Ryan Lochte Does ‘GQ’ Magazine


Earlier today we got to see a fun photospread in the new issue of GQ magazine that featured Gossip Girl star Penn Badgley modeling the essential must-haves for guys lookin’ to rep American Style this season. Olympic Gold-Medalist and all around hottie Ryan Lochte is also featured in the new issue of GQ in his own fashion spread of classic American SoCal Style clothing … behold:

Nothing’s more genuinely American than the beach-inspired style of Southern California. And this season, nothing’s more affordable. Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte throws on some threads (for a change).

Um, yes please! I am ALL for more Ryan Lochte appearing in magazines and various photospreads. I’m very pleased to know that he has signed on with PMK pr firm and will be appearing in underwear ads for Calvin Klein. Methinks that 2009 is going to be Ryan Lochte’s year. I can’t wait to see what’s in store … and how little he’ll be wearing to show off ;) Soooo … which do y’all prefer — these pics or Penn’s?


  • Kelly

    he sexy

  • Christine

    So, I am going to take a little bit of credit for you posting these, since I encouraged you to do more about Lochte way back over the summer… although, I know you would have posted such a hottie anyway =)

    Me likey.

  • Pam

    this Ryan dude is definitely more manly that Pen, Pen is cute… this guys is HOT! Where can I order one of these? I’ll pay for the shipping….

  • Ashley

    Def. Ryan’s pics. He is so much hotter and these are absolutely great pictures oh him! Shows how good he looks, even WITH clothes on.

  • Kimmy

    He looks like walking sex…yum, much better than Michael Phelps!

  • alla

    where did you get these pictures?

  • lizzy

    so hot!

  • GoGators!


    Do we know if he’s got a ladylove?

  • Christine

    The picture of him playing tennis…he looks like an overcooked turkey. He’s hot overall though.

  • Lolo123

    MMM….I like swimmers but he is at the TOP of my list

  • Cristina

    omg i love everything and anything gossip girl but hands down Lochte wins. he is freakin goregous.

  • Lisa

    This guy is soo hot!!

  • jamila

    according to him, having a girlfriend is out of the question for now.

    he is soooooo sexy. he is humble, funny, sweet, and just real.

    ahaha he is so cool

  • lala

    is this from e GQ mag with jen aniston on e cover? pls reply anyone.

  • kar

    lochte pics over penn’s any day. o.m.g. he is gorgeous.

  • HOTTIE!!!!

  • rach

    OMG!! i love him! he’s so HOT!!! him over penn period!

  • He’s soooooooooooo cute!

  • Sara


    In response to your question in the last Lochte post: Becks or Lochte? I would have to say Lochte.

    I watched the Olympics for Phelps’ god-like skills and Lochte’s hotness.

  • gokarm

    He’s got that great McConaughey smile. But I dunno, it’s just a meh from me. I’m more turned on by the photographer who took the great shots than by Lochte himself. Love the obvious 70’s influence.

  • GatorGirl

    If you went to UF you know Ryan’s dated his fair share of girls…he’s definitely eating up all this attention.

  • Christine

    This summer he did mention in some E! interviews that he had a lady love but was very secretive about, and supposedly he was at one point with another Olympic swimmer (Caroline Burckle)
    But we all know he is secretly holding out for me =) lol
    Either way, he’s a cutie

  • Thanks a lot Trent. Now I have to buy this freakin’ issue of GQ. I hope I don’t drool too much down the front of my shirt.

  • jamila

    him and burckle split up a month or two ago.

  • Maggie

    He is so adorable in these photos. I love the styling. I can’t wait to see the CK ads. So My friend and I went to the Beijing Olympics (Trent actually posted a pic of us on the Great Wall in the PITNB Readers section cause he’s awesome like that) back in August and went to the Today show a couple of times at the Olympic Green and Ryan was a guest one of the days. It was right after he won his 2nd and 3rd medals. He came around and took pictures with everyone and signed autographs till he had to go on air. He was just as adorable in person although he didn’t really say much. He seemed a little shy but he was very nice. He was actually really nice to take a picture with me considering how much of an idiot I looked like at the time in my Go USA wear: http://i101.photobucket.com/albums/m73/megclooney9/China/ryan2.jpg
    I totally agree with Sara “I watched the Olympics for Phelps’ god-like skills and Lochte’s hotness”. That was the main reasons I went to so many of the swimming events when I was there.

  • panda

    does anyone know if he has a gf now?