Alanis Morissette Gets A New Tattoo


Here are a couple new pics of Alanis Morissette showing off her newest tattoo — of a reclining tiger — as she made her way thru LAX airport this week on her way out of town. I’m not entirely sure how new this ink work is but the shininess makes me think that it’s still pretty new … check it out:

I mean … it’s nice, I guess. Tattoos are generally very private and meaningful things to the people who get them so I’m sure this tiger has some special significance for Alanis. It’s deffo not something I would’ve guessed she’d be interested in getting but … there you have it. I think it’s nice … again, not really something that feels very Alanis to me but … what do y’all think?

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • E

    She does not seem like the type of person to do something like this. I’m really surprised, but she looks good and happy and if she’s happy then so am I.

  • Star82

    she looks great and skinny…I’m not sure about the tattoo – it seems fake. You can still see the “GENTLE” tattoo over the tiger, right?

  • um, WHAT its that retarded tattoo?

  • Danielle

    Hmmm, an interesting place to put a tattoo. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one there, unless it was part of a sleeve.

  • debho

    I don’t like it. I like tattoos…have one myself, but I don’t like animals or people done in ink. Just my opinion of course. Tat’s are a personal thing, so I guess the tiger has some significance.

  • tanya

    I guess it has some significance but aesthetically speaking, I don’t think it looks all that great. But if she’s happy with it, that’s all that counts. Right?

  • eww thats a nasty tatoo!!

  • Skittelz

    love Alanis, don’t love the tattoo. It kind of looks like one of those lick and stick tattoos, but whatever, she’s still an amazing singer/songwriter so I don’t really care what she does to her body.

    P.S. Besides the tat, she looks incredible.

  • she had the word gentle before…wonder why the cover-up

  • Lauren

    HAHA that is too funny. it’s Mike V of LSU. that pic of him was on all kinds of school informational packets. who knew alanis was a fan of the bayou bengals??

  • Pam

    horrible tattoo.. seriously. I love tattoos, I have 6 of them. Only one of them is a colored one and it´s because it was my first and I just went to the tattoo parlor and picked a picture out of their book. Ever since I had the rest of them designed either by a friend that´s a plastic artist or the tattoo guy, getting something in color feels tacky to me and even more getting something lots of people might get. A tiger?? Eww

  • Pam

    I like the location of the tattoo though…

  • Joanne

    It looks like a stick-on! … Perhaps she’s getting the old one lasered off? A tiger on such a visible part of her body seems a bit odd.

  • Harry

    I think its totally Alanis, its beautiful and serene but at the same time courageous and ferocious! Ps. I just got a tattoo on Dec 1 (world aids day) and mine is shiny too.

  • Kit

    hm, like everyone else has said that it looks like one of those stick on ones. It looks pretty faded in that picture, Like she has had it for years, but eh. It would have been better if it was a different pose. But whatever floats her boat ^^

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  • amy

    Interesting that she’s covered up the word “gentle” with an animal that generally is not. That’s got to have some meaning…

  • Hey Trent,

    I’m not sure — it’s not interesting enough for her, I think. I generally like body art, but not this one so much. Hope all is well with you — very cold in the D! xo, m

  • lizzy

    i don’t know why she would cover up a decent tattoo with a totally lame one, but it’s her body. i’m sure the tattoo will look better when it’s healed and not covered with ointment.

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  • Duckie

    Wow. Looks awful…

  • KarinB

    I think it’s fake, she has real tattoos, but has had fake ones before, like a small band on her upperarm. The word gentle is still noticable.

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