First Listen: Kevin Federline, ‘Grape Soda’ – PARODY


Pink reader Brock gave me the head’s up that Kevin Federline, who recently appeared on the cover of People magazine and at a bowling alley in Woodland Hills, CA, has released a new rap song for public consumption. Brock warned me that the track was full of sterotypes about African Americans but, honestly, I wasn’t really sure what that meant. I mean, would a Caucasian rapper really record a song that could be offensive to African Americans if he really wanted to have a successful music career? Could someone be that stupid? The answer, unfortunately, is yes:

UPDATE: Pink reader Christina informs me that this song hosted by is NOT Kevin Federline and is, in fact, a parody created by KROQ. If interested, you can click HERE to hear the track in full for yourselves but, personally, I don’t find it very funny at all. The racial stereotyping is pretty gross.

[Photo credit: X17; Source, thanks Brock, Christina]

  • javajunko

    is that really him?? it doesn’t sound like him, but who really cares, it’s crap either way, what a loser…

  • a

    wat a joke

  • javajunko

    omg i’m first….I’M FIRST!!! I’VE NEVER BEEN FIRST!!! WOOOOOT!!

  • Courtney

    What a disgusting human he is. I am so bothered by people like this. He is so ignorant, vile, and just repulsive. He couldn’t sound more “white bread” or uneducated. I wish he could just do something normal and raise his kids. We, and they, would all be better off.

  • javajunko

    he should really get some medication for that arthritis in his hand lol…

  • stina

    i just emailed trent, i’m almost positive that it’s not him…Kevin and Bean (Los Angeles morning radio hosts on KROQ) have a K-Fed “character” and they played this song on the radio pretending that it was K-Fed right after Barack was voted into office.

  • Haveunoshame

    thats not kevin yo!

  • sarah

    im pretty sure that’s not kevin!! he’s stupid, but not THAT stupid… you should put up a correction, t!!

  • Here’s the original KROQ feed. I’m not a big fan of him, but wanted to clear it up so his kids didn’t think he was “that guy.”

  • allison

    It sounds like a parody on MadTV

  • ashley

    this is the dumbest thing ever……

  • Garbagegirl

    I have to agree, that really doesn’t sound like him. Not that I’m a big fan or anything, but seriously- that’s not him at all!

  • stina
  • LL

    That was hideous. Absolutely laughable. What a moron!

  • Kaitlyn

    I bought his CD, and I’m not ashamed, and that is most definately NOT him.

  • tOnnY

    Oh No!!!!!!!
    Doubt this is Kevin,
    but still It’s an awful Mix Of Horrible Lyrics and a Cheap Beat…

  • C

    They played this on KROQ a few weeks ago
    are you sure it’s not a joke?
    Kevin and Bean usually do this stuff

  • tosh

    who ever that is that is horrible!!!! that’s all i can say speechless

  • meg

    please tell me this song is a joke!

  • Denise

    No, it isn’t funny, and the last thing this country needs is more racial tension. Shame on KROQ.

  • This is extremely racist and who ever wrote this song should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Rhonda

    Shouldn’t you update your comments about Kevin if you now know it isn’t him or at least put the update closer to the top? This is being spread on other gossip sites and as much as many people out there dislike Kevin Federline, it’s not fair to perpetuate that the song was recorded by him when it isn’t.

  • Brit

    Hey Trent, Britney outperformed expectations, she sold 505K albums in the 1st week:

  • M3

    Yeah, Kevin & Bean on KROQ can be a bit silly. They have a guy on their morning team that pretends to be “Federleezee” (or something like that) and it’s just a over-the-top parody of K-Fed. It’s actually quite funny but out of context like this, I guess, it kind of isn’t. You should check out Kevin&Bean Sound page on to hear the other songs he’s done.

  • Laura

    Regardless of whether it is him or not, he cannot sink any lower in my books.

  • Tracy

    This is not fair. That was not him. Please let everyone know that was not him.

