The 2008 American Music Awards


Last night the American Music Awards were handed out on live TV at the Nokia Theater here in Los Angeles, CA. Stars of varying importance made their way into downtown LA last night to walk the red carpet, participate in the show or mug for the cameras in the press room afterward. Chris Brown was one of the night’s big winnersKanye West was one of the night’s biggest wieners … and Beyoncé, bless her heart, gave the best live performance of the night. Here are a few pics from the red carpet arrivals last night:

Here are a few pics from the show itself:

Here are a few pics from the press room and some deets about what went down at this years AMAs:

Chris Brown was the big winner at the American Music Awards on Sunday night, surprising himself most of all. “I don’t know what to say. I would have given it to Coldplay,” said Brown, who won artist of the year, male pop/rock artist and male soul/R&B artist. Kanye West, still sore at losing male rap/hip-hop artist last year, won the trophy this time – then said Lil Wayne deserved it more. “I want to give this award to Wayne,” he said. “If it was last year it would have been my award.” It was West’s second trophy of the night, following his win for rap/hip-hop album, for Graduation. “It’s our responsibility as musicians to push music to the point it was in the ’60s and ’70s,” he said. “I want to be Elvis.” Host Jimmy Kimmel, who had made West’s ego a running joke, quipped: “Elvis died on the toilet with half a jelly doughnut in his mouth. You may want to rethink that.”

Um, why does Kanye have to be so douchey? I mean, seriously. It’s like he just cannot stop himself from acting like a total a-hole on the public stage. I just don’t get it.

The show climaxed with Keys performing “Superwoman” with Queen Latifah and opera star Kathleen Battle, and ending with a large photo projected on a screen of incoming first lady Michelle Obama. In a big night for American Idol alums, Daughtry – winner of three trophies last year – picked up another this year for pop/rock group, while former Idol champ Jordin Sparks won for adult contemporary music, and Carrie Underwood won for country album for Carnival Ride. Taylor Swift, uncomfortably sharing L.A.’s Nokia Theatre auditorium with ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas, won for female country artist, and Rihanna got two awards for pop/rock female artist and female soul R&B artist … Music’s A-listers were out in force as the show featured blockbuster performances by Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, Rihanna, West, birthday girl Miley Cyrus and Jonas Brothers, who also won the breakthrough artist award. And Justin Timberlake made a surprise appearance to introduce award of merit recipient Annie Lennox.

Much congrats to all the winners this year but, I gotta say, the “prestige” associated with winning an American Music Award seems to have diminished a bit — after all, the soundtrack to the movie Alvin and the Chipmunks took home an award last night.

For me, tho, the highlight was Beyoncé‘s live performance of her hit single Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It). Homegirl turned that mutha OUT! After the jump, watch video of her performance in full …

While I think THIS is still my all-time fave AMAs performance ever, Beyoncé really killed it last night:

Dang! Dancing and singling live like that? I suppose fierce is the only word that can be used … and I *love* the white lady waving her hand at the 3:17 mark in the vid — LOL! The only thing that could’ve made her performance even better would be THIS guy dancing backup with her. I guess the show itself was a’ight … nothing too thrilling for me. B made it worth tuning in tho. Click HERE for a full list of this year’s AMA winners.

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  • Panti Christ

    Kanye was so douchey! You are right!!! He didn’t seem grateful at all. What the F was wrong with Scott Weiland? I loved Rhianna’s performance…Beyonce’s too. I hated Taylor Swifts – I was looking forward to it and then…I dunno, I was disappointed.

  • Janelle

    it’s sad how much of a jerk kanye is… he’s so talented…
    i’m not a huge beyonce fan at all, but she killed it. woman can dance.

  • sara

    i have to disagree…i wasnt a fan of beyonces perfromance at all. it just seemed to lack something. and what was with the outfits rihanna was wearing? i’ll never understand her sense of style.
    but i have to say…i was impressed with Miarah last night, she seemed flawless, no squeky notes or anything, i loved it.
    loved AKs performacne with Queen Latifah.
    as for Kanye…i think what he ment that he would have given it to wayne, was last year was kanyes year..and that wayne deserved it more (i disagree but i can see his reasoning)

  • sara

    oooh and i almost forogt…i really liked christina’s & NKOTB’s performances brought back memories.

  • CC

    Beyonce killed it! How she can dance like that and sing is nothing short of amazing. I don’t know of anyone in the pop world who can hold a candle to B when it comes to live performances.
    Well, except for Gwen Stefani. I once saw her sing “I’m Just a Girl” live while doing push-ups throughout the entire song. Crazy shizz!

