Donatella Versace DOES NOT Bring The Sexy To St. Bart’s


Yesterday we saw a few fairly sexy pics of aging fashion designer Giorgio Armani showing off what his mama gave him while rockin’ the speedo on the beaches of St. Bart’s this week and today we get to see a couple pics of another aging fashion designer, Donatella Versace, looking anything but sexy in her two-piece bikini as she vacays in St. Bart’s … the words “emaciated” and “leathery” come to mind … behold:

As one of the world’s top designers, Donatella Versace creates fashion, not follow it. But as the Italian designer approaches her mid-fifties, she appears to be have found inspiration for her over-tanned, wrinkly appearance. After showing off her gaunt, mahogany body on a Caribbean beach yesterday, Donatella is looking increasingly like ‘tanorexic’ pensioner Magda from the 1998 movie There’s Something About Mary.

Both Donatella and Magda have matching dark tans, wrinkled skin, bleach blonde hair and have a penchant for wearing full make-up in the sun. In the classic gross-out comedy, veteran actress Lin Shaye played the sun-obsessed next door neighbour of Cameron Diaz’s character Mary. In the movie, bleach-blonde Magda spends her day out drinking and tanning on the balcony holding a reflector under her chin to get the maximum exposure to the sun’s rays. Mother-of-two Donatella, 53, is currently spending the Christmas and New Year period on the island of St Barts. After what has been yet another busy year for the fashion designer, the stress of running one of the world’s top labels appears to be taking its toll on Donatella. As she walked along the beach in her purple string bikini, her skin seemed a leathery shade of brown, as it sagged around the knees, arms and stomach, suggesting she has lost weight recently.

Yeesh … any state of undress is not a good look for poor Donatella. I don’t really see the appeal of such a leathery looking tan. Yeah, I could really do without having to see any more photos of Ms. Versace on such display … where’s Giorgio Armani when you need him?

[Photo credit: X17; Source]

  • kk

    well, at least she can take comfort in knowing why it is that her daughter is in and out of eating disorder re-hab centres

  • kittycatastrophe

    She looks like a oiled-up bit of gristle. May my obituary never read that I died too rich and too thin.

  • mel

    wait.. she’s only 53? she looks AT LEAST 65.. if not 70. my mom would look 30 standing next to her…

  • Tracy

    If ever I have been thankful for my pale complexion, it is now. For all the girls obsessed with tanning now, check out your future…grosssss.

  • nae

    ew ew ew!!!!!!! GROSS!!!!

  • kimmy

    ACK! MY EYES! I should post these up in sorority houses on campus!

  • nicole

    Tracy i couldnt agree more.

  • Cristina

    I don’t remember ever seeing her this thin! She looks like a cancer patient. Maybe all of that tanning has resulted in metastatic melanoma. :(

    I really like Donatella and hope that she starts taking better care of herself!

  • Panti Christ

    I feel bad that she looks like a baked chicken. Doesn’t she see? She must not care. Maybe she thinks “I am going to tranwreck this carcass of mine and die a happy soul!”?

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  • Cherrylips


  • PITNBer

    You don’t wear a bikini if you don’t have self confidence. I suppose she’s happy with it. Helen Mirren is MUCH more bangin’ in a bikini.

  • Lisa

    When did she get all skeletal? I always saw pictures of her with a full, not gaunt, face and I was sure she was curvier. Is this definitely her?

  • Shazz


  • Katie

    She looks 10-15 years older than 53.
    That’s just sad!

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  • Traci

    She’s always looked way older than she really is, and she’s always looked like Magda. She just looks even grosser now. Blergh, that stomach, I can’t eat now.

  • Ella

    Yee god, she is the poster woman for the don’t smoke, don’t tan, and don’t go out in public wearing a two piece when you look like that campaign.
    I would have put another ten years on that 53 had I not known her age.

  • Rachel

    Leather skin….yuck. And only 53 years old….What will she look like at 80….(shudder)….

  • katz

    Trent, I adore you and I only say this with pure love, but it seems to me a bit sexist to insult Donatella when just days prior you gave Armani props for the same activity. I know you are a very fair man so I just felt the need to point out that in our society we tend to treat aging men as “distinguished”, even sexy but aging women are an eyesore? It’s just an observation…keep posting as you do.

  • Jen

    I totally agree with Katz, I love your blog, but seriously how is this so much worse than Armani? To me they both look leathery and sinewy, and both might be showing a bit more skin than the viewing public would like. but she is not significantly more “ew” worthy than he was.

  • Zainab


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  • pickup

    That’s not DOnatella Versace

  • Paz

    jen & katz – i agree that aging women tend to receive much harsher treatment than men, but at least armani looks his age — donatella is a case of too much tanning salon, too much surgery, too much everything.

  • Brrrah

    Yeah, pickup, that’s not her.
    Apparently here NOBODY has ever seen her!