Paris Hilton Takes Gaudy To A New Extreme


Paris Hilton, ever the proponent of subtlety, proudly showed off her new custom-painted toy in SoCal yesterday afternoon as she ventured out for some last minute Xmas shopping. Tooling around in a Pepto-Bismol pink Bentley, Paris showed the world that tackiness knows no bounds … behold:

It looks like Paris has stopped crying over the pilfered jewels pinched from her home and has found solace with her new hot wheels. Personally, I gotta say … this car is fug as hell. Now, I’m a fan of the color pink but this monstrosity is just way too much. That she could take such a beautiful car make it look so … cheap … is a crime in and of itself. Leave it to Paris Hilton to take a fine piece of automotive artistry and reduce it to a laughable shadow of its former self. Blech!

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • nicole

    only paris.

  • ashley

    I love the color pink also, but a pink Bentley that is way over board. I think a black would be a better color and look classy instead of ugly shade of pink.

  • It’ll make it easier for the paps to find her now…

  • PITNBer

    Great color …for someone who makes us sick. Nausea, heartburn…you know the rest.

  • samiam1385

    eh, not really her fault tho, she didn’t order the thing. it’s a gift from west coast customs, the pimp my ride guys…they know classy

  • nae

    i love pink too, but bleh! yick!!

  • Even tho it was a gift – does she really need to drive it around?? I agree with Winona – she does it for the paps sake – to be seen.

  • Smitten

    It is like the Barbie dream car of my youth…a Mary Kay dream! Loves it!

  • Elsa

    The hoebag want it to look like a barbie car.

    Winona – I couldn’t agree more with you

  • Heather

    Um, what exactly makes her a hoebag? To be honest, I think she’s one of the classier young women in Hollywood right now….attention-seeking or not, at least she’s not drugged out or at the clubs every night of the week.

  • Lulu

    At least if it was a hot pink I could perhaps, maybe, giggle at it. But pepto pink? Barf.

  • Lulu

    Wait wait. hold the phone. Paris?? CLASSY??? Wow…. I’m sure she might be a genuinely nice person.. but Classy? I might barf again.

  • E

    Why couldn’t the thieves who stole $2 mil from her steal this piece of pepto shit?

  • jennifer

    I think maybe if it was a different shade of pink, like a darker one, and black it would look 10 times better. But pepto bismol pink just by itself is fugly

  • lizzy

    soooo gross.

  • Megan

    LOL, I don’t know who Heather thinks she’s talking about.

    That is one fugly car. A little pink here and there would look fine, just definitely not the whole thing.

  • Traci

    Wait, wait, wait…Paris? Not at the clubs? Maybe not quite so much now, but I’m sure she hasn’t given up her club hopping ways.

    As for the car…oh the car. To quote Rosario Dawson in Clerks 2 after walking in on the “inter-species erotica”: “I’m disgusted and repulsed and… and I can’t look away.”

    That car is ugly. I hate Bentleys, I hate that Pepto shade of pink, I hate rims. I REALLY hate rims. And yet I kinda like the matchy-matchiness of the rims and car. It’s still ugly though.

  • :O

    nooo they should have just left the mesh and the rims aloneee! it would have been less ugly that way :(

  • schmee

    That shade of pink looks a sun faded pink flamingo lawn ornament you get from Walmart to put in front of your mobile home.

    You know… to class the joint up

  • jessica

    i think if it was like hot pink it would be cute but this shade isn’t working for me

  • Keith

    It looks like Sharpay’s car from High School Musical 2…I’m pretty sure that’s the exact same shade of pink, except Sharpay’s car was a Mustang and not a Bentley.

  • chloe

    From the p.o.v. of this south carolina girl, TACKY is always the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about paris hilton. (gross is always a close second).

  • Abbey

    Perhaps she is a MaryKay lady and has sold enough makeup to receive a free car…she seems like a hard worker, right?! :)

  • Lana

    I love it. I would definitely drive it if it were given to me.

  • GiGi

    Lol, Paris is living the Barbie dream. Now all she needs is a pink townhouse and a veterinarian costume and she’s golden.

  • My first thought was that she did it just for you, Trent, but everyone is right, the shade is so wrong, just look at this page and you’ll find some much better pink hues. Paris just is what she is….

  • tOnnY

    Loves it!!
    I don’t understand why you guys don’t like it, it’s cute, I would love it more if it was a Pink Mercedes… ♥
    Paris = L♥v3

  • Elsa

    Heather – Say whats? Did you just called her classy? AHAHAHAH! That’s a good one. I think you don’t read news, gossip, tabloids, saw pictures of her or whatsoever enough. I could name calling her even worst if I want to but saying “she’s not drugged out or at the clubs every night of the week” is seriously wrong. That is her specialty, she’s famous for that, just to let you know.

  • p

    i do think it would be better in a hot pink, but i would def drive this!

  • Val

    Abbey, I was totally gonna mention MaryKay, too!

  • i’ll take it in hot pink. with sparkles.

  • Tracy

    Ugliest car ever. Paris is so tacky.

  • You are so right. A classy car turned into the epitome of tack…tacky! Why in the world did they allow for this to happen anyway!?!

  • Why is everyone being so boring? This car is great! Well, I love pink and if I could drive, I would want that car! I think it’s fabulous and Paris has always admitted that pink is her favourite color, so why the hell not…?

  • Anya

    It’s super cute… And I love the shade.

  • kittycatastrophe

    Angelyne the billboard queen…it took a while but I finally figured it out. Paris and Angelyne should totally do a movie together as a wacky mom/daughter team…if Angelyne is willing to play the mom of course.

  • Katie

    That car is crying.

  • Maybe it’s time to get my bf’s car turns into pink? Paris Rocks.

  • las

    With the way the economy is couldn’t she have donated the money she paid for that obnoxious pink car to some charity that could really use it. Talk about a slap in the face to people who have lost their jobs or are about to lose them.

  • Laynie

    well shit, i’d drive it, and i would enjoy it.

  • Smitten

    I think that those classy cars need a bit of spunky colour to them

  • Bryan

    Has this woman every, in her entire life, used her resources to benefit anyone other than herself?

    Why, in a world full of beauty, marvels, nobility, and imagination do you continue to celebrate the worst human nature has to offer. This site, like Paris Hilton, is spiritual bling.

  • CQ

    Bleh. Where’s her new BFF… oh wait, it was just a game show. Tacky.

  • Zainab


  • Ya know, at least she has a style all her own, and I give her credit for that that. Love it/hate it, its got you talking. When you have as much money as she does, what difference does it make what other people think?

  • Jac

    That is her work car… She has just been named spokeswoman for Mary Kay’s like of cosmetics for sluts.

  • MichaelGLkyBehr

    Paris – The new Angelyne

  • jay

    wow.. u have such a wonderful vocabulary…. maybe u should use it for something more productive than *trying* to trash paris.