Hangin’ With Trent Reznor


As I mentioned in the previous post (and Twittered all night long last night), I was allowed to meet, hang out with and interview Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails in his backstage dressing room right before the final show of the NIN Lights In The Sky Over North America Tour last night. To say it was a dream come true would not convey the amazingness for me. I was allowed to bring David and Darion backstage with me (David video recorded everything, Darion took tons of pics) and they were integral not only in keeping me from losing my mind and freaking the eff out but also helped with the interview to keep the conversation going for as long as possible. Here are a few of the TONS of pics that Darion snapped thruout my conversation with Trent Reznor last night:

TR was so gracious to give me some time to chat with him … he was so warm and inviting, offering us stuff from his craft services pile (he even had a Power Juicer, like the one that Shar Jackson is spokesperson for) and invited us to make ourselves comfortable. That was impossible for me but I think I did a good job keeping myself together. After the jump, check out my full interview with Trent Reznor where we talked about tour plans for 2009, non-music-related projects in the works — and band camp …

Seriously, my life is complete. I got to interview Tori Amos and now Trent Reznor … I’m done. If I never get to do a cool interview or meet another of my heroes again I’ll be just fine. Nothing can top meeting Tori and Trent like this. Much love and thanks goes out to TR and his assistant Brett for taking such amazing care of us. I hope y’all enjoy the interview … it was a thrill for me.

  • Liss

    wow I am so jealous. he’s amazing.

  • kittycatastrophe

    Congratulations, I look forward to seeing the interview, just wanted to give you mad props first.

  • maggie

    I’m happy for you, and a little jealous lol!

  • Neptune

    Im excited for you ^^ Id probably have had a heart attack if I got to meet a musician I loved so much

  • Amanda

    Amazing interview! It was so entertaining to watch – felt like an actual conversation. I was thrilled that TR was so open in his interview with you!

  • shannon

    Fan-fucking-TASTIC interview, Trent! Both of you, actually.

  • vanessa de souza

    well done and congrats!
    i´ve been reading your blog for a long while, love it, and this the first time i seriously wanted to comment. :D
    can only imagine how you felt and i´m not that nin fan…
    cheers and take care!

  • Nourah

    I’m so excited for you, Trent <3 It must have been amazing
    Darion is looking as gorgeous as usual *sigh*

  • Kat

    Great interview – LOVE LOVE LOVE TR and so excited to hear about what’s next!

  • PITNBer

    Yep i’m jealouss too. Not sure what could top that.

  • Christine

    Trent you seemed a bit nervous and I don’t blame you but it was a really good interview. You guys did a great job!

  • PixieBassline

    Ahhhh… yep… Jealousy!!

  • kak

    Am I the only one that notices that his body language seems to be cutting you away from him?

  • Crystal


    I am so very happy for you. From reading your blog since nearly the beginning I know this has been something you have always wanted to achieve.

    You have accomplished so many of your dreams because of PITNB and I am so happy to see someone like you living your dreams.

    I hope you can keep dreaming bigger dreams.
    We’ll all be cheering you on!


  • Monique

    I can’t even express how awesome that was to watch that! Thank you so much for posting that. I wouldn’t be able to sleep for days after that. Again, you are a lucky son of a bitch. I am very happy to hear that he is coming to the states next year again.

    Viva La Trents!!!

  • This was a great interview! You seemed nervous, but that’s okay, it’s be be expected lol. You guys asked great questions, so not boring like most interviews. Very casual and laid back, just like a normal conversation. Love you for this!

  • Jenn

    Trent you did a fabulous job interviewing Trent :) OMG! what a great interview too! Who else would get to ask questions about band camp?!? I was in band camp too and know exactly what you guys were talking about. I’m so happy you got to meet and talk with the man; he’s amazing and his shows are amazing. WOW awesome…I love your blog too it’s the best! How are you going to top this? and have you slept at all after this interview?? :)

  • V

    That was such a good interview, I’m so happy that you had the opportunity to talk to him. You’re so professional and ask such relevant, interesting questions. The best part is seeing Trent – I love seeing how old he looks. Kurt Cobain (and so many others) died when they were so young, and Trent was so close to doing the same. It’s such a thrill to see him now that he’s grown up, and seeing how enthusiastic he still is.

