• JeniLee

    I DLed the album last week and CANT wait to buy it. But I have to say I LOVE tracks 1-7 and the rest I could pretty much do without. I would def replace them with the bonus tracks for sure!

  • Omg This Album is the shyt!!!! Omg Britney ur baq! u know how some songs u just gotta learn to luv them and the singles are the best? Well everyt track on this is sooooooooooooooooo good. its amazing. Britney’s Baq Bitch! Thxs Trent 4 posting…cant wait 2 buy the Album. Luv U Brit-Brit

  • Melissa

    I’ve been listening to this album for week now and I LOVE IT!!!!!!! it might just be her best yet!

  • L

    i like some of the songs, but IMO Circus isn’t as good as Blackout was

  • Kris

    Been listening to it since it leaked, and love it, you really can’t compare both albums Blackout and Circus cause in a way they are two distinctly different vibes and genre. One is more urban and this is classic pop britney. I can listen to tracks 1-10, great, but the final three could be replaced with the bonus tracks like Rock me in, phonography, Amnesia, and Quicksand. Either of them should have made the actual album. Can’t wait to buy the Deluxe Edition NEXT WEEK!

  • missy b

    so far im liking what i am hearing.

  • Janelle

    trent, i wanna know what YOU THINK! :D

  • ricardo

    If U Seek Amy is by far my favorite one!!
    I’m sooo buying this album on Dec. 2nd

  • Nicola

    I really wish they’d quit adding those sharp sounds that make my ears wince.
    Womanizer is a load of bullshit. Honestly, it’s ridiculous the kind of crap you people lap up from her. It’s awful.
    I really do prefer her previous stuff.

  • lila

    more of the same.

  • Malcolm McCrae(brit fan)

    This album is the BEST! I love every track, and just like IfUSeekAmy said u dont have to learn to love them, u instantly fall in love with them. The Best has got to be Amnesia and Circus, I just play those two on repeat all the time. Im so glad she put the bonuses out, because they are amazing. What i dont get is why they even make bonuses, why dont they just add them on, she has 13 tracks.

  • sara

    im not a huge fan…i like blackout more. for a comeback album…this really doesnt hit the mark IMO.
    i like shattered glass, unusual you, mannequin & if you seek amy. thats about it. im still trying to figure out why she put radar on it? its a good song but not 2 cds good lol.

  • Ashley

    I’m not a huge pop music fan, so Britney’s music definitely isn’t up my alley. But some part of me is really hoping for Brit to end up back on top. Fame seems to take such a huge toll on the wildly famous; think Elvis and Michael Jackson. I’d love to see someone overcome and succeed in the brutal world of fame.

  • Ama

    As someone who is NOT a Britney Spears fan [the first Britney album I’ve listened to in its entirety is BlackOut]–I liked the album. I say GOOD FOR YOU BRITNEY. I liked all the tracks EXCEPT for (9) Mmm Papi & (11) Lace & Leather. And I guess, I could kinda do without My Baby, too. But I think its definitely a solid effort.

    That being said, I’m interested to see Britney back on stage. While I’ve never been enough of a fan to purchase Britney’s music (though I might buy this one–its great car music), I have always respected her PERFORMANCES. I’m really looking forward to seeing her live on GMA.

    Oh, If You Seek Amy [took me forever to figure it out, LOL]—LOVES IT!!!!

  • Sarah

    cant wait to hear a bunch of 10 year olds singing ” F U C-K amy”

  • Mark

    Well, it’s a bit like Britney of old (there’s ballads) but I do prefer Blackout much better…and what happened to ‘Radar 2008′ mix, from the sounds of it, them wacking Radar at the end of this album it sounds exactly like Radar from Blackout…glad she’s back but it’s not what I was hoping for, thanks Trent for letting us hear the tracks before the release, I couldn’t go against my policy of illegally downloading an album…

  • Garbagegirl

    There’s been some discussion on the web about how the Circus version of Radar is different from the Blackout version, but I’m having a real tough time finding any difference at all. Can someone please explain 1) how it’s different (if so), and 2) why she would put this song on an album again?

