The Stars Of ‘Twilight’ Thank You For Your Support


After grossing approximately $7 million dollars in midnight screenings alone, Twilight went on to gross $35 million dollars in just its opening day yesterday (the movie only cost $37 million to make). At the rate that the movie is making money this weekend (the estimation is that it could make somewhere in the area of $75 million over Friday, Saturday and Sunday), it is deffo on track to not only be the #1 movie at the box office but is sure to make enough money to ensure that the sequel, New Moon, can be made. As a result of all this money-making at the box office, the movie studio sent out a Thank You letter to fans which, supposedly, comes from principal stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson themselves:

Bigger than the latest Indiana Jones. Bigger than the biggest James Bond. That’s how big Twilight was yesterday. The $37 million vampire flick, expected to have a killer opening day, had a monster opening day, grossing an estimated $35 million, Exhibitor Relations reported. One-fifth of that gross, or $7 million, came from Friday midnight screenings. The box-office tracking firm said a $75 million Friday-Sunday gross was now a possibility. Going into Friday, $60 million was considered the movie’s best-case scenario. When the counting’s done, Twilight’s Friday take may rank as the 14th or 15th biggest opener of all time, having surpassed the debuts of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ($25 million) and Quantum of Solace ($27 million), to name two recent blockbusters.

Oh yeah, this is pretty much what I expected. Despite the negativity and some bad reviews, I was fairly confident that the rabid Twilighters out there would ensure that this movie enjoyed a boffo weekend at the box office. Did anyone really doubt that New Moon would be made? C’mon, now. Alls I know is that the Twilight Saga franchise has officially gotten underway. There will be loads of tween vampy angst to be had in movie theaters for years to come. You have been warned.

So … how much of this weekend’s box office take do y’all think will be repeat business? Have any of y’all seen (or plan to see) the movie more than once this weekend?


  • Sarah

    Im so excited for New Moon.
    Even though I’ll be crying a lot lol.

    I already saw the movie twice.
    And i plan to go again on monday.

    I love it (:

  • Chelsea

    They had better make EVERY book into a movie. They shoud also do a movie for Midnight Sun, which is Edwards(sigh) side of the story (But only in Twilight). I will be crying all through the second movie, like sarah.

  • Joanna

    i’ve seen it twice and will be seeing again at some point.

  • Robert Pattinson has signed up for two sequels – YES!!!
    I can’t wait for the London premiere, it’s in two weeks and I will be there!

  • Bexx

    I saw the movie on Thursday and am going again tonight… and possibly next Thursday.
    Can’t help it… I’m unconditionally, irrevocably in love with a movie.
    I just really hope that now that they are officially making the next two, the movies don’t just get shoved out before they’re fit for watching.

  • tracey

    Admittedly, I absolutely abhorred the movie when I saw it on opening day. The disappointment was eating me up all night long. However, my sister guilted me into going with her today, and I thoroughly enjoyed it the second time around! I just hope that with the amount they are grossing they will have a bigger budget and be able to make the special FX necessary for the imminent werewolf transformations in “New Moon” better than the special FX in this one!

  • patchyboy

    i am so disappointed in the movie, the books are waaaaaay better, i am a huge fan of the books but the movie is a no go for me, it sucked, and not in a good vampire way.

  • Melanie

    I’ve only seen it once, but am dying to see it again! I loved it…a friend of mine has seen it four times already. Like Tracey she didn’t like it first time around, but now she loves it! Bring on New Moon!!!!

  • Linnea1928

    I saw it last night… it was meh.
    I’m gonna get some flak from the fanatics for this but…
    I thought the first hour could’ve been summed up in about 15 minutes if they had gotten rid of all the slo-mo, shots of fog, and cheesy background music.
    Bella was like a personality vacuum. Seriously, her dad was more dynamic than she was.
    Robert Pattinson was hot though… So the movie is worth seeing just for him.
    Jacob was pretty hot too, but I hope they spend some of the film’s revenue on payin for some acting lessons for him before the next movie. Every line sounded like he was reading from cue cards.

  • Kelly

    I have to admit I didn’t like the movie as much as I had hoped. It doesn’t do the book justice and I’m afraid that people who have not read the book, but did go see the movie, will think it’s too corny. The movie was packed with cheese. That being said, I think I will go see it again with my Twilight girlfriends and I’m sure I will enjoy it a little better. I went opening night with my husband and he hasn’t read the books. He just didn’t get it.

    Real Men Sparkle!