    Thanks for posting this!

  • I met Trent Reznor briefly backstage at a festival in Interlaken, Switzerland, back in June 2005. There was a huge freak thunderstorm that evening (it was on the Friday night of the Greenfield festival) and both Queens of the Stone Age and Nine Inch Nails couldn’t even perform, because the rain got onto the main stage and their equipment got wet, so it was too dangerous for any of the headline bands to even go onstage!! I stood next to Trent, along with all the rest of the bands and crew, and he filmed the scene of the storm on his camera and joked about it! He wasn’t at all in a bad mood, but he did say he felt really bad that the fans got let down and soaking wet! He’s a really awesome guy and I’ve been a huge fan of NIN for years. Fuck, I’m jealous of THIS Trent, too, for interviewing Reznor!

  • I must tell all my friends to come on here and watch this video, we’re all fans of this blog and of Nine Inch Nails! Awesome pair of dudes and one cool interview!

  • Sorry, I meant AWESOME PAIR OF TRENTS!

  • mii

    you lucky bastard

  • OMG. I’m happy for you :)

  • Michelle

    Wow… very jealous!!!
    Glad you got to experience another great interview with someone you respect and admire!

  • carrie

    oh good god trent! awesome interview! i really love the band camp question and its nice great to know that trent’s gonna take break. THANKS so much for sharing this with all of us. congrats and i’m so jealous. *loves it* :D

  • Cinderella

    What a swet voice you have!

  • LOVECarrie

    great interview! you managed to not lose your composure while interviewing TR. Impressive. I would’ve freaked the eff out if I were in the same room with my idol.

  • Xyala

    OMFG you are one lucky SOB!! I am sooo jealous, happy for you you but incredibly jealous nonetheless

    Great interview! I don’t think I have ever seen TR smile this much, he seemed totally relaxed. You did not lose your composure but you looked positively giddy! Thanks to David for throwing out some great questions as well.

  • La Princesa

    Well done, Trent!!

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  • Melissa

    Thank you so much for sharing. It’s always good to see Trent smile!

  • tatiana

    Very cool Trent. To be able to interview someone that you admire and listen to on a daily basis (like Tori ) has to be a dream come true. *thumbs up and congrats*.

  • dollydoll

    OMG soooooooooooooooooooo jealous!!!!
    Soo happy for u though!!!

  • Jess

    I am officially jealous. So freaking jealous.
    I am so happy that you got this interview to show us and all, but still….I would love to pick his brain! He’s so beautiful, and he seems so amazingly kind…and so political! I freakin’ love him! I love the interview!
    Still jealous though.
    xo JESS

  • Brenda

    Hey Trent, there’s no need to be so humble!
    It’s not you should be honored — Trent R. should be glad you were willing to spend the time with him and give him so much attention on your blog. You have a big following and all us loyal readers have your back (like those geeky guys in the Verizon commercial…)

  • Deighe

    Good interview!!

  • tOnnY

    Yay You!!!!!

  • nicole

    congrats to you trent!

  • shane victor

    Wow..big props, man

    You did an awesome job.

  • Really great, congratulations! Been reading your blog for a while and being a HUGE NIN-fan this is amazing to see.
    As someone else already put it, what an amazing pair of Trent’s! :D

  • Ira

    LOVELY! Great, fun interview, with such excellent and interesting questions! You did a really job. My heart melted over his smiles =) Thank you so much for posting this, and congratulations! As the others have said…soooooo jealous! But you deserve it!

  • Holly B

    I’m so jealous! I’ll bet it was hard to resist just jumping his bones lol!

  • anyia


    and i mean that with all the love in the world <3

  • Val

    kak – I noticed that too.

    Ton – You are totally classy.

  • Pro2

    Who is Brett, how am I going to kill him, and how do I get his job?

  • Sal

    To quote, “Sorry, I meant AWESOME PAIR OF TRENTS!” Ahahaahaha! <3
    I am so envious!!!!!!!!! This was such a wonderful interview!!!! I felt your excitement and I am so happy that you got to meet him! The whole time I was thinking, ‘Dang! I wish I was the other Trent or his friend!!!!!!’
    And I think its wonderful that they are all so humble and warm!!!!! <3
    Thank you a lot for sharing!!!! Honestly!!! <3
    And now I shall go see the Tori interview :)

  • Alex

    Wow… not even interviewing Britney would top this??

