Lance Bass Steps Out With A New Dude In NYC


While my boy Lance Bass may have been ROBBED of the title of Dancing with the Stars champ this year, it looks like he is finding other ways to reward himself for all the tireless work that he’s been taking on lately. Here are new pics of Lance trying to make a clandestine getaway from Butter restaurant/club here in NYC last night:

I understand the guy’s name is Joe and it’s not entirely clear if there is anything romantical going on between these two but they sure did seem to make a big deal out of not being seen together. Lance never has a problem finding companionship and since we know that he and Sebastian Leal haven’t been together for a couple of months now … mebbe it’s time for Lance to couple up again. This guy looks like a cutie (from what I can make out) … mebbe we’ll see more of him?

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • Avi

    He goes through men like toys. He’s cute, but not that cute.

  • Sarah

    His name is Joe and his roommate is Jason Preston (the guy who used to date Marc Jacobs). He claims to be straight–but word around town is that he’s conveniently turned gay for Lance. Good for Lance though–if I was famous and single and out on the town in NY–I’d hook up with hot guys too even if they only were into me because of my fame.

  • Avi

    I would much rather date Lance than Marc Jacobs, even though I’m sure Marc has way more cash! MJ is so gross. Lance is cute/average. That’s enough for me. Still, he looks like a Ken doll most of the time which turns me off.

  • Presley

    Lance is pretty average looking; why all the pretty boys???

  • Ben

    What’s wrong with looking average? Maybe Lance has something other than looks that draws guys to him (no, I’m not talking about something in his underpants, either). Not all guys, even famous ones, are obsessed with looks.

  • Carl

    Yes, Lance has something other than looks that draws guys to him, and it’s not in his underpants, either:
    $ M O N E Y $
    And the attention of the press.
    These things the two most important things for a lot of people, I’m afraid.

  • ice

    I went to high school with him! i thought he was straight as well, but good for him…lance is an attractive man, so way to go!

  • George

    I’ve seen Lance in person and he is much better looking than he photographs. very handsome

  • kim

    That guy was on the cover of Genre!! So Hot!!! And he is straight– well, was straight! How come if Lance is seen with any guy he automatically becomes his boyfriend? People can be so dumb. But, if he did turn him, MORE POWER TO YOU LANCE!!! And yes Lance is much hotter in person. I saw him in L.A. last month on DWTS— holy!

  • I just spotted the to love birds together with Amanda Lepore this past Sunday @ Park. The two look happy together and I know Lance is working hard on his career. A very proud man he is indeed, Us gays should be proud of his “Outness”

  • bruizaaaaaaa

    Holy crap it’s David Archuleta!!

    Worlds fail me how Lance gets guys that are so much hotter than he is. I thought it was his personality, but after watching him on Tyra, it’s……definitely not that.

  • Steve

    It is sad men like Lance Bass and Marc Jacobs contnue to “date” men who are basicly prostitutes-escorts.

    Successful men like them should have better self esteem. These men are not interested in Lance or Marc- but are only interested in their money and using them for their 15 minutes of fame.

  • Grebs

    JESUS people!! He is not dating this guy, give him a fn break!! Do you losers have nothing better to do than to speculate on a celebrity’s love life?
    Anyone that would trash a guy they don’t know on a website, has to be the biggest loser ever. From what I have seen Lance has dating amazing guys (except for that Reichen one) – so I say his track record is damn good! Team Lance all the way!

  • IDidHim

    his name is joe almanza and i’ve had sex with him. hot but absolutely one of the worst lays i’ve ever had. he wouldn’t know how to find a clit if you gave him a diagram.

  • Mark

    Umm… Robbed? he wasn’t that great. I mean, the hip hop moves of his era were so simple my 7 year old brother could’ve taken his place. Not only that, but he was downright bad in a few parts. If it was a contest for eternal optimism, bordering on manic schizophrenia (and being oblivious to the obvious: that he obviously sucked), he would’ve won hands down.

    But to his credit: everyone knew he was gay. And now he knows it, too. And he’s still a cutie pie.