  • rachel

    Saw it at the midnight premiere, then the movie theatre had a 245 am showing, saw it then too with my other group of friends. Then saw it twice on Friday once in the afternoon with my family, then in the evening with my friends and I am seeing it again today with more of my friends. Then tomorrow. I think I am seeing it every day this week. Loved it! Love the books better, but the movie is worth going to see it. ROB PATTINSON IS SO HOT!

  • Kendra

    I saw the movie Thursday/Friday at midnight, and then last night my friend Lorrie and I were bored, so we saw it again at 10, and then rushed and drove 20 minutes to another theatre and saw it at 1240. We are freaks. We love it. Going to see it again tonight with a group haha.

  • Aerolyn

    I saw it at midnight and absolutely loved it! Im going to see it two more times over Thanksgiving break! and im re-reading all the books. : )

  • joe

    Dude! I’ve seen it 4 times!!
    As with any Twi-Hard the first time I saw it I was too busy thinking book/movie and not watching and enjoying the movie. So, for those who have unsure ideas of the movie after seeing it once, totally see it again! I am soo glad I did because the movie rocks!!It is soo true to the book. yeah everything is not in it, but the important stuff is.
    Dude they made Twilight a movie!! There is nothing to complain about.
    Thank our lucky stars that Catherine Hardewicke did this movie theyway the book is rather than having Bella being a popular track star and played by the likes of someone like Linsey Lohan!

  • Jessica

    I saw it at midnight, am seeing it again tomorrow and at least one other time! I thought the movie was just about as faithful to the book as you can get, my only complaint is that I think it should have been longer to give other characters more screen time and to develop things a little better. But I loved it, loved all the actors and love Catherine!

  • Sylvie

    I’ve seen it three times and I thought it was a pretty good adaptation of the novel. I’m excited to see how they go about New Moon, especially with (hopefully) a greater budget. I thought Kristen was great, and Rob was stunning…although some scenes may have been over-acted on his part, other scenes made up for it. Of course they missed out on a lot, but it’s a known fact that movies are never as good as the books. So, for what it is, I don’t really have a lot to complain about.

  • LaLaLa

    I absolutely LOVED the movie and will definitely see it again a few more times and i am so PSYCHED abou the new moon announcement!!

  • Kristin

    I’ve seen it once on opening night and I plan to go again on Monday! This is exciting! I’m glad New Moon is underway!!

  • I have to say, even though I am a level-headed 22 year old New Yorker, I saw it at 10:45 last night and actually already went back again this morning to see it!

    But I have a semi-reasonable excuse. I absolutely loved the move, but everyone in the showing I saw last night was screaming the entire time. That was actually a really fun experience, but I wanted to see it in a relatively empty theater so I could really enjoy the storytelling. So, I went to the 11am showing today and that’s what I got!

    It was amazing that way, I recommend it if you’re a big fan. :)

  • Lana

    Twilight was amazing. I saw it at the midnight premiere Thursday night and it was fabulous. I plan on seeing it again tomorrow morning. I hope to see it as much as I can before it gets taken out of the theatres. It was awesome and I can’t wait for New Moon. I bet the budget will be a lot more than $35 million this time around.

  • Darlene

    Yess!! I’m super happy that they are able to start New Moon, that movie is going to kick some more ass. I hope they improvise on their budget and maybe make it 10x better than Twilight. Twilight still rocks tho! And yes I went to the midnight showing and a few hours later I went to the afternoon showing. A 14 hour separation of Twilight viewing? haha.

  • Samantha

    I saw it twice only because I had several guy friends who weren’t masculine enough to see it without a girl lol I read the books, and the movie wasn’t horrible, but overall it was nice. Of course a movie can never compare to the book, but it was a nice representation of it.

  • Bexx

    So disappointing… I got to the theatre for Twilight take 2… only for the place to be closed…
    Most likely due to the snowstorm today, but that was done at like 2… should have been open again by 9pm.
    Guess I’ll be going tomorrow…

  • Erin

    I went to go see it on Friday. I doubt I will go see it again this weekend, but this week for sure! I want to go when it’s less crowded. I also think it did stick with the book, with only a few minor changes. So … I can’t wait for New Moon, I will bring my tissues for sure!!

  • Jackie

    Saw it w/a group of 20 and we liked it. Of course its not as good as the book, but I think they did a great job considering the budget, so I hope that the New Moon movie is 10x better than Twilight.

    Its cheesy yes, but I don’t mind 2 hrs of drooling over the hot guys! :)

  • Katt

    YAY!!!! I’m SO excited for the second movie. as cheesy as it was, i loved it ;)

  • Sarah

    Yeah, I will see it again. It reminds me of Titanic- I saw that movie on Leo’s hotness alone at least 14 times before it hit the dollar theaters- so Im embracing my inner 12 year old and will see it again before Thanksgiving. I didn’t have very high expectations of the movie since most film adaptations aren’t that great and I knew the cheesy fog shots would be in there, but I was still surprised at how much I ended up liking it beyond cute boys. I hope the flaws get fixed before New Moon but even then I will be there.

