Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte Cashes In On His Hotness/Fame


It looks like Michael Phelps isn’t the only Olympic Gold Medalist who is turning gold medals into, well, more gold … fellow swimmer Ryan Locte has confirmed the news that he has signed with PR firm PMK and is reportedly going to appear in a forthcoming ad campaign for Calvin Klein underwear. To this news I say, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! Here are a few pics of what Lochte in model mode looks like:

Oh yeah … he is a definite hottie. I’m sure he’ll sell a lot of CK undies. I would suggest mebbe doing something a bit different with the hair (I like the slicked back, combed look) but, then again, I’m not sure many folks will be paying much attention to his hair once those underwear ads come out. After the jump, check out a short (very cute) video interview with Ryan Lochte where he confirms the news about signing with PMK

Le sigh. He’s just fun to look at, no? So … my question to all y’all — who would you rather see in his underwear … Ryan Lochte or Michael Phelps? How about Lochte or Becks?

[Source via ONTD!]

  • coco

    MMMMMM!!!! Yum! :) Michael may be the more talented swimmer, but Ryan is SO SO SO much more attractive! :) Thanks for this great start to my Monday!

  • PITNBer

    Hollllllly Smoke’em Joes…….very nice……

  • Mary

    Yaaaay! I love Ryan! He’s a sweetheart (and very, very attractive). I’m so glad he’s finally getting the recognition he deserves!

  • Sara

    *sigh* That is one beautiful man.

  • Heather

    Hot Dayummm! *sighs*

  • Brenda

    Much rather see Ryan Lochte. CHeeeyaa! He is one hot piece. Le sigh indeed.

  • Roxster

    I love that he rocks the same blue steel look in all the pics where he isn’t smiling. seriously though he is a funny guy in interviews and stuff.

  • Saddlebred

    Does he only have one good side?

  • lochte is SUPER HOT….

  • GatorGirl

    Hmm wonder what his new girlfriend Ashley thinks of these…hehe. You know Trent, he is a Gator alum…maybe you’ll see him at the National Championship game on January 8th. I know he’ll be there :)

    -a little birdie…

  • Silvia

    Holy hotness Batman! Ryan Lochte is very yummy indeed!

  • Shannon

    He’s def a hottie…did anyone else notice that he looks exactly the same in all but one? It’s kind of like the “Which One of These Don’t Belong” game! haha!

  • Pascal


  • Katie

    WAY hotter than Phelps.

  • kar

    lochte or phelps?? lochte x 349832094830925

  • Kaity

    Ooh, he’s super cute ;D

  • S

    At least he doesn’t have the butter face of his teammate.

  • abbizmal

    I agree, way hotter than Phelps. I’d hit it. :)

  • Dana

    OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!! He is much more sexier the Michael Phelps!!!!!

  • Christine

    LOCHTE always. I’m so happy your featuring him FINALLY.

    I’m so happy he is finally getting the recognition such a hottie deserves.

  • M

    You can keep Phelps and his ho. Ryan makes my toes curl.

  • Pam

    well this is more like it!!!! Michael Phelps.. c’mon!! This is HOT! Phelps looks like quasimodo.. I swear! hahahaha.

  • WOW….

    He is uber sexy.
    Tres chic.

  • Kelly

    HAWT! I like his hair slicked back better than not.

  • Kelly

    oh, and his bedroom eyes.

  • nicole

    yes yes yes!!! my favoriteeee. i love him and his sexy eyes and uber hotness.

  • Lizzie

    he is hot!! unlike Phelps..who has a fantastic bod, but neck up..yeesh!

  • WithLove

    lol at his same facial expression. One Trick Pony.

  • S

    OMG, I want to lick him.

  • Nimbus

    hes ok if you like that mummies boy look… all the photos he is holding his head the same angle…. mix it up y’all

  • rossy

    This may be the end of the posts on this thread… But I have to ask this anyway, & hope I get an answer. In the last picture where he’s smiling – I swear, he looks like a young Andrew Shue (during the run of “Melrose Place”), doesn’t he?

  • rosie

    oh reezy

  • nc


  • Cris

    I met him not too long ago, and let me tell you, he looks even yummier up close. and those locks? sigh…
    and the hair? sigh…
    But his smile and sense of humor were even better. seriously, this is a boy that looks (and is!) even better closeup

  • jamila

    ryan is just.. i dont even know.
    gorgeous. funny. humble…sounds like a sincere guy :)