Amy Winehouse Hospitalized, Yet Again


Don’t try and fall out of your chair or anything but I’ve got some breaking news to report this AM … Amy Winehouse has been hospitalized … for a drug related matter:

Troubled singer Amy Winehouse has been admitted to a London hospital after suffering a bad reaction to medication, her representative said Tuesday. Winehouse, 25, went to the private London Clinic on Sunday, said her spokesman, Chris Goodman. He said Winehouse’s medication made her ill and her doctors asked her to come in so they could investigate. Goodman did not disclose what type of medication was involved, saying only it is part of her “ongoing treatment.” It was not clear Tuesday whether she had been discharged. Yesterday Winehouse’s husband Blake Fielder-Civil lost his appeal against his 27-month jail term for assault and perverting the course of justice. Earlier this month he was moved from prison to a drug rehabilitation unit. The Grammy-winning Winehouse has suffered a string of health problems in recent years, many related to her battles with drug addiction. She spent two weeks in a drug rehabilitation clinic in January … Another bad reaction to medication prompted Winehouse to enter a London hospital in July, but she was discharged the next day.

Uh huh. A “bad reaction” to “medication” that she has been taking as part of her “on-going treatment”. Sounds like code words for bullshizz to me. Oh Amy, please don’t die.

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  • I don’t care anymore about her. She’s an idiot who can most likely afford top-quality help but instead is squandering her life and her talent away for a quick fix.

  • Bleeding Ears

    Forget about locking her up… please just someone put her out of her misery.

  • Tracy

    Well most people tend to have a bad reaction to crack. Yeah she pretty much disgusts me.

  • CC

    Don’t care.

  • nickki

    I still feel bad for her. Her family needs to step in… why way brit able to be locked up and they can’t get this one help? HELP AMMYYYY!!!!

  • How is she even alive? All the drugs must be some sort of preservative!

  • Joyce

    I’m surprised she is even newsworthy anymore, her career is over, and unfortunately so is her appeal to the public.

  • Connie

    All you can do is pray for her. Why do some of the most talented people insist on destroying themselves?

  • Avi

    I agree with Winona and Connie…her career is over because of the mess she is. The public has forgiven Brit, I don’t think they will forgive and forget Amy. She’s just a gross mess. And she does have actual talent, more so than Britney.

  • alisa

    Can someone tell her spokesperson that Amy’s Crack dealer is NOT her doctor. Crack is not FDA approved.

  • Avi

    Hey Bleeding Ears, you’re being hateful.

  • PITNBer

    Sounds like Anti-Addiction medication to me.

  • Jadded

    god someone plz send this mess to jamie spears

  • christine

    i always feel bad for her no matter how much of a mess she is. that is part of the reason i feel bad for her. reading some of the comments here, i wonder if people really understand how serious addiction is and how it’s not as easy as people think to kick.

  • robin

    i have no sympathy for her nasty self. she should just die already.

  • Joanne

    We have to care – she’s addicted and can’t pull herself out of the state she’s in … she needs to be court ordered to a hospital.

  • DJWhoop

    I agree with Joanne. But she has been in the hospital. Her Father has tried to help. She has been to rehab. Jail is probably the only other option.

  • i totally agree with christine.thoughnot addicted to crack.i had a serious addiction to prescription drugs and its not easy to withdraw from any drugs of addiction.i can only hope that amy has the strength to get off these drugs.i believe she has the talent to have a great musical career.good luck amy!

  • Amy should consider staying in rehab, shes a mess.

  • christi

    Sometimes the medicine they give you to kick a habit (like methadone) is just as bad if not worse than the drugs they were on. Because you think that it is prescribed by a dr and not bad for you, you can indulge and not think bad about it. I had a good friend that was on it. She had to go to rehab to get off the medicine that was supposed to help her.

  • This is right here, in the present, not the future.