  • amanda

    i really like the title track. the rest i’m not so sure about, but there’s a good chance that they’ll grow on me. it’s been that way for me with pretty much every song she’s ever come out with, tho.

  • Danni

    OH Brit!!! Def prefer Blackout…..so far. Maybe I need some more listens to Circus but I can really do without all the schmaltzy slower numbers. I guess I just really want anything from Britney to make me dance where ever I sit/ stand. I was really expecting, with a title like Circus, that it would be totally bangin’….but found it to be just alright. I mean, its good but not amazing….I’m prolly still gona buy it. Gona have to rate this one after Blackout & The Zone, tho.

  • Sara

    I’ve been listening to it pretty much nonstop since it leaked, and since I have to support her I’m still going to buy it! I like most of the album, but not really the whole thing. I like Womanizer, Circus (can’t wait to see the video, I hope it rocks like I imagine it will) and Out From Under is a nice ballad. Shattered Glass is my favorite and I do like If You Seek Amy. Unusual You is good, and Blur is ok, but I REALLY don’t like Mmm Papi. I knew I wouldn’t when the tracklisting got released. I hate when girls call their men daddy. After that it’s kinda “meh” but I definitely overall enjoy it more than Blackout. I really like pop Britney. :)

  • Aimée

    Sarah~ I sooo didn’t catch that. Good ear! The title makes sense to me now. Damnit. When will we “Amys” catch a break? First that insufferable 70’s song, then a derogatory shout out from Ice Cube and now this. Wait. hmmm…well I guess it’s not such a bad thing now that I listen to it again…;)

  • Aimée

    Der. Yes, I’m slow.

  • Wow I was trying to figure out the Amy song. I totally didn’t get it! Thanks for pointing that out. I feel pretty stupid now :-)

  • La Princesa

    I’m on the second song, and she’s singing…and it’s GOOD!

    Way to go, Brit-Brit!! :)

    Thank you Trent!!

  • eh…

    I’m not feeling it at all. Her voice song sounds like it’s been put through so many machines. The music seems to be louder than her voice on every song to the point where you can’t understand what’s she’s saying. Prob a good thing since her voice really isn’t pure sounding. She’s an entertainer, not much of a singer. At least she sticks to her strenghts.

  • charli

    Hated my first listen. Mmm Papi and my baby made me want to stab pens in my ears.

    I now LOVE it! It’s a grower, definately. Still not as good as Blackout, but an amazing album never the less. Fave has to be Unusual You, and I like the tounge-in-cheek If You Seek Amy. Shame that her voice sounds so altered though,

  • Cali

    So far i like what i heard but im still on the fence so we’ll see. Im a huge britney supporter tho love her and always will. I cant wait for her documentary on MTV! Im so excited that is deffinetly a must see! And I will deffinetly be buying her album! I do like Mannequin. And why did they put Radar as the bonus track? That was on blackout. Anyways..all that matters is that britneys back!!! XOXOXO

  • Andy

    Can’t wait for the “Circus” and “Mannequin” videos!!! Ever since we got to see her rehearsing the choreoggraphy for Mannequin I’ve been waiting for it to be released as a single!

  • elle

    Does no one like KILL THE LIGHTS? I think it has the best beat on here and I hope she makes a video to it

  • Andrew

    This is absolutely incredible. Some of the tracks are weird, and I ABSOLUTELY love Blackout, but all comparisons aside…Britney did an awesome job with this!

  • Stephanie

    thanks sooo much for postingg
    it’s an awesomee album

  • zachary

    She’s baaack!

    I LOVE this album!!! I heard a leak of it a week ago, and the more I listen to it the better it gets! This album is going to be bigger than Blackout I think.
    Blackout was great, but this album is a lot more ‘Britney’-esque.

  • jj

    I LOVE the fact that I get to hear this today! THANKS TRENT!!! ;) (wonk-wonk)
    KILL THE LIGHTS is badass!

