Britney Spears Does ‘Glamour’ Magazine


Britney Spears is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Glamour magazine, due to hit newsstands this coming week. Here is our first look, courtesy of, of our dear Britney lookin’ hawt on the mag’s cover:

As you may recall, we got our first look at Britney on the cover of the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine last Tuesday and this would make her second cover in the same week. Homegirl is everywhere these days, y’all. It’s awesome! After the jump, check out some of the new photos of our dear Britney that are featured in this new issue of Glamour mag …

She looks great in these pics but I think I prefer the RS photoshoot … these are too posed, too meh. Again, she looks amazing and it is wonderful to see her featured in magazines again (er, not of the tabloid variety). Woot!

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  • looks like princess found her tiara!!


  • gossip girl

    i like this and the rolling stone
    come on trent, its britney you bitch! ;)

  • Connie

    She looks young and pretty again. So happy for her.

  • Naty

    she looks amazing!

  • camille

    Britney is a natural beauty.

  • camille

    but yeah i like the RS one better…more fun and outgoing. More Brit (:

  • Kayla

    woooww she looks beautifulll!!!!!!!!!
    love u brit brit

  • Shawna

    she looks gorgeous.<3

  • Cherrylips


  • brady james

    ferosh! she looks fantastic!
    only 3 more days til her comeback
    is official!

  • MARK

    Finally a picture where they didn’t air brush half her nose off.

  • nicole

    i was thinking the same thing mark! this actually looks like her face. i love th pic of her in the dress

  • nicole


  • KellyAnn

    I love the one of her in the white dress…i think that one is amazing!! Britney is back and i LOVE it.

  • Elsa

    Aww… she looks gorgeous and natural!

  • Kevin

    bitch is dangeroussss
    love u britbrit

  • Erica

    aww! shes beautiful! glad shes back!

  • tOnnY

    Looking like a Princess!!!!!
    Biggest Comeback Ever…

  • Tracy

    I love these pictures they are so natural and they are not airbrushed outrageously. She looks so fresh-faced. I love it.

  • Susie

    She does look really nice, but you can see how the years of hard partying has caught up with her – those bags under her eyes are pretty significant for someone as young as her. Hopefully her beauty regime includes LOTS of SPF 60 & big hats!!! But otherwise, it’s nice to see a return of her more l natural self.

  • Mary

    she looks SOO GOOD!!!

  • yourmom

    OMG! You people are sick! Get a life you dumb s**ts.

  • chase

    I like these pictures way better than RS.
    In RS she kind of looked trashy in some of the pictures… they were good and raw, but these are much better.

  • Alex

    What?? she has so many wrinkles and huge bags under her eyes!! why didn’t they photoshopped that?? someone should lose their job over this lol.

  • aldo

    this is a true comeback! love that bitch!

  • Duckie

    She looks soooooo cute and adorable on the cover! :)

  • JJ

    How can you say she looks so natural. We KNOW what she looks like in her natural element…bad skin, skanky hair, dirty clothes.
    I would just like to see one cover of her where she’s wearing a shirt AND pants or not exposing her belly or anything else.

  • Wicked

    Hard partying???Are you people insane?
    No wonder she lost all her confidence, with people like you bitching about things that aren’t even true.
    The few nights out she had hardly qualify as YEARS of HARD partying. Get over yourself seriously.
    As for the comment by “Tal” I can’t help but giggle at your post. Bad song? Riiiight, Circus holds her best music to date. And you do know that those dancemoves is not something Britney is in control of right? There is this tiny little person called a choreographer that creates those and Womanizer is not exactly a danceable song now is it.

    Oh and the she never went away comment… is that because of her of because of the media that won’t leave her alone, even when she wanted it badly? Stop blaming her for your own news hungry self that caused this papanazzi frenzy.

  • MM

    She finally looks at peace with herself – I couldn’t be happier for her! You go girl!!! xoxo