Britney Spears’s ‘Circus’ Is The #1 Album In The Country


It’s official! Britney Spears’s new album Circus has debuted in the top position on the Billboard magazine Top 200 Album Chart this week!

Britney Spears’ latest CD, “Circus,” has landed her back at a familiar position — No. 1. The singer’s comeback CD — actually, make that her second comeback CD — will top the album charts next week, according to her label, Jive … estimates have the record selling as many as 500,000 copies in its first week of release. “This is going to reinforce her icon status,” said Barry Weiss, chairman and CEO of the BMG Label Group, which includes Spears’ label. “It’s not just a No. 1 album.” Indeed, it’s not. For Spears, who has rebounded after a disastrous year that included rehab, a custody battle for her two sons and court-ordered supervision by her father, it is another step in her bid to reclaim her status among pop’s elite. “At the end of the day, I think she is America’s pop princess, and the world’s pop princess, and this just reconfirms it to everyone who doubted it,” said her manager, Larry Rudolph. While her last CD, “Blackout,” also debuted at No.1 when it was released in October 2007, it quickly fizzled on the U.S. charts, despite receiving critical acclaim, because Spears didn’t really promote it amid the chaos in her life. Things appear to be different this time around. Spears has been showing off her dancing moves and taut body during high-profile appearances on shows like ABC’s “Good Morning America” and was also the focus of a documentary, “Britney: For the Record.” The special, executive produced by Rudolph, aired on MTV in the days before the release of “Circus.” “The documentary had a huge role,” said Rudolph. “People were able to see Britney, to see her tell her story. I think they got the true sense of who she is, and they appreciated it.” “Circus,” which debuted to mainly positive reviews, was released on the singer’s 27th birthday, Dec. 2. The CD’s first single, “Womanizer,” was a No. 1 hit, and her latest single, “Circus,” was the most added song at pop radio, her label said. Spears plans a nationwide tour that is set to kick off March 3 in New Orleans. Weiss said Jive decided to release “Circus” just a year after “Blackout” because of the strength of the music, and said recording the CD was a great constructive outlet for the singer. Rudolph said when it comes to crunching the numbers, Spears is not all that interested in how many copies she sold the first week or her chart positions. But, he added: “Professionally, she’s feeling great. … It’s great for her to hear that she’s got a No. 1 album again.” One of entertainment’s biggest names, Spears has been a multiplatinum sensation since she made her debut over a decade ago. She’s sold more than 30 million albums in the United States alone.

Woot! More great news for the Britney Comeback campaign. Unforth, this report is wrong in saying that Blackout debuted at #1 on the Soundscan chart last year … it actually debuted at #2 and The Eagles nabbed the #1 position. But that was last year, this is a whole new year … a whole new beginning for our dear Britney Spears. Much love and congrats on her latest #1 album … something tells me, it won’t be her last :)


  • Mike


    Go Britters! Take that Haterz!

    After everything is said and done, numbers don’t lie. It’s Britney Bitches!

  • lyndyloo

    God bless our Lady of cheeto.
    Congrats Britster, I love you always and forever.
    I bought 3 copies of her album to give to friends as xmas prezzies but she still only made it to number 5 in the uk.
    oh well…..

  • Joanne

    i think she debuted at #4 in the UK with the second highest first week sales of all of her albums (after GH:My Prerogative)

    That’s awesome!!!!!!!!!

  • lyndyloo

    I honestly thought that she would debute at least at #2 after Take That, still think that it’s ridiculous that her album and their’s have the same title.
    someone should have done their job properly methinks.

  • PITNBer

    When I saw her documentary, all I wanted to do was hug & confort her. From what we saw, it can’t be easy but she seems to be doing well! Britney still has a lot of Pop juice left in her. Can’t wait to see what’s next….Congrat to America’s Sweetheart!

  • Avi

    America’s sweetheart? Umm, yeah, right. This is not hate..I don’t hate her. I just don’t understand the adoration for her. She doesn’t write her own songs, she has an awful voice, and she rarely does anything promotional for her work (Blackout, hello?). This upcoming tour is the 1st thing she’s done in ages, besides a few gigs here and there. I’ve heard Circus. It is awful. Beyond bad. Blackout was kind of fun. Circus is kind of bad.

  • Avi, she didn’t promote Blackout for a very obvious reason: the woman was mentally not in a place where she could! She got married, divorced, had two sons, and went through HELL and back- it’s hard to promote with all that going on!