  • Wow! I am so jealous. I love seeing interviews with Trent because he seems like such a “normal” dude. Thanks for posting this!

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  • Vessy

    Very cool interview, thank you for asking him about the old YouTube videos! :)

  • db74

    Trent you were soooo nervous. You almost didn’t know what to do. I thought that was cute.

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  • Deighe

    I would also like to add that this interview may have been the best I’ve seen with Trent Reznor. He smiles and everything…good job!!! I saw NIN in Iowa last month for the 6th time and it was just as awesome as the first show, well if not BETTER. Glad to hear that he still thinks of doing shows in the States. Good Job Trent(s)!!!

  • Gina

    Awwwww, that is so wonderful. He looks like a really nice and chill guy to talk too. I know I would been stoked and nervous as crap. You are so lucky! Great interview!! =)

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal


  • vanessa

    what a great interview. he seems like such a nice/cool person to talk to. i’m insanely jealous.

  • nae

    TOTALLY JEALOUS!!!!! there was a ‘meet & eat’ here in omaha when NIN was here…but i wasn’t one of the lucky ones to go to that :( oh I totally heart trent reznor!!! i’m in LOVE!!!!!

  • Trent Rez is the cat’s pyjamas. And so are you. :)

  • ice_cherry

    Congratulations on the interview! I remember reading about how excited you were when you met him at the Cloverfield show – this must have been absolutely unreal :)

    P.S. I love how you’re almost wearing the same outfit yet again!!

  • Tracy

    Trent I love your dark hair. You look so cute!

  • Subliminal

    I don’t think i’ve ever seen Trent smile/laugh so much, awesome interview guys.

  • Cool!! Great job. What a couple of cuties, too.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Jennie

    thats very cool, tried to watch the video but I couldnt hear it

  • rei

    aw he kept smiling!! good work, looked like fun!

  • iwlletudwn

    wow…what an incredible experience. you did an amazing job brutha :)

  • JD

    Awesome Interview.. Im Jealous man. Alot of NIN fans have been worried that htis is the end of everything but this is a affirmation of the fact that Trent is just taking his time with everything.

  • Chalkmaze

    First off, I wish you would have made the sound a bit louder, it’s hard to hear him at times, you could always compress or maximize the audio and repost the video. (send me the file if you want some help and I’ll make a bit louder and send it back)

    I saw Reznor by the Harley Davidson restaurant, he was with a couple guys (maybe it was you?). I figured he had a lot going on with it being the last of the tour and all, so as much as I would have liked nothing more than to chit chat with him, I let him be.

    That was an amazing experience for you guys, and thanks for sharing, it was a unique interview and TR seemed very kicked back and in a good mood.

  • response 69!

  • awesome trent!

  • Ryan

    Awesome interview…good work man..

  • Val

    I wonder of Ton and Tony are related? They are not just tools, they are the whole fucking shed!

  • sarah

    just wonderin if there’s a transcript for this…? crappy computer + trent’s low tone = bad. :o)

  • Nice, original and natural… ! God Job.
    When come to Poland or Silesia Zone [full of Industrial..]?

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  • Cool interview! Cheers from Poland :)

  • ThefragileDemon

    Good stuff

    Great to hear he will be working on a new album

    Keep up the interview skills. Try to not be so starstruck, become a charachter. Your camera man saved you a few times…

  • Datou

    Great scoop. Cool to hear about the next set of shows… I’m flying from Shanghai to Brisbane to see the new lineup yea!

  • Patti

    This is a great interview, you guys all seemed like you were so relaxed, and you asked good questions. I liked that you asked Trent what he was reading and the questions about band camp really cracked me up. Great job guys, I’m so jealous, I wish I could meet Trent. Thanks for sharing this.

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  • Awesome f’ing interview, guys. Wow. Haven’t seen something this good/extended with him in a long while. Great work.

  • nancy l.

    good intreview! i enjoy it alot, but he always seem so awkward when being interviewed.