  • Bloodshy and Avant, who produced the song “Radar” had a contract with the record label to release that song as a single for Blackout. It was part of a contract to have three songs produced by them as singles, and since it was not officially released in the US after what happened to Britney in the beginning of the year. The best compromise that they (Jive and Bloodyshy and Avant) could agree with doing was to include it as a bonus track on the album Circus, because they did not send Unusual You to Bloodshy & Avant to fix and produce it. And if this new agreement is like the old, you may see Radar as a released single, not sure haven’t hear much on that. But that’s pretty much it.

  • Amanda

    i heart britney. shes an effing genius.

  • Steven Q.

    She’s back bitches! I’ve been listening to her album ever since it leaked and I have to agree it’ll be bigger than Blackout. Didn’t she say she’s going to go on tour with both albums in mind? I can’t wait.

  • Kayti

    For the If You Seek Amy song it says F.U.C.K. me “All the boys and the girls wanna F.u.c.k. me” Pretty Cheeky Britster!

  • Malcolm McCrae(brit fan)

    Besides if u seek amy, im glade britney blurred out the curse words in the other songs, and didnt make this album unlistenable for the younger crowd she still has. GREAT album, cant wait to buy the actual on.

  • ben

    loves it sooo much more then blackout

  • Lana

    I tried so hard to wait to listen to this album, and I have been so good but you made it so easy with this little player! So I sucummbed and listened and it is AMAZING! I am so excited. Britney is back! <3333

  • R


  • Fiona

    Mmm Papi and My Baby SUCK! The rest are awesome. My Baby really is horrible though… it’s almost painful to hear her terrible warbling through it. UGH. Overall, the album is great though, thanks for posting this!!

  • Matthew

    Love the album! It’s great. It’s not as in-your-face as Blackout, which I loved, but it’s more of a return to In The Zone. Which is an incredible album. It’s great to have Brit back!

  • Jan

    The album is GREAT! It’s so classic Britney mixed with Blackout. I really think it’s In The Zone part 2, or maybe even Britney with a little more club bangers mixed in. Anyway, I think it’s really a great record!

  • Natalie

    i LOVE if you seek amy…and of course womanizer.

  • Laura

    I love this album…can’t wait till dec 2.

  • i’m not listening to any of the leaks. one more week just one more week. aahhhh i can hardly wait!

  • tOnnY

    I Gotta say i love all the Tracks…
    I could do Without Mmm Papi, and i don’t really like “my Baby” but i def can understand she wanted to put some of the songs she wrote, esp. My baby..i mean the lyrics are great, it’s just the chorus that makes it sound SO bad.
    The new Radar is different that the Radar on blackout, BUT the new version WASN’T included on this Preview :S
    Uhmm Circus is a great song, If you seek amy is AMAZING, mannequin i love it, Lace and Leather is super sexy, Kill The Lights jeez sexy, and the other 3 songs i haven’t heard them yet…
    overall i love the album, Blackout is a Better album as a whole, but this one is Def better, like Cooler songs, it’s like a mix between “in the zone” [My Fav Album] and Blackout….

  • anne

    kill the lights is the BEST.SONG.

  • debho

    No. Just no. Sorry.

  • Julie D

    OMGG! :)
    i mean some of the tracks..
    good not great
    can’t wait to get my copyy!

  • The album is alright. About half the songs stand out. I love “If You Seek Amy”. Totally brilliant word play. Leather and Lace has a fantastic beat, as well as “Kill the Lights”. In my mind, In the Zone and Blackout are her best work, and I was sad when “Toy Soldier” never got released. That song could have rivaled “Toxic”. But over all, I think the top 3 songs will be “Womanizer”, “Circus” and “If You Seek Amy”.

