Lindsay Lohan Confirms Her Father’s Love Child


Lindsay Lohan has posted a new blogpost on her official My Space blog where she originally intended to profess her love for and to promote Britney Spears’s new album Circus but inadvertently went off on a tangent wherein she revealed that her father, Michael Lohan, admitted to Lindsay and her family that YES he did, in fact, father an illegitimate child out of wedlock. As you may recall, earlier this year a woman by the name of Kristi Kaufman went to the press with the news that she had a child, Ashley, with Michael Lohan while he was still married to Dina Lohan. At the time, Michael admitted that it was possible that he was the father but would wait until blood tests proved him to be the father before accepting responsibility … and then we heard nothing more about it … until now. Here is the full text of Lindsay’s latest blogpost. As always, all spelling and grammatical errors are her own:

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

random thoughts :)

i think that people go through a lot in life. and the things that we go through, whatever they may be, simply just make us stronger in the long run… that is, if we actually take what it is we have learned from our mistakes and teach ourselves what NOT to do in the future. i have gone through a lot in my past, and to be completely honest, i am still going through a lot right now.. my father just let my family and i know, amongst others that he had another child after my little sister Aliana, or maybe he had it before Aliana?? either way, he cheated on my mother and that really sucks… MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! wow- do i sound like “debbie downer” or what? not trying to be… but back to the real reason for this blog-i feel like Britney Spears is an amazing talent, and she has gone through a lot, (just as i have) in the public eye.. which is not necessarily a bad thing.. It teaches young girls and boys that there are certain things in life that you should not let get in the way of your dreams and accomplishments. also that you need to take care of yourself before anyone else, and i mean anyone and everyone else. because at the end of the day, you have to look at yourself in the mirror and see who you really are. stripped of all the distractions in life. so YAY Britney for just being you and still following through with your dreams. i know i am a bit late in writing about this record since it came out already, but better late than never!!!! :)
I love my mom, aliana, cody, michael, and my nana sullivan!! i will be missing them this christmas as it is the first one i am spending away from home. i am spending it with Samantha in Los Angeles.
yours truly,

check out:
unusual you
if you seek amy-look at the title and listen to the chorus carefully ;)
shattered glass

see what you think. it’s a fun record ..
and don’t forget to get LADYHAWKE-dusk til dawn

Whoa, tangent! Honestly, I totally forgot about Michael Lohan and the rumors of his illegitimate child … I can’t believe that there wasn’t an major follow-up after he agreed to submit to a blood test. Mebbe he just postponed taking the test until just now and there was nothing to follow-up on but … at last we know the truth. Props to Lindsay for taking the time to talk about Britney’s new album … it is a great disc. I’m also glad to know that Lindsay will be spending the holidays with Samantha Ronson in LA this year. There are reports going around that the ladies have been having trubs in their relationship lately so I’m glad to hear that they appear to be working things out. It wouldn’t be a Lohan Xmas without a bit o’ drama … I guess they can always count on daddy Lohan to disappoint. Happy Holidays, Linds!


  • tOnnY

    Yay Lindsay!!!!

    And “Unusual You” “Phonography” “Mannequin” “Circus” and “Quicksand” are My Fav Songs on the Album…

  • lyndyloo

    Happy Christmas to Linds and Sam.
    And to you too Trent,
    Any chance of a Mayerston post at all? I miss them.

  • Sarah Day

    Love this pic of LL

    Merry X-Mas

    Love Circus! It deserves to be #1 Album

  • Aidan

    LiLO is a hot mess, but I really do love her. And good for her for giving props to Britters. Circus is a great pop album!

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  • molle

    i love that ladyhawke song… and if you seek amy!! woohoo!

  • Iris

    ‘or maybe he had it before Aliana??’

    It? hahaha wow Lilo

  • jamie

    britneys album i love quicksand and amnesia are the best songs and they are the ones lady gaga wrote

  • nicole

    jamie ..really? amnesia the best song? come on? lol
    it’s great Lindsay can show brit some love. and im glad Lindsay will be spending christmas with Sam. i wish those 2 the best.

  • LOVECarrie

    Haha….Lindsay is singling out If U Seek Amy…trying to tell us something? We know, sweetie, we know. ;)

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  • Aw, LiLo can really rock sometimes. Her and Brit have both had great recoveries, and I hope they enjoy their Christmases- maybe Sam will give Lindsay something shiny and bright? :D

    (PS: Merry Christmas, Trent and everyone else surfing the net this lovely Christmas morning)

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  • Joanne

    They are so cutting edge … They like LADYHAWKE! – I love Ladyhawke! Check out that album.

  • Joanne

    Feel sorry for that innocent girl … ‘illegitimite child’? Do people still use that term? It’s a shame she gets the label when her parents are clearly morons. I remember the mother was on Entertainment Tonight. Who puts their daughter on ET, when it wasn’t even confirmed that ML was her father??