Mariah Carey Tells Ellen DeGeneres She Ain’t Pregs


Mariah Carey makes an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today and in her interview SWEARS to Ellen that she is not pregs (despite rumors to the contrary). A skeptical Ellen comes up with a way to have Mimi prove that she really isn’t pregs (by offering her a drink of alcohol) and Mariah balks … could she really by trying to hide her pregnancy or is she just playing around for media attention?

Is Mariah Carey pregnant? No way, the singer insists on Wednesday’s episode of Ellen. But DeGeneres seemed determined to put her to the test. “Let’s just toast with Champagne,” the sly talk show host suggested, reaching for a bottle and some flutes. “It’s just fattening,” demurred Carey – who married Nick Cannon in May – adding, “This is peer pressure!” When DeGeneres persisted, the two clinked glasses – but Carey only pretended to drink the wine. “You’re pregnant!” DeGeneres declared. “No, no, no,” Carey insisted. “We will let you know when we’re going to have a family.” So why refuse the bubbly? “It’s too early for me,” explained the Grammy-winner. “I only drink after 3 p.m.”

I dunno about this one … Mimi kinda did look pregs the last time we saw her here on the blog … but why would she lie to Ellen’s face on national television. Could she really be the type of narcissistic person who is only interested in getting people to notice and talk about her in order to feed her insatiable ego by denying a pregnancy in order to fuel speculation when, in fact, she really is pregs? Wait, did I just answer my own question? HMMMM … I’m still not totally convinced. Do y’all think that Mimi is hiding a little Nick Cannon bun in her oven?


  • AFP

    She could be waiting until the first T.M is done. Thats very smart to do. A lady I know told everyone right away. And lost the baby at 9 weeks. Its touch and go for the first 3 months. Ashlee Simpson did the same thing.

  • nicole

    its smart to wait…so many things can go wrong the first few months. my sister law told everyone and like 2 weeks after she said anything, she lost the baby. i know a few people thats happened too…..its almost like its a bad omen to say something right away

  • Panti Christ

    I’d be fine with her waiting to announce the news. That truly is a private matter, although a joyous one! Also, maybe picky ole’ Mariah only drinks a certain type of champagne!

  • Vision

    Trent, did you see MC at the American Music Awards. There is NO WAY she could be pregnant in that divinely tight Dolce dress she wore. You need to look for those photos. I think she wore that dress just to dispell the baby rumors. Of course, I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

  • I think you are being harsh. If she is pregnant, I think maybe she might be using common sense and is waiting to announce it outside of her 1st trimester for safety reasons.

  • Sarah Day

    It is a woman’s right to announce personal news like that when she feels the time is right. Besides I think it is great that she has a rule of no alcohol before 3pm maybe some other drunkies should follow that rule!!!!

  • Charleston21

    Wasnt there some pictures posted before of Nick and Mariah on vacation… wasn’t she holding her stomach in one photo? Maybe she had the bouts of… morning sickness?

  • Melinda

    I agree with those people who say she may be waiting until after the 12th week or so……..miscarriages are common and especially first pregnancies or in women who are a bit, ahem,….older…….;-)

  • ashley

    Hey trent have you forgotten the american music awards photo you posted on monday? That was the last time you we saw her.

    Look at that photo and judge for yourself.

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  • Ashley

    Um… I just went to a Ellen show taping on Monday and the show tapings start at 2:30pm so….. 3pm isnt that far off Mariah.

  • GiGi

    Maybe Mimi is just in AA and not drinking as a rule. Or something. While she doesn’t strike me as the chomping at the bit for motherhood type, it’s always possible they’re trying or she’s in the early stages and just trying to hold off announcing it.

  • J to tha da

    She prolly is preggers but like everyone said she’s waiting until the right time. It doesn’t make her any more narcissistic than all of the other celebs who deny pregnancy until there’s a bump.

  • Jenn

    I agree with everyone here that not admiting she is pregnant if she is in the first trimester is her right and a safe and normal thing to do. I think we all know someone who shared the good news early, before they were showing, and under 3 months who had to later go back and announce they had lost the baby. A horrible thing to have to make so public and very understandable why a celeb wouldn’t want to invite everyone in the world into their miscarriage. Plus, some women don’t drink when they are trying to get pregnant or could be pregnant to be extra safe, so lighten up!

  • Ella

    She could have had a lot of reasons for not touching the alcoholic… like being an alcoholic, I wouldn’t be surprised y’all… but she’s probably pregnant though

  • mymi

    I think Ellen’s tactic was a bit distasteful. I cannot stand blatant manipulation and thats exactly what this was. A pregnancy is a private matter and she has the right to keep to herself. As others have stated she may be choosing not to say anything until she gets past the first trimester because of her age. Also, we have all seen that Mariah does not handle stress very well and is prone to insomnia. Factor in the stress and her age and a pregnancy for her is very risky. Keeping mum on it until she sure she can take the fetus full term is a wise and appropriate decision.
    She handled Ellen very well and I commend her for that. I would have given Ellen a piece of my mind. And I wish Ellen would apologize. I just feel that what she did was quite disrespectful.

  • nicole

    mymi….relax…. ellen & mariah care close friends (they both have said so) and if you ever watched ellen before you know this is how she jokes around. and if she can get liquor on the show she does lol. just chill out

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  • Paz

    In this reality TV – US Weekly society, if a celebrity doesn;t have a press conference over every aspect of her life, she’s considered secretive. WTF.
    BTW, she does not look pregnant in those vacation shots. Holding your stomach is not a sign either.

  • Marielle

    The thing that I’m more shocked about it how clothed she is!!!..Are you really hiding something Mariah???…..Is she going to a buisness meeting?

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  • mlm

    Seriously friggin bloggers….MAYBE WOMEN DENY THEIR PRENANCY UNTIL THE THIRD MONTH. Don’t they all have the right to privacy during the time that there are big chances there might be a miscarriage? Give these women a chance to deal with it privately and WITHOUT stress that causes miscarriage. You have no idea about their ability to get pregnant. From a woman who has tried for two years, I know I don’t share it now even with my closest friends. Only a few know. Its too hard to have to deal with in the public because people don’t know how to handle. Lets give these women a few months before we badger. Please. Getting and staying pregnant is not that easy for everyone.

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  • Michelle

    I’m agreeing with the others on this one that if she is pregnant she is waiting until she’s securely in her second tri-mester to spill the beans. Because the whole I don’t drink before 3 thing? Please I know she’s changed but I think we all remember a time when girlfriend was crazy and I definitely think enjoying the spirits at any time of the day! Also Mariah has said in interviews numerous times over the years that she is a big fan of champagne so really why pass up a sip? I guess we’ll know when the bump starts showing!

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