  • Dana J

    ok people, I’m black and I’m not offended by this song. You know why? because what they are saying has been said ever since Barack took to the nomination. It’s a JOKE. everyone knows this is NOT going to happen in the white house, it’s more of a “what if Barack was gangsta” moment.

    I laughed at this song, because it’s just a silly song. we all have better things to worry about and trust me, there are worse songs that truly bash and defame Barack than this. this is nothing.

    and whether it was K-Fed or not, it’s still pretty funny. I wondered if he had the balls to come up with that himself than recording it. must we all forget “papazzo”?

  • Joce

    haha it doesnt sound like him at all. he doesnt sound THAT white.

    I’m black. I didnt think it was that bad. people who believe blacks are really like that….they’ll die off eventually.

  • abby

    Thank you dana! i thought it was funny. people need to chill out and worry about more important things.

  • Tweety

    Abby, to say that, you better be a minority. Otherwise, you can’t possibly have any idea what you’re saying are.

  • nicole

    i kinda laughed…i mean…its not THAT bad as you guys made it sound. its something thats been joked about even from black people for years.
    as for know he might not have been the best…but he wasnt horrible…he had a couple good songs. and if he didnt come out as britneys husband…i bet alot of people would have bought into him more.

  • Ella

    It’s no different than Family Guy or SNL or a dumb skit on MAD tv although that particular show really isn’t funny to me.

    I’m black too, not that it really matters. Racial stereotypes are all over television and the movies and as far as I’m concerned there are rappers who seriously do what they do and are perpetuating those stereotypes.

    The song wasn’t funny, whoever did it. It was trying way too hard.
    And I don’t really understand the grape soda reference, but that’s just me….

  • anniemal

    Funny how Wanda Sykes made a joke that we finally have a First Lady who can drop it like it’s hot and everyone laughs. But if someone white makes a joke about grape soda in the black house every one gets pissy and calls it racist. If you don’t like it, then don’t blog about it because people obviously say these things just to get attention.

  • nicole

    Annie…of course it was funny from Wanda…its always funny comming from another black person…havent you learned that yet? lol

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  • anti-racist white person

    It is sad that this site chooses to promote racism.

  • nc

    I don’t think it sounds even close to him.

  • Splacer

    I love grape soda and I am white.
    Honestly I have never heard of that stereotype before.

  • abby

    No, I’m not a minority. And i still thought it was funny. Everyone is too sensitive.
    By me thinking it was funny, it doesn’t mean i think that all African Americans drink grape soda, or do any of the other stereotypes.
    Why can other races (“minorities”, as Tweety claimed I would have to be) make fun of white people all of the time, but we can’t laugh at a simple joke about them if it doesn’t come from one of them?
    I laughed and I’m not ashamed to say it.
    And I’m pretty sure that people who aren’t white laugh at Chappelle when he dresses as that white guy. Or even when comedians make fun of the “white boy dance”.
    By being extra sensitive about our differences, you’re just making it worse.

  • Ms Tee

    This is the worse song I have ever heard.It’s racist and very ignorant……

  • GeminiDiva

    wow they should be removed from the air cause they is racist and stereotyping at it highest degree. Every time you think racism dead so ignorant people prove the world wrong

  • nicole

    i totally agree with you abby.

  • Jeni

    I second that nicole.

  • kris

    the song is absolutely hilarious and i love kevin and bean!

  • Eric

    Gawd! that is soooo racist.

    You know whats also racist?

    Chapelle Show
    Chocolate News
    Tyler Perry Movies
    BET Rap City

    ……OH WAIT!… I can see the context in which it was made, nevermind. I was denouncing racism in one sense and supporting it in another way.

    Im so embarrased right now! LOL

  • nicole

    ehhhhh Tyler Perry makes some good movies. and his House Of Payne show is great!

  • marx

    he was high and joking when he made this

  • Christianne

    he is embarressing himself. and he is illiterate and mentaly ill. he is caucasion..not african american…he needs a mirror a tape recorder (he sounds awful) and to retake the third grade..what an ignorant person..