berry’s Daughter, Nahla Ariela


Even tho Halle Berry gave birth to her first child back in March, a girl she named Nahla Ariela (that she had with her babydaddy Gabriel Aubry), she took great pains to keep the little darling hidden from sight, opting NOT to show off her newborn child in any magazine publication at all. But, at long last, Halle decided it was finally time to bring little Nahla out of hiding and show her off to the world. Here are pics of mother and child enjoying a sunny afternoon at the LA Zoo yesterday afternoon:

O.M.G. Nahla is just the cutest little doll EVER! Look at those eyes … and that smile! She deffo managed to get all the most beautiful parts from both her mommy and her hawt model daddy. She is going to be a stunner when she grows up. I can absolutely respect that Halle wanted to keep Nahla out of the limelight for the first 5 months of her life but I’m glad that she finally decided to bring her out to introduce her to all of us. She’s just way too cute to keep hidden away. Welcome to the world, Nahla.

[Photo credit: X17]

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