  • kerry

    i’m a huge britney fan and this album will definitely bring her back to the scene. “if you seek amy” is by far my favorite. it’s so catchy that i can’t get that, “ha ha hee hee ha ha ho” out of my head.

    she never ceases to amaze me. each album seems to get better and better, despite the drama she’s been through in her personal life.

    as a huge fan, i’m so happy she created another amazing album. but more than that, i hope she’s stable enough to handle all of the publicity that she’ll have to deal with. not that she doesn’t have enough on her plate already, but with this album dropping it’s just going to increase ten fold.

    here’s hoping she can juggle managing to stay on track, her babies, the album promotion, and a world tour….

    love you, brit! xo

  • Summer

    I am loving Out from Under! LOVE IT!

  • Great Album. Love the double entendre of If U Seek Amy.
    My baby makes me want to cry, btws. So obvious that this is about her boys and her recovery.
    Circus and the other songs seem to be very accurate about our Queen of Pop’s life right now. :(

  • Jesse

    Love it, The entire Album is made of awesomeness!!!!!
    “If You Seek Amy” is the Sh!t and I hope it is a single

  • Fae

    Fantastic dance album! I can’t wait to hear these in the clubs … you really can’t help but move along.

    Nice NICE work Brit!

  • Sarah

    Lace and Leather totally gives me an old school Madonna vibe… pure hotness!!!
    LOVE IT!

  • Olivia M.

    i don’t like it as much as i like Blackout.. i think a lot more singles could have come out of blackout if Brit had been in a better place in her life. HOWEVER so far i like the songs circus, womanizer, lace & leather, if you seek amy and out from under.. but unlike blackout which i bought on the first day it came out and listened to all the songs and loved them, i found myself fastforwarding through parts.. so we shall see. Still love my britney though, so excited for the docu. to air on sunday!

  • Kate

    Definitely a good record but as it seems everyone else is saying…”My Baby” could have been left out(I just won’t check it on my itunes-ipod) and “Mmm Papi” isn’t my fave but that one could grow on me.

  • ZAC



    LOVES ITTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dana

    well i read the reviews before i listened… thinking i would totally have my own opinions and disagree with what was said… but as everyone said IF YOU SEEK AMY is awesome. as is CIRCUS. i really wanted to like MY BABY because i see the importance behind it. but it was no good.

    so excited to buy it when it comes out though!

  • Dana

    and i just went back and listened to SOMEDAY (I WILL UNDERSTAND) and she conveyed motherhood so much better there….

  • movieho


  • Kara

    I have been listening to the leaked album for a week and it is amazing! The more I listen to it the more I love it! Britney’s back bitches! Even though I have the leaked album I am definitely going to purchase the cd to support her.

  • Phil

    i’ve been listening to the album since last tues, and i gota say I really like Circus and If you Seek Amy… .and the funny thing is, on the CD i got it had her like “Extra songs” for both US and overseas/ect and I actually liked those better than some of the songs that made it to the final product… but yea i liked!

  • tayy!

    loving this cd its no blackout but im obsessed with her so it doesnt matter
    & mannequin is good too!
    get it girl! =)

  • Rome

    This album sucks!! No major hits besides Womanizer! It’s unfortunate that she was all fucked up when Blackout came out! Blackout IS her best album!!

  • Benji

    This is album is so grown up – loving every track do far!! Luv you Brit!!

  • Megan

    love it! I can’t wait to buy this CD. And i love If you seek Amy, haha.

  • Veronica

    Loved it! Britney never dissapoints…Buy the album…support Britney! Can’t wait to see the Circus video.

  • GiGi

    There are alot of decent tracks on here, but frankly I don’t see this album producing many popular singles.

  • lukas

    WOW! Circus is really great!

    #1:shattered glass
    #2:if u seek amy
    #5:out from under

    and the best thing: Brit is here in Germany right now!


  • lukas

    and of course quicksand is awesome!

    lady Gaga + Britney = yummy*

  • Snorri

    loving the new album…for the most part its pretty solid. too bad Radar had to make a repeat appearance, but still a good album. I love Circus and Amnesia!

  • Courtney

    OMG Trent this has made my day!

  • Malcolm McCrae

    I’m thinking she should pull a rihanna and make 8 videos for this album, there are WAY too many good songs on here for her to have only four videos. This will also help her, because then she can spend more time with the babies and in the studio instead of jumping right into promoting another album!