  • Lori (still)

    Congratulations and well done! I expect a lot more TR sightings from you (respectful, of course) since he will be in LA. Here’s to one degree of separation from TR. : )

  • Jeff

    Did you ask him what the hell happened with him and Tori Amos????

  • nimbus

    Hi, my name is Bobby Nimbus, I don’t know who you are and have never visited this site, BUT am a friend of Nine Inch Nails since 90′. I wanted to deeply thank you for this interview and for sharing your experience with us. I appreciate that you are a fan and want you to know that from here on out I will visit your site as much as possible and spread the word about Pink is the New Blog. You have gained a friend, thank you.

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  • Gonna Do few festivals in EUROPE !!! Thats awesome!

  • Holly

    Hi Trent,
    I’m a n00b to your blog, but I have to tell you, this is the best TR interview I have ever seen, & I must have watched hundreds!
    I will now be reading you regularly, & I’m following your tweets too.
    Thank you for this & much love!<3

  • Ian

    Starf*cker… ;-)

    Great opportunity you got and a nice interview came from it. My fiancée and I saw 4 “Lights In The Sky” shows (as well as 4 “With Teeth” as well – makeup for my “Fragility 2.0″ date being the *only* one Trent had to cancel due to vocal problems on that tour leg: Inserts 8-year-old anger [here] :O ) and I have real doubts if we’ll *ever* see a concert with so much strictly visual power and information again. Most bands have neither the desire to spend the money to do so or the ideas to make a coherent combination of lighting, projections, LEDs, and other aspects for a “rock show” such as TR does.

  • sabitha

    hi very jelosious

  • wertstahl

    very down to earth. thank you for doing this. i totally needed to see something like this and *congratulations* for being THAT cool! this was a *very* good conversation! and thanks to trent ofcourse for just being so.. normal! great.

  • emme

    omg this is AMAZING and he said he was going to do festivals in europe i already have my reading ticket i hope he comes back to england!!!! so jell of you meeting him , i met him once ad shook his hand i could speak to him though i just giggled alot!!!! x

  • Hey man, great fucking interview!!!! I sooooooo envy you for meeting el Rezz!!! I agree with some people here, it’s probably the best interview I’ve seen of him… it was pretty cool :p

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  • eugenio

    you don´t know how jelous i am now xD.

    congratulations, you´done something millions of people would love tod a can´t, yuo should be very proud.

  • jj

    congrats Trent!

  • Laina

    Awesome interview!!!You must have been freaking out. You also got him to smile which is always a plus. Keep reporting on NIN-you always have the most up to date info. Did you show him your tattoo???I wouldn’t mind showing him mine!!!Peace and Happy New Year. P.S. Keep the dark hair.

  • Kelly

    Hi Trent, I’ve been a pink fan for years and love checking into the blog to get the haps on whatever is brewing at the time. You seem (in terms of reception) to be welcomed to so many different venues and able to meet and interview some of THE most wonderful and talented people on this planet. I am soooo jealous every time i log on and watch you and david or sarah hitting every celeb party or sitting down with the likes of trent or tori. Congrats on everything and for living the dream that the rest of us are only able to experience as vicarious bystanders through the blog. All the best in 09. If you’re ever in philly or new orleans give a shout out! :)

  • Majito

    THIS WAS GREAT interview! congrats! :)


  • Wow. Great interview, man. You asked some really good questions and got some incredible responses!

  • Istapp

    I agree, awesome interview.. By far the best I’ve seen (or heared for that matter). Not only do I love his music, but I love the man himself in a non gay way! He’s so down to earth and I agree on his opinions about anything really.. Reasonable and smart man. :)
    And I always like the music I discover through NIN.

  • kookimebux

    Hello. And Bye. :)

  • K

    You should have asked him what happened between him and Tori. :P

  • I love Big Trent and Little Trent.

  • Stacey -kp

    lol i tried to comment months ago >:/ good going :)

  • Avril Simpson

    Great article. When will I get the more info?

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  • Ehun bat blog-mezu aste bat irakurri nuen eta bakarrik batzuk iruzkina joera i horiek, hau da 1 de ellos.

  • @ tony — pls send in a recording of your voice so we can hear how manly it is