  • Oh yes, Mimi was great too but B just blew my ass away. She was hot!

  • I cannot get enough of Beyonce’s song! I drive my boyfriend absolutely crazy with it!

    Thanks for the vid, Trent. It made my afternoon!

  • Nicola

    Ahh the mark of a great performer! Singing live and dancing your ass off!

  • tOnnY

    Even tho i hate “single ladies” with passion, her performance was indeed fierce, she’s a great singer, dancer and performer, such a shame that her new music is soooo boring…

    Oh and i’m over rihanna now, she became annoying….

  • LUCY

    I can’t believe you pick Beyonce I guess the lack of vocals doesn’t bother you…Beyonce please pretend to sing it looks weird hearing your voice and your lips don’t move you need some lip syncing lesson from Britney.

  • Diana

    I did a little bit of dancing when I was in middle school and high school and I have to say, that routine is “FIERCE”. I’m sure it took a lot of rehearsing to get it down. Both Beyonce and her two dancers are amazing! Oh, and as someone who has been dating the same person for 5 years, I’m definitely loving this song, lol.

  • Monica

    I was at the show last night and although Beyonce got everyone out of their seats, I think it was the Annie Lennox performance that brought down the house. She was AMAZING!!

    I give Kanye a pass because it all seems to be part of his schtick. I look past it and still see him as a creative and innovative artist who clearly loves music and wants to push himself and others to make the best music possible. Most of the time I find him hilarious. It’s good for someone to stir stuff up sometimes too as award shows can get a little dull! Mostly I admire him for being the only rapper to speak out against homophobia. I like people who march to the beat of their own drum.

  • sabrina

    am i the only one who thought christina sucked? she needed better outfit choices and i just thought the performance was awful. I was disappointed too, because I just went and bought the keeps gettin better cd. grrrr!

  • Monica

    Christina was ok but she always ruins it for me somehow. She just never rings true to me as a “big name” performer. Somethins is always lacking no matter how hard she tries. I will never understand what gives an artist that “it” factor, but she never has it for me. I wish she would stick to vocals too and leave the dancing to the pros.

  • Val

    Annie Lennox was the best act all night. That’s the bar singers should aim for.
    Cold Play a distant 2nd.

    All the award shows have lost some of their prestige & luster for me. Maybe I’m just getting old & cranky, but so many awards are won based on the politics of the business & not the pure talent.

    So much incredible talent out there that doesn’t have a huge publicity machine behind them & huge publicity machines promoting people with no talent at all.

  • Nicol

    its not cause your getting old Val, its just the way it works now. the past very award shows have shocked me with who the winners are.

  • LOVECarrie

    I was kinda disappointed with the performances…but I have to say that Taylor Swift’s “F U” attidude while she sang was hilarious. ‘Cause you KNOW she was singing to Joe. haha

  • Rome

    where is JT? it would have been so much better of a performance if he was in it!!!

  • Shannon

    I actually really liked Taylor Swift’s performance but I’m a big fan. LOVED Pink and Sarah’s duet..NKOTB was kinda embarrassing…

    What was with Rihanna and Chris Brown sitting beside each other but not acknowledging each other when they won an award haha.

    Scott Weiland was on something.

  • R

    Was I the only one who noticed the drunk presenter introducing Pink?

  • vaquera

    Annie Lennox = all class, all the time. Most of those other “artists” don’t deserve to be in the same room with her.

  • coco

    Did anyone else think that Miley’s red carpet dress was incredibly inappropriate for a 16 year old? Lots of cleavage and leg… she is 16!!!! BARELY!!!! I am glad that she at least changed in to something more age appropriate later.

  • athan

    Beyoncè’s performance was ok. Nothing special. Same routine she has been performing, SNL & TRL. Did u not catch the part where she was off tho and almost walked into her dancer?

    Xtina was ok. Her voice sounds like it got deeper. She needs to stop trying to showcase that she can carry a note and just have fun n’ perform. That’s all I seen so far.

    Oh and if numbnuts kanye really felt he didn’t deserve his award he should have requested that his name be withdrawn. Stupid. Just another chance for him to get his name out there.

  • I would agree about beyonce, IF, she actually sung the song! I understand the ‘dance’ has gotten a lot of media coverage, but c’mon! To only sing the verse, then not sing at ALL during the chorus!?? I just dont get it.

  • Lola

    Beyonce was very good but for me the standout of the night was the final duet with Sarah McLaughlan and Pink. AMAZING vocals for a gut-wrenching song. Simply beautiful.