    I’m very proud of Britney myself. While I still put In the Zone as my favorite album, I love Circus and cannot wait to see her continue her rise as the Queen of Pop. :)

  • Sarah Day

    Go Britney!! U R #1 4EVER!!!

  • Sarah Day

    Hey AVI: If you hate Circus so much why r u on a blog about how much we love it? Leave us Britney lovers alone and take your negative hater attitude elsewhere Thanks!

  • mcogburn

    Congrats Britney. You are the Queen of Music again. Kisses!

  • to avi

    Avi, if you did your homework, you’d know she’s written and has been writing some of her own stuff since her third album.

    Everytime, someday, touch of my hand… All written by her. She can play the piano, and can sing with the best of them, yet dumbs her vocals b/c that sells albums.

    She even comes up with concepts for a good bulk of her music videos, or her best videos.

    The blackout era she was pretty off the hinges, so if she was sidetracked from the obligations to that album, kinda understandable. And circus is one of the best pop albums released this year…

    Girlfriend knows what she is doing

  • Lana

    Actually, she’s been writing since OOPS, “Dear Diary” was written by her, and she has written plenty after that.

    And technically, Britney was #1 with Blackout, but BB screwed her over and magically changed the rules the night before to make The Eagles #1. How convenient.

    Go Britney! I can’t wait to see you in Anaheim!

  • Avi

    I actually feel sorry for you that you think she is the Queen of Pop. It’s pretty sad. Girlfriend is a manufactured pop singer. That’s what Britney is. I’ve said many times I don’t hate her. All of you can’t handle anyone else’s opinions. We all have to love her just because Trent and you guys do. Uh no. There are plenty of people who don’t care about Brit Brit. Look, she’s fun, yes. Some songs are good..but when Blackout was released she was HEALTHIER and her boys were Liz you are clearly mistaken. Blackout came out when SP and JJ were about 2 and 3. Do your research! Madonna is ALWAYS the Queen of Pop. ALWAYS.

  • Yay Britney! I am just so happy to see her back on track. I’ve been listening to Circus in my car for the past 8 days and I love it!

  • Blackout was not released when she was healthier, Avi. She was actually very ill during that period- if you aren’t sure, look through the blog here and you’ll see that Break the Ice was released while she was in rehab/committed, and the album itself, released last November 17, was when many Britney fans were praying for her recovery- the holiday season was when she was first committed, after all. And please don’t talk down to me or any other fans. I get that you’re all anti Brit and whatever, but don’t be rude to us who are- it’s very low class to do so, and I know you don’t want to be that kind of person. On the Madonna issue: I personally am not a Madonna fan- I once was, but no longer. But hats off to everyone who loves her, that’s great- Madonna, for many, is an idol. The Queen of Pop is a reference to Kill the Lights on Circus, and it was meant for Britney’s fans on here. I can handle your opinions, Avi, but every time ANYTHING Britney appears on this blog, you have to chime in and let everyone know that you dislike Britney so much, and I think that it’s time that you begin to follow the old adage, “If you don’t have anything nice to say…”. Besides, when you say things that are untrue. Anyways, let’s stop being so personal and agree to disagree- this doesn’t need to turn into the PITNB edition of Crossfire.

  • Oops! “Besides, when you say things that are untrue.” should have ended “I’ll have to correct them- it’s in my nature. Sorry about that- it’s time for more coffee, obvi.

  • Avi

    Sorry, but I can only discuss Brit for so long. We agree to disagree. And there is nothing wrong with that. And about not having anything nice to say..huh? Blogs and the whole reason we can post is to be honest and state our opinions. I never said what i feel about Brit Brit was fact. But yes, I do think she is definitely not the icon she is made out to be. No way. I am glad she is mentally better, but if you ask anyone of the 30+ crowd, they won’t say Britney is the Queen of Pop. It’s usually the young young ones who think this way..because they grew up with her. Madonna, Cyndi, Janet, Gloria, etc etc..those are women with excellent pop songs. Womanizer? What is that? Disaster. As for Madonna, I actually days of devotion have ended. She’s just too different now. I don’t recognize her anymore.

  • Sarah Day

    Rock On LizInDC

    I’m 30+ and I love Brit Brit

  • nicole

    im far from a huge brit fan…but…theres something about circus i dont mind….theres about 6 songs on it that are realllly good…and then the rest kinda fall flat.
    good for her for getting things back on track.. but IMO, she shouldnt be doing a tour for this cd, some promotion sure..but not a tour.

