More C. Love In British ‘Elle’ Mag


Last week we saw a few pics of Courtney Love on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of British Elle magazine … today we get to check out a few more pics from her pretty stylish spread:

You gotta admit … she does look great in these pics. The woman might be a mess under normal circumstances and her blogposts are usually incomprehensible mindfucks but when she cleans up, she cleans up well. Good on ya, Courtney! I’d like to see more of this and less of, well, your usual.

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  • Kelly

    Shouldn’t nobodies be nobody’s? I’m assuming she wrote that. She looks good though.

  • La Princesa

    That second picture…she is a bit Donatella-ish, ¿no?

    She does look good!

  • aldo

    she kinda looks like nancy sinatra

  • Katie

    Last pic is my fav.

  • jr

    in the lower left picture, her face looks JUST like Marla Maples. too much plastic surgery has made her look like someone else. her nose got really small.

  • Zane

    Nobody’s Daughter on January 1st?!?!? I CAN’T WAIT!!!

  • Alice

    Courtney is a wonderful woman. Her honesty is refreshing. She’s so strong and I admire her so much after everything she’s been through. She looks beautiful and I’m happy for her. The Phoenix is rising from the ashes yet again. Kudos to her for getting her life together.

  • CC

    Why can’t she look like this in real life? I weep for poor Frances.
    Hey Trent, don’t you ever get tired of people nitpicking your syntax and grammar? :-)

  • DJWhoop

    she’s got great legs. just wish she’d leave her face alone with the surgery crap.

  • Natallica

    I don’t see how anybody can see this as cleaned up. Welll…considering how she really looks, nevermind.
    How does somebody looked “cleaned up” with holes in their stockings, hair in their face, and racoon eyes?

  • Kristin

    she looks like she was found in a dumpster.

  • Kelly

    CC, you wouldn’t be referring to me would you?