Michael Jackson Calls Reports Of His Illnesses A ‘Total Fabrication’


Contrary to numerous reports going around that claim that Michael Jackson is in dire need of medical attention in order to save his dwindling life, Jacko himself has released a statement thru one of his representatives in order to publicly refute those claims. Speaking thru his trusted mouthpiece Dr. Tohme Tohme, Jacko calls the claims made by others about his health “total fabrication” and further reveals that Jacko is in final negotiations to appear in both a “world tour and a series of specials and appearances”. HMMM:

A spokesman for Michael Jackson released a statement on Monday denying as a “total fabrication” a report claiming that the former King of Pop needs a lung transplant due to a rare respiratory disease. The statement, attributed to Jackson’s “official and sole spokesperson, Dr. Tohme Tohme” and issued by Los Angeles firm Scoop Marketing, cites an interview with writer Ian Halperin in British newspaper the Sunday Express in which Halperin said Jackson was suffering from Alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency. Halperin, who is at work on an unauthorized biography of the singer, also claims Jackson can barely speak, suffers from emphysema and internal bleeding, and has lost 95 percent of the vision in his left eye. “Concerning this author’s allegations, we would hope in the future that legitimate media will not continue to be exploited by such an obvious attempt to promote this unauthorized ‘biography,'” said the statement attributed to Tohme. “The writer’s wild allegations concerning Mr. Jackson’s health are a total fabrication,” the statement said. “Mr. Jackson is in fine health and finalizing negotiations with a major entertainment company and television network for both a world tour and a series of specials and appearances.”

Truth be told, recent picture of Michael Jackson out in public do lead credence to the claims made by Halperin that Jacko is in dire need of medical help … if not of the surgical variety than, IMHO, surely of the psychological variety. It is not a stretch of the imagination, by any means, to think that Jacko is very ill … but, I suppose we have to take the word of his official spokesperson that he is not ill. That said, I absolutely refuse to believe that the claims that Jacko is near finalizing a deal that would put him on a world tour OR that he will be appearing in “a series of specials and appearances”. No way. Even if MJ were able to take on a commitment of this scale, there surely is NOT enough interest here in the US for any of these scenarios to be at all successful. Michael Jackson is just an odd bird, period. I contend that his infrequent public emergences in and around SoCal are pretty much all we’re gonna get from him from here on out. His time has come and gone. I do hope he is not in failing health but the notion that he is planning to stage a successful comeback is laughable.

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  • Michelle

    Okay I know the man has pretty much gone and lost his damn mind but I agree that I’m happy that he and some people close to him seem to think his health is fine. I agree that his comeback and long since come and gone, but the man is an icon, the ultimate living legend. I own probably every album he’s ever recorded and if he goes on a World Tour doing all his old stuff, someone sign me up!

  • Panti Christ

    I wish him a long and healthy life!

  • Felicia

    I agree with Michelle. Out of CURIOUSITY, I would pay big to see him on a World Tour.

  • rigso

    Pffft! Who is the author of this entry cuz they have no idea what they are talking about. There is still a HUGE fan base for MJ in the world, a world tour would make millions! Stop spouting inane things that make no sense, what makes you think a would tour wouldn’t do well? Just because in America everyone is judgmental doesn’t mean the rest of the world does still love MJ, they do

  • cdympy

    Uh, I hardly think that it is up to a tiny little blog to say that Michael Jackson is over and the he would be embarrassed if he went on tour. I’m not a huge fan of Michael Jackson, but the man has had PROFOUND influence on all of the music that we hear today. He is a legend and single-handedly changed the face of pop music.

    There will never be a time when Michael Jackson’s time has gone until the man himself is gone…

  • Joanne

    Michael is now the boy who cried wolf … he has faked so many sicknesses that if he really does get ill, the public will not believe it.

  • Joanne

    If he stopped wearing masks, that might help his ’emphysema’.

  • Jim

    If the rumors of his illness by someone writing an unauthorized biography were so off base, wouldn’t they be yelling and screaming “LIBEL LAWSUIT”…but they are not. HMMMM.
    Maybe the special appearances and world tour are some version of a reality tv show…any good suggestions for the title?

  • Boris