Pete Wentz & Travis McCoy Debut New Art Show


New dad and Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz and Gym Class Heroes frontman Travis McCoy debuted a new art show at Gallery 1988 here in LA last night and managed to lure a few family and friends out for the event. Titled Without You I’m Just Me, the exhibit is a collaboration of works between Pete Wentz, Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes and several other LA based artists such as Greg Simkins and Jeff McMillan. Here are a couple pics of Pete making his entrance last night with wife and new mom Ashlee Simpson (her second public appearance in two days) and Jessica Simpson with her BFF and hairstylist Ken Paves:

I’m told that a portion of the proceeds from the art show’s painting, print and catalogue sales will benefit Invisible Children, an incredible charity working closely with Pete to better the living conditions in northern Uganda. Gallery 1998 is at 7020 Melrose Ave. (on the corner of Melrose and La Brea) and the exhibit will run until December 24.

Click HERE to check out some of the artwork that will be on display and is for sale. Some of the pieces are very cool … I think the mixed media 3D paintings are my faves.

[Photo credit: X17; Source]

  • Cait

    So I know I’m not very good at interpretting art–but what’s with all the Disney iconography ? Since they’re selling it, do you think they needed permission to use it in their art ? I mean it is trademarked. The one with Mickey saying I heart war (or something to that effect) was pretty disturbing.

  • Sarah

    that is so myspace. oh god.

  • rena

    wow, that is some really crappy poser shit. it’s too bad that real artists out there are struggling to make art and then you have shit like this that sells for thousands. it blows my mind. oh yeah, and what passionate graffiti artist calls it graf? makes me shake my head in digust, ah….

  • Diana

    Meh. I’m sure it’s different when you see it in person. Lol on the myspace comment Sarah.

  • nicole

    i dont think the art is all that bad..some of its pretty good

  • trish

    As far as Disney images… it’s appropriation so it’s totally legal and they don’t have to pay for the use of their images. BUT… if this is the new direction of art in America I’m moving. The only reason they got gallery space and the pieces are selling is because they’re famous.

  • pizzastains

    WEAK. no artistry or creativity whatsoever. ive seen all these paintings before. my friends made them in high school. its jus recycled ideas and nothing new or spectacular

  • Katt

    where was ashley and pete’s new baby? i’m always confused how celebrity parents never seem to have any problem leaving their brand new newborn to go out. it took me months to go anywhere with out my baby……… just saying

  • what

    The show should be called “how many art styles I can rip off and call them my own” OUCH! Hopefully the gallery owners are as embarrassed about the art and show as any respectable image maker is. Myself included.

  • lizzy

    yeah, i can’t really say that i’m too impressed with their art. some of it is okay, but for the most part it’s just contrived.

  • heather

    i like how ken paves was wearing his artsy hipster glasses

  • Stephanie

    I wish more people would draw attention to the invisible children movement.

    Everyone should watch the film if they ever get the chance, its truly heartbreaking to see what these kids are forced to do/go through.

  • Panti Christ


  • Brianne

    I still think Ashlee looks miserable.

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