And The Winners Of The Britney Spears Concert Tickets Contest Are …


It is my happy duty to announce the winners of the Pink is the new Blog Britney Spears Concert Tickets Contest that I’ve been running for the past week or so. As you may recall, I asked y’all to send in photos of your Pink is the new _____ signs to be entered in the running for a pair of concert tickets to see our dear Britney on her Anaheim and Oakland, CA concert stops on her upcoming The Circus starring Britney Spears Tour, which is due to kick off in New Orleans, LA next March. Trust me, it was tough selecting the lucky winners but … please join me in congratulating Donovan and Ruben who each won a pair of free tickets to see Britney Spears live in concert in Anaheim and Oakland respectively. Here are their winning submissions:

I think these guys did a great job with their entries and I’m glad that they’ll be able to see Brit Brit on tour next year. Hopefully Donovan will send in pics from the Anaheim show and Ruben will send in pics from the Oakland show :)

There were a lot of really great submissions and I really wish that everyone could be a winner but, alas, it just can’t be. After the jump, check out a few of the other submissions that I really love and would like to feature here on the blog — see if your entry made the cut …

Much love goes out to Marcella, Freddy, Tara and Jarrod for all of their fun, hard and inventive work ;) All y’all did an amazing job … thank you SO MUCH for playing along!!! Stay tuned … I’m sure there’ll be more fun contests to come in 2009 :) Congrats again!!!

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  • Casey


    no offense, but the winner who won shouldn’t have won. I mean, yeah its good but it isn’t all that clever. The person who made the “comeback queen” poster with all the photos should have won.

    : /

  • MiMi LaRue

    Wow, the winner’s idea is very unique and creative!

  • Freddy

    Wow, so close :( maybe next time … Time to start saving money to buy some tix on Ebay or something – thanks for recognizing me in the top anyhow Trent

  • La Princesa

    Nice choices! The winners clearly took some time to make interesting posters…

  • Zane

    I wish I lived in California so I could’ve entered then WON! haha but I live in Canada. The first guy that won is cute ; )


    hers is waaay more creative and flashy than the winners!

  • Marcella

    You know I was gunna come here and put a fake name saying how the comeback queen…aka ME shouldve win and casey and smurfa already gave me shout outs thanks guys…. HAHA and not to be a sore loser (but whatever because I am and i know I deserve it more and I know/everyone knows how much of a crazed Brit fanatic I am) BUT I think you shouldve been in the pic with the sign u created…but that’s just me and two guys win and no girls? Ugh why don’t the xx chromosomes get any love!?!? Ugh my sign was deep! Hellllo “after every storm comes a rainbow” with the picture if her in the first performance since the gimme more vma one!?!? Wow so touching brings a tear to my eye.

  • Marcella

    And ps the rules said a HAND MADE sign not printed out on your comp sign….I’m just sayin’

  • Robyn

    Wow, I felt the Comeback Queen was awful…. the other girls sign was much more tasteful. However, I do agree with sore loser Marcella that if the rules did say hand-made sign, then the winner should have followed those rules.

    I really do love Pink is the new BRITnique, though!
    Great job everyone.

  • Katie

    Last time I checked- it takes your hands to make something on the computer.
    And to decorate the room.
    And to make the whole image.

    Lets be classy here.
    Congrats to the winners.

  • Panti Christ

    Congratulations to the winners (and to the featured others)!

  • zachary

    If you look at the sign up closely you can see some of the products britnique carries. feder-liner, oops i did it again cover up, toxic toner. it’s kinda funny. he deserved to win for sure.

  • Amy

    But if the contest said hand made he shouldn’t of won then…it’s very clear what hand made entails and not just a technicality. Very creative tho congrats to the winners even if it wasn’t hand made. LOL.

  • Katie

    I really still don’t understand some of your views on “handmade”

    He didn’t print the signs out from some other source. He made the signs… with his hands.

    The end.

  • Amy

    Yeah technically you’re right bit literally the rules meant/stated otherwise

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