Matthew McConaughey Bares His Beach Bum


Some of you may recall that Matthew McConaughey filmed scenes for a horrible movie called Surfer Dude which turned out so bad it went straight from the editing room to the DVD shelves (on December 30) bypassing movie theaters altogether. It’s a shame it didn’t end up on the cutting room floor or in the trash bin on the cutting room floor but, well, life is imperfect. Since the movie did eventually make it to DVD, we might as well enjoy the positive portions of the film because, surprisingly, there are a few. Matty — pre-babydaddy — proudly shows off his very bare, very untanned ass in the flick …

… which are, IMHO, worth checking out because, again IMHO, I don’t believe the movie itself is really worth the time. After the jump, check out a few uncensored semi-NSFW screencaps from the upcoming DVD release of Surfer Dude

Not bad, not bad at all … sure, these hot cross buns could use a little sun but overall, I’m not complaining. If any of y’all dare to spend your hard earned $$$ on this DVD, please let me know if it’s as bad as I’m assuming it is. Personally, I’m perfectly fine enjoying these screencaps … they’re pretty OK, don’tcha think?

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  • Christie


  • tOnnY

    he’s hot…

  • …where is the frontal-shot ? …. missed that :)

  • …seems he has to sell his ass now for people to watch his acting-skills…

  • abigail

    O Baby O baby!

  • Illise

    i think i just died, hottttt

  • yummy. he’s my man, so back off bitches!

  • Summer

    What a nice squishy bum!!!!

  • Jennie

    Ive always loved him… wont buy the movie but if i come across it i will watch it for all its craptasticness. I made it thru the Garbage pail kids movie which is by far the worse movie i have ever seen, so i think i could make it thru surfer dude

  • ….couldn’t finished foolsgold… his acting was pretty anoying…
    …won’t risk to watch surferdude now. sorry dude !

  • He is so hot!

  • nae

    yes!! =]

  • Ingrid

    Oh my! Now maybe I can fall asleep and have sweet dreams of that tush!

  • JZ

    I personally LOVE tan lines. I like seeing a hot white butt…..

  • Katt

    reminds me of the coopertone baby. but much hotter!

  • g8rMan

    Hell to the “yeah baby”, sweet buns!!!

  • Boris

    Call me crazy, but I don’t like male butts.

  • Panti Christ

    You know he loved making this movie, even if it was awful. He got paid to sit around on the beach and be a surfer dude!? “DUUUDE! “

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  • RRS

    I am a butt girl and that is one fine piece of a$$!!! My husband has a nice brazilian tush and MM’s is the only one that has come close to comparison!

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