    Pink’s solo performance was great too.

    Annie Lennox – WTF? She started off strong but went downhill pretty quick. I detested that horrendously depressing song and at one point, my ears started to bleed. Toward the end, I was screaming SHUT THE F*&@# UP to my TV and throwing stuff at it. Overall, offkey and awful.

    The good news for Annie is, she was way better than the Jonas Bros. Holy crap. WTF?

  • Ellen

    First of all – I love the word douchey! I’m going to use that. But really, it is a perfect way to describe Kanye’s behavior? What in the world was that about? No one acts like that but him. Who told him that was acceptable. And what’s with the fox tail hanging out of his pants? Why didn’t he get flour thrown on him? Hmm? Poor L.Lo. I didn’t like Taylor Swift’s performance at all and it’s such a shame because I love her. Beyonce defo did her thing and Pink rocked it too. Love that bitch.

  • sara

    if you ever watched one of the cartoon videos, or bought a kanye cd you’d understand the tail lol.
    im over beyonce & rihanna…i wish those 2 would just hide for a year. i cant stand the way rihanna dresses anymore, it just gets worse & worse.
    Mariah & Sarah McLaughlan with Pink killed it yesterday, i loved it.

  • YeahYeah

    You’re a Douche-
    Kanye West is too fucking cool for you and the rest of the idiots who can’t understand what he is saying.
    You should just shut-the-F-up and blog about lesser celebrities.
    Kanye is untouchable and you need to show some RESPECT!

  • La Princesa

    I expected more from Xtina Aguilera! Her singing wasn’t her best tonight, and, yes, she can’t be perfect every time, but if they are going to promote HER and give HER all the hype, then she needs to live up to that.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I always thought that she wanted to separate herself from the Britney crowd, and there she goes right into her footsteps. Oh well…

  • valski

    beyonce performance was B-rilliant! seriously, she rocked the house. although it would be a conflict between networks and all, i imagined justin and the SNL boys making a little cameo during this performance. that would’ve been hilarious.

  • sara

    ^^^^ im right with you with JT makin the appearance. i actually thought it might happen lol it would have been great

  • Michelle

    First I agree… while I love Kanye’s music he is so douchey at these things… winner or loser he’s a whining brat. Last night was no exception… why that man can’t make a decent acceptance speech is so beyond me… like he can’t actually THANK people. My favorite part of the night was the Taylor Swift performance… she rocked that and you could tell that song was a personal one for her. I thought she was going to cry after the first verse but she fought it and seemed to turn it into anger and you KNOW who she was venting it too! Hahaha she kept glaring and pointing at key moments in the song right to the spot the Jonas Brothers were sitting at and you could just see her giving it to him in the song! LOVE IT!! haha I also think it would have been great if Chris Brown and RIhanna had shown each other a lil lurve when they won… the place would have LOST IT… and what a perfect way to score ratings! Mariah did her thing, I love that woman and Sasha Fierce gave a great performance, but seriously she’s freaking Beyonce, I don’t get the altar ego thing!

  • Amanda E

    I don’t know if anyone else mentioned this….but I’m pretty sure the white lady you spoke of at the 3:17 mark, is Candice Olson from Divine Design on HGtv.

  • chloe

    is miley cyrus wearing a….. push up bra?

  • hello1

    of course its BEYONCE! that gets the whole crowd on there feet. she didnt even tell them too like she does sometimes. shes just a great singer and performer and the crowd never gets disappointed. best of the night. im sorry Taylor Swift and Rihanna had the worst performances. Rihanna, love the music but you cant perform or sing. stay in the studio with the writers writing for you

  • DJWhoop

    Loooooooorrrrrd. You got pictures of a whole lotta crazy.
    What is up with Rihanna and those outfits? They look terrible. I’m not saying to wear turtlenecks, but good grief.
    When my kids were walking around my house singing that STUPID song um-bah-rella, ella, ella, ella, eh eh eh. I was ready to KILL. And seeing her just makes me cringe.

  • sean

    i’ve always love rihanna and her performance was good especially her vocal exceed my expectations
    I dont like her dress neither but well it is just a dress, isn’t it?I still love what she have done in these years!

    the best performance of the night i have to say is Annie,she’s fucking fantastic!

  • jimmy

    rihanna = dare to dress different
    look at those chicks everytime on a red carpet,same kind of dress same kind of hair,uh..

  • dd

    Beyonce wasn’t live…

    It was a recording of her voice singing live, so basically she was lipsynching.