Neil Patrick Harris Is ‘The Naked Man’


Okay, I must confess … I do not watch How I Met Your Mother on CBS despite the fact that one of my fave TV actresses (Alyson Hannigan) and one of my fave out actors (Neil Patrick Harris) star on the show. It’s even more shameful for me that I don’t watch the show since it was the sitcom that allowed our dear Britney Spears to guest star twice this year, helping the girl get her professional life back on track. I keep saying to myself, You’ll catch up with the show on DVD — there’s time. After hearing about and seeing a few screencaps from last night’s ep, I think it’s time that I start catching up and watching the show. Last night’s ep of HIMYM was titled The Naked Man and in it, NPH’s ├╝berstraight character Barney Stinson performed a few scenes completely nekkid … with only a few perfectly placed grooming product bottles to cover up his naughty bits:

I gotta say … Neil Patrick looks pretty damn good all nekkid and stuff. Click HERE to read a recap of last night’s ep written by someone who watches the show and click HERE to watch the entire episode online at (which I think will only work for viewers in the US). After the jump, check out a few more screencaps of Neil Patrick Harris in all of his glory — as allowed by US network television decency standards …

I must admit, if Neil Patrick Harris appeared this nekkid on the show on a weekly basis, I’d deffo start tuning in more. Is it wrong to think of Doogie Howser, M.D. in a naughty way? Anyone?

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  • sara

    hahah i love this guy, he makes the show.

  • CC


  • Kammie

    I managed to catch the episode last night, my sister and I were laughing our asses off. You really need to start watching the show Trent. <3

  • Darcy

    The Burt Reynolds pose was my favorite!

    Such a great episode – start watching, Trent!

  • Avi

    Too skinny, but I’d hit it. Prefer his bf, though…

  • tanya

    NPH definitely makes the show more enjoyable and not just because he looks good. His character is quite a character; I say check it out to see if you like it.

  • Margie

    You are missing out on such a great show, Trent! NPH is a genius and it’s a damn shame he can’t win an Emmy for his portrayal of Barney Stinson. Last night’s episode of HIMYM solidified NPH as an acting god.

  • tessa

    Trent! I can’t believe you have been missing out on this hilarious show! It’s not too late to ask for the DVDs for Christmas!! :)

  • No no no, it’s not wrong to think of him that way at all – in fact, I agree! He can play doctor with me EN-EE-TIME :)

  • nae

    love it! =]

  • Victoria

    This is the best show on TV. Barney makes the show! You need to watch it. ;)

  • Sarah

    It’s so funny. ‘How I met Your Mother’ is a hidden gem.

  • Hollie

    OMG, Trent, you have to start watching HIMYM. It’s HIlarious!

  • katelin

    this episode was hilarious! i didn’t stop laughing the entire time. and i completely agree, NPH has one awesome body, haha.

  • Danielle

    Dude, start watching yesterday. This show is a riot and huuuugely underrated!

  • Yoka

    I think you’ll like HIMYM, it’s good fun. Watch it from the beginning, you’ll love it.

  • Samantha

    I hate hate hate sit-coms but I started watching this a few weeks ago [only took like 3 or 4 days to catch up with it] and it is hilarious. NPH is amazing =]

  • Caitlin

    God I love this show! I picked it up when it was partway through the second season and have never regretted it! It’s an easy watch on DVD :)

  • Joanne

    He cracks me up!

  • Robin

    I don’t even think you need to catch up much in order to jump into watching the show. A lot of the episodes are like little stories. Even if you don’t fully know the relationships between the characters, you’ll still be able to completely enjoy the show.
    I do highly recommend watching the episodes you missed on DVD’s eventually though.

  • Lisa

    I love NPH!!!!

  • mmm…

    sigh… sooo cute.

    really funny show too! :)

  • Jennie

    Neil Patrick Harris was my 1st love when I was 10 lol and still love him now