Ryan Gosling Is A Hottie In Wolf’s Clothing


Did y’all know that Ryan Gosling has his own band? Did you know that band is made up of only two guys (Ryan and bandmate Zack Shields)? Did you know the band is called Dead Man’s Bones? Well, now you do. Here are a couple of promo pics of Dead Man’s Bones that have been posted to the band’s official My Space profile:

According to the profile page, the band describes their music as “Gothic / Gospel / Showtunes” lists the band as “unsigned” and promises “someday we’ll make an album”. Um. Yeah, I don’t even care about any of that … I’d just love to see Ryan Gosling all hot and sweaty up on a stage somewhere either singing, or playing or dancing around — whatever it is that his forté in the band may be. Unfortch, the My Space page offers no music or any other pertinent information beyond these pics and these highlights. I’m not entirely sure this band is a real thing or not but … it sounds fun nonetheless. Any guess as to which guy in these photos is which? We might need a pecs expert to weigh in.


  • PITNBer

    Ryan-in the dark shirt, ftw? Plz.

  • Ryan is the taller one!

  • jmej

    they use to have music on their page…click here to hear the song that was up there.


  • Lindsay

    he’s the taller one..can’t you tell by the body? =P

  • Roxster

    Gothic Showtunes???? Saweeeet.

    Maybe the gang at Summit can contact them about those wofl masks for New Moon.

  • Diana

    Trent, you knew he was in a band. You just don’t remember! This summer when you first reported that Rachel and Ryan had gotten back together it said that she was at his band’s show showing support. :)

  • Oh right. Actually, I thought he was DJing at a club or something .. is that his band thing? http://pinkisthenewblog.com/home/2008/07/mcgosling-back-together/

  • Roxster

    I believe its strictly a DJ set and not a band performance. He is supposed to have a weekly set at that club, and I know I’ve read other reports that talk about him dj’ing as well. I know when I first read the post I thought about the DJ’ing as well.

  • I am saddened to find that my beloved Ryan is a wolf dork.

  • holden

    Manboobs on display in that dark shirt.

  • lizzy

    i think he’s the one in the misfits shirt.

  • He’s def in the lighter shirt.

  • Roni

    Oh he’s definitely the one in the brown shirt…Ryan is waaaay too hot to be as pasty as the other dude!!! If he is the pasty guy…then I will be highly disappointed in him!

  • Ashley

    LOL @ Roxster.
    You made me spit my orange out laughing!
    The heads at Summit are probably like, hmmm why didn’t we think of wolf masks?

  • nic

    the “forte” you used should not contain an accented ‘e’. forte with an accent (pronounced by amercunz as for-tay) is an italian term, generally used in music. forte (pronounced ‘fort’) is a french term meaning strength. thus, his forte (fort) in the band has yet to be determined, while the forte’ in his music might be simply, loud. i’m juz sayin’.

  • alli

    well, I just read this post and I can tell that Ryan is the one who has the skull in his shirt http://is.gd/2AKYH more proof: here’s his tattoo http://is.gd/2AMOD.

  • kristie

    he is the one in the white shirt, there are previous pictures of him wearing the misfits t-shirt. plus you can see his tattoo near his elbow. this is way too obvious.