Beyoncé Does German ‘GQ’ Magazine


Beyoncé is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of German GQ magazine. Here is her pretty amazing coverphoto:

And because I wasn’t a very good student of the German language when I was in college (I ruled in French, tho) I have *no idea* what her coverstory interview has to say about the woman. I suspect there might be some talk about her marriage to Jay-Z, there is deffo sure to be some talk about B’s alter ego Sasha Fierce and I suspect a bit of ink was used to promote her new album I Am … Sasha Fierce. Meh. While all of that is all well and good, I’m much more interested in the photoshoot … which turned out very sexily, I might add. After the jump, check out a whole slew of photos of Ms. B as featured in this new issue of German GQ mag …

You know, the whole Sasha Fierce thing isn’t all that ridiculous when she’s not talking about it. If she just portrayed her alter ego in magazine photospreads like this — and didn’t blather on as if her made-up pretend character were a real person — I’d be able to respect her more. I do like this shoot … girl is workin’ it. I say we get more of Beyoncé simply lookin’ fierce rather than her always trying to tell us that she is Fierce.


  • Hot pics alright, but I think they picked the wrong one for the cover – to me, the cover shot kinda brings “If I Were A Boy” to life (if ya know what I mean, wink-wink).

  • Lulu

    The whole alter ego bit is just lame. I don’t care for it at all :(

  • nicole

    i feel like this calls for a “omg she so copied lady gaga!!” no? i mean lady gaga started this whole cut right? *ugghhh*
    anyways not a fan of the cover shot….and whats with the headless pic?

  • be4yourii

    is it just me, or does she look a lot whiter on the cover than on the inside.
    i agree w/ kent about the cover shot also. wink.

  • Dayna

    I agree w/ Kent they put the wrong picture on the cover. Her body looks strange to me. They way her arms are wrapped around her makes her chest look very strange.

  • Tammy

    That cover is awful. she looks like a man. her head is huge. totally not a good angle for her at all.

  • nicole

    be4yourii…i think she looks whiter cause of the lighting…the other pics have darker lighting.

  • Monique

    Seriously??? You’d think i’d be used to people straight up stealing GaGa’s style and look.

    No one will ever be GaGa… she’s too unique.

  • tink

    Why would a black woman insist on wearing a blond weave?
    She does this all the time and it is laughable.

  • Avi

    Wait..that’s not a Tranny I saw in the Castro Dist of SF? Lady GAGA is lame. So is Beyonce, but at least B’s songs are somewhat ok. Gaga’s Just Dance is terrible. F’ng terrible.

  • Paz

    uh plenty of black women go blond….etta james, tyra banks, lil kim, mariah carey…

  • LeAnne

    Does anyone remember when Garth Brooks did the alter ego thing? Did anyone ever hear from him after that?? Good luck B!

  • Wow


  • Avi

    Is she farting in the second pic? LOL..there is just something so annoying about her.

  • Kristin

    “You wish you were me” is what I think the cover translates to.

    Um, no.

  • Avi

    You nailed it Kristin!! How dare she play Etta James in Cadillac Records. Insulting, very insulting! Beyonce’s Mom should be taken to fashion court for making those god awful dresses for Destiny’s Child. Barf on silk!

  • nicole

    did you guys see the black outfit she wore on ellen last week? the shiny thing? horrrrrible. if i were her mom, i wouldnt be taking credit for anything beyonce has been wearing lately

  • F

    Ashanti’s back? Oh wait, that’s beyoncé?!?

  • Kammie

    All the cover really says about her is “Exclusive with the queen of pop”.

    Am I missing the link to the article?

  • Gross cover pic. she looks really weird and contorted.

  • chic4t

  • christine

    ok so why does it seem that everyone thinks all these artists are copying lady gaga?? apparently no one can get bangs or they’re copying lady gaga? first christina now beyonce. whatever, it doesn’t mean they are copying her. and for the record, if anyone remembers christina’s ain’t no other man video from a couple years ago, she had a similat hairstyle already, bangs and all. maybe lady gaga copied her!!!!

  • nicole

    i juse wanna put it out there…i was joking about the gaga thing, just a little sarcasm lol…but i knew if i didnt say it…someone would have haha

  • Marnie

    Eewwwww…not good.

  • i think hs elooks hella ugly beyonce is a beautiful woman and that photo does not make her look pretty it makes her looke like a hobo that just got plastic sugery she is hideous