  • Avi

    If Brit had a great voice, she’d have more street credit. But she doesn’t. And she doesn’t deny it, which is good. But how many pop singers have great voices, anyway?

  • PITNBer

    Avi, you’re confusing topics and frankly it’s exhausting. You claim you’re about having your own opinion and sharing but you’re so combative that it’s appearing as hatred and negativity. When you get to that point, it’s time to hit the mute button. **even if you don’t understand or can’t imagine what anyone has been thru (like Britney), be supportive. How is having that attitude going to have a positive impact? Even if your opinion had one ounce of validity? Honestly.

  • PITNBer

    Damn it! Chris Crocker was right….LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!!!

  • tOnnY

    Avi needs to be Bitch slapped, She complains about EVERYTHING…..

    w00t Congrats Brit Brit!!!!!
    Yay…She totally deserves this, and she would have 6 #1’s if Billboard hadn’t changed their Rules one night before Publishing the chart…
    and not only that but Circus (the song) is #1 on the Hot digital Songs, Womanizer is 11, and she has other 9 songs on the chart…
    She IS the Queen of Pop!!!!!
    And The Album is Amazing
    And u Trent still owe us your review!!!!!!!

  • haha

    Madonna doesn’t have a great voice and she’s the Queen of Pop…

    Britney has as good of a voice as Madonna and is surely on her way to becoming the Queen of Pop…Also Madonna isn’t exactly beloved, she didn’t come on to the scene as a saint, and her “bad girl schtick” is as manufactured as folks claim Britney to be…

    The fact of the matter is Britney doesn’t brag about how much imput she has into her work and let’s it speak for it self, she may have started out manufactured but keep in mind she was 15 when she started, she’s 27 now and proven she knows more about the business than we give her credit for…

    If she doesn’t use the full power of her voice it’s because she’s playing the game like everyone else…AND that’s the incredible thing, if Britney chose to give the full 100% of her talents everyone would probably shut up and be shut down…She’s giving B+ work, still shuts the industry down, and STILL how the potential to unleash it all at once if needeth be…something Madonna lost after Ray of Light

    And really Britney, like Madonna should have fallen off the charts after the first album, YET Girlfriend is 6 studio albums in with 5 of them Debuting at number 1, selling over 500,000 copies in their first week, something that her contemporaries and folks like Madonna have not been able to do…Hell Britney is so bad right now Blackout has reentered the Billboard top 200

    Fact is…Britney is here to stay, Madonna has accepted Britney as the next heir so folks should just start following suit

  • brian

    Britney is an attention whore with minimal talent. The only people who like her are sleazy straight guys, dysfunctional gay guys, and similarly superficial women.

  • scott

    Britney can’t carry a tune live. She’s the pin-up girl for the current mindless generation of youth. The only thing that Britney does well is show her breasts and her nether regions when she needs publicity. She’s a lame loser.

  • sam

    Any gay guy who likes Britney should be bitch-slapped. Seriously, guys, get a life. Britney panders to male heterosexual fantasy. She is not good for gay rights if she’s pandering to male heterosexual fantasy.

  • you guys don’t understand that some people just appreciate britney for her performances and feel-good pop songs without taking the whole thing so seriously. i like her and i’m not a superficial woman. don’t judge people you’ve never even met, thank you very much!

  • mike

    I can see where some people are coming from when they say she isnt a “deep” artist….but not everyone needs a voice like mariah, to write lyrics like bob dylan or play the guitar like santana….she doesnt claim to be anything but simple, pure entertaining pop…

    her songs are catchy, which makes good music to put on when your getting ready to head out, or driving in the car etc…

    as longevity is concerned, only time will tell. I think that she must have some staying power if she has lasted this long, and is still record breaking….madonna started out roughly the same age brit is now, and she didnt write any of her earliest BIGGEST hits…and look where she is now…

  • Eddie

    True, Blackout didn’t debuted @ #1, due to The Eagles album; BUT, because the The Eagle’s album was sold only at wal-mart, and when labels get exclusive sale contracts with big corporate chains like W-M, they’re assured with huge amounts of sales, that’s why The Eagles album wasn’t considered when determining the #1 position, and Britney won that. So in the end Blackout ended being #1, even though The Eagles sold more copies, but u can say they were disqualified…

  • BritSniff

    Brit Brit is a total coke head. She even admitted it during the Oops I Did It Again years. Disney stars are evil and if you sympathize with coke heads you have your head up your azz.