    BTW: I like My Baby, why does everyone hate it soo much?

  • Bean

    I love it! I need to keep listening to it to decide if I like it as much as Blackout, which I really did love… So far, I think the following are great tracks: Kill the Lights, Shattered Glass, If You Seek Amy, Womanizer and Circus. I also think Blur, Out from Under and Unusual You are good, too. It’s nice to hear Britney actually singing most of the time on this album. I wonder what the next singles will be! I find it annoying that it was Radar rather than a great song like Toy Soldier that would be carried over from Blackout.

  • Cathy

    I love Unusual You and am wondering if it may be directed towards Justin.

  • elle

    sub par, overall… but it’s good to have her back!

  • Better than Blackout

  • Hema

    How come the leaked songs are not included? :S

  • GBL

    LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! I have already pre-ordered my copy from i-Tunes and can’t wait to have it blasting in my car on Dec. 2!

  • J:

    F U C K me

    I y s k
    f o e
    u e

    now thats a serious SH!T
    great sounds, cant wait 2 here it in my car

  • Not bad – I’m not a huge fan of her electronic-dance-pop style, but I’m glad to see that she’s making music again and hopefully is taking more steps to get her life back together. Will I buy it? Most likely not.

  • MJ

    i was never much of Brit’s fan, but seriousl i’m impressed. i love looking at her change and shimmer in the limelight again. she looks absolutely great, i just hope whatever she does next, they are all for the right reasons and doesnt wreck her family no further.
    i love the meaning behind If You Seek Amy. Brills! Imagine the people who approved this, entirely dumbfounded after they realise, but they have no say to it after its been leak to the world.
    And i love Mannequin, loved it ever since the dance routine vid leaked months back.
    Guess the world is kinda looking forward to her comback, whether they love to hate her, or hate to love her.

  • Sel

    I think it’s pretty good, on the second listen so far, i’ve already decided that I love ‘Out from Under’ and a couple of the others but I don’t see the point in having Radar on it, given that it’s already on Blackout. Good album though, i’ll definitely buy it next week. :)
    Britney’s gonna be performing on the X Factor over here this weekend, can’t wait! :D

  • Tracy

    Unusual you is great it really does sound like imogen heap which is amazing. Thats my favorite.

  • jack


  • Michelle

    Blackout was INCREDIBLE and in the middle of her craziness. Circus is a disappointment compared to Blackout. Does she have to be crazy to decent music???

  • chris

    Love. Love love love. Unusual You is my fave, a different vibe for Brit that is so cool.

  • Andrea

    The first 7 tracks are okay. I could even stand to listen to the rest of the songs the whole way through because they are so bad :(

    Blackout was so much better. It really hope that she is able to advertise with those songs as well for her comeback. I think they would help a lot.

  • cherish

    perez hilton was wrong, this album isn’t shiteous

  • Lou

    She is singing again, and that is a MAY-JUH step forward. Her voice sounds good this time, and she sounds like she was actually in the recording studio working it out for this album. And I love the songs using her lower register. I love the computer trickery, too, of course!

    Love her or hate her, everyone wants to if you seek Britney!

  • R

    So surprised! It’s so good.
    I love Mannequin!

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  • I LOVE the new Britney!!!! i love all Britney!!!! i’m excited i’m gonna have to get up early and go get the album :)

  • brady james

    OMG!!!! okay, i just finished listening to this….AMAZING ALBUM!!!! i am so much more excited about getting my copy on Dec. $…i have to wait two days for my deluxe version from amazon!!! but i f***ing love it!!!! circus is prolly my fave track, right before if you seek amy….which is brills, and sadly i am one of those who just realized the meaning of the song, and yes, even though i am gay, would be one of those boy who want to….ya know, “seek amy”…. and i really love out from under. that was my only qualm with blackout, no ballads, and i love all ballads. and my only problem with this cd, is sad to say, “my baby”. i mean, it’s beautiful, how much she loves her boys, and the lyrics are wonderful, but the production…. not my fave. it reminds me of “dear diary” on her oops album, which is the only britney song that I truely hate. so overall, i love this album, and so fricken happy that britney is back!!! cant wait for the rolling stone,. and the documentary, and of course the golden day i will see her perform!!! woot woot britney, woot fucking woot!!!!!

  • I have to say, the album is OK, it’s definitely no Blackout. I prefer crazy Britney that makes hot music instead of controlled by the music label safe Britney. Britney might be back but this is a watered down safe version of her.

  • nicole

    for you that cant wait.

  • Taylor

    The first time I listened through, I wasn’t so sure about Mmm Papi, My Baby, and Lace and Leather, but the second time through I LOVED ALL the songs! There’s definitely some songs on this album that take some time to grow on ya, but they’re all good and definitely sound a little more like the old Britney we all know and love!

    Faves: If U Seek Amy, Out from Under, Mannequin, Circus

    There’s also a clip from the Circus music video on the imeem page!

  • alex

    Ok, first of all, I’ve been a Britney hardcore fan since I first heard “Baby one more time” but hey… honestly, this album is SO blah… other than “Womanizer” and “Circus” I’m not feeling this vibe at all :( … “Blackout” was soooo much better even if she was crazy back then, they should re-relase it now with sane Britney :P lol

  • maryuss9

    My baby reminds me of old britney,so innocent,so pure.Go Britney,welcome back on the top and do’t forget:we love u!!

  • mike

    I LOVE the album. Circus is epic, and I love unusual you. I dislike mm papi but that will probs grow on me. I think the album will do so well straight off the mark, and it will continue to be a slow burner through the whole of next year and sell oodles and oodles of copies…

    I can see many singles coming from this…!

  • +sam+

    This is such a bombastic comeback! I can’t wait for December 2nd to come so I can grab this album!!!

  • Kim*uk

    it’s britney biiiiiiitch x

  • Julie

    Just listened to it, it’s actually pretty good! :o)

  • Heather

    First listen I was like, eh…but after listening to it, it’s really really good. (IMO BlackOut was the BEST of her career, but this is pretty good!)

    I really love Blur, and If U Seek Amy (now that I GET IT!). Mmm Papi is…different, but catchy like wildfire. (Now see- I’m Mami, and that makes you Papi,and that makes us, LOVEY!) Wild.Fire.

    I think people are hating on My Baby, but maybe they aren’t parents (?), and don’t get it. Once you’re a parent, you’ll get it! :)

    Overall: Woot Woot! Britney’s back!!!!!!!

  • malisa

    My favourite is If You Seek Amy. Circus is growing on me. Don’t really like Mmm Papi

  • Courtney

    Why is radar on this album?
    It was on Blackout too ..

  • lalo

    dear britney,

    we got your album already off the internet – sorry if that affects your redbull fund!

    all i can say is:


    * in all honesty, there’s half a song on there that has potential if someone remixes it but the rest are a clear sign that the train has wrecked and there ain’t no survivors…

    someone call a paramedic and take the girl back in for treatment, or, give her some headphones and let her listen to some real music, PLEASE, so her and her label will quit forcing her baby talk up our a**es!




  • Sarah

    My fave britney album is actually in the zone…showdown, outrageous etc i love them !


    I thought this album was really good, and a great comeback album for britney.I enjoyed Blackout, but i think she released the wrong songs to be singles. However, I enjoy circus better because, with a few exception( My Baby, Mmm Papi and even Blur), it seems polished and a flowing album. For me, this is the crossroad between an album like In the Zone and Blackout. Her clubby tunes will definately be the highlights, my favourites are Kill the Lights, the dancey Circus, the naughty but clever If U Seek Amy, and the obnoxiously addicting Womanizer. This album is surreal, which kind of fits with the circle theme. I hate the album cover…but overall imenjoying this album.

  • voices

    in kill the light danja says that britney is now the queen of pop, What The Hell????
    Madoona is still and will be the only queen of pop!