  • apples

    I refuse to watch bullshit. I’ve already read enough of that poorly-written crap, and I do not want to relive it again.

  • willa

    i’ve seen it 2x and still planning to go for the 3rd & 4th….& possibly 5th? ‘love it!!!

  • tina

    i loved it, a lot. i saw it friday night, and even though a lot of stuff was left out and the movie was rushed, i still enjoyed watching parts of the book being acted out.

    definitely can’t wait for new moon, that will be the most emotional one.

  • tina

    oh and i forgot to mention- hahaha of course i’m going to see it more than once!

  • Kit

    Wow, I think New Moon Might be the most depressing movie ever- maybe they should combine New Moon and Eclipse??Make it more intersting and a lot less sadness.But Eh. I’m going to go and see the movie tomorrow(cause its Utah so I’m sure it won’t be that busy XD) I’m not really expecting much from it :) but hopefully its pretty good. But I doubt I’ll see it more then once ^^

  • Jaycee

    I’m thinking I’m gonna hit up a midnight showing myself, even after seeing ‘Twilight’ on a Friday afternoon. I had bought tickets for the earliest showtime I could get away to (3:45), but the place was still packed with highly “enthusiastic” tweenagers. The amount of giggling/screaming/”awing”, etc. that went on was very distracting, but anticipated. I was glad the girls were having such a great time with their friends. However, I would like to see it again just to see if I’d like the film any better. IMO, Kristen Stewart was TERRIBLE (the monotone voice and eyelash batting was overkill), Robert Pattinson got the job done (still fell flat fairly frequently), and the others did their jobs. I wish they could’ve cut the James bits that aren’t in the book and devoted that time to the ending that rushed by in about 10 minutes. Also, the seemingly endless gazes between characters were pretty obnoxious (but then again, pretty true to the book) and the effects I felt were nowhere NEAR up to par (‘Smallville’ has better effects that what I saw onscreen last night). It was all so fast, though I know a huge book like ‘Twilight’ cannot possibly meet my expectations within a 2 hour time frame. Again, hopefully a repeat viewing will satisfy me until ‘New Moon’ comes out. :)

  • lalalala

    just cam back from seeing it …. i thought it was amazing!!! Different from the book in some parts and missing stuff but none the less amazing.

  • lalalala

    PS: trent you should check out this spoof

  • Heather

    I saw it at midnight Thursday night with some friends. I saw it again today at 1 pm with my cousin because she didn’t have anyone to see it with her. Then I saw it again tonight at 8:30 with two other friends. I’ll probably see it some more ;)

  • Stacey E

    I am so happy that they are making new moon. twilight was awesome and i’m sure the next one will be just as good. Pink is the new Twilight :)*

  • Roxster

    Wow I can’t believe that so many people saw it so many many times over…I thought it was a bit much for me to go again next week with a guy friend. Anyway..I didn’t expect much for the effects b/c they made a point of frequently mentioning that they had a tiny budget and they had to get creative with the effects. It was like they basically admitted yeah they’re cheesy. I thought Robert was great as Edward. He did a great job of paying attention to the details of his character, especially with the mind reading. Love it in the scene with Carlisle outside the police station, and the caf smiling when he heard Jessica talking about him. The other Cullens did a great job making the most of their screen time and showing their characteristics, especially Jasper I thought Jackson was great (though Edward never mentioned his talent to Bella). Loved how Victoria stole the shirt off the guy she killed. The tracker scene was super rushed and prob confusing to anyone who didn’t know the books…it wasn’t entirely clear that Alice saw James react and that Edward heard Alice’s thoughts. Annoyed by the way they sort of messed with Stephanie’s “vampire rules” (Victoria at the prom and Edward doesn’t smell her? it takes a gust of wind for James to fully realize Bella is a human, and Edward doesn’t hear him standing outside Bellas house?). Bothered immensely by the overacting, esp in the bio scene which I blame mostly on Catherine. Also blame her for weird camera angles, especially during the wood scene. Kristen was basically flat in every scene with Edward, I felt she had more chemistry with Taylor. And I could see how Ebert came to the conclusion that they fall in love to be in love b/c of those two music montages where they’re bonding you didn’t hear what they bond over. I get why Stephanie insisted on leaving “so the lion fell in love with the lamb” line but it was just so painful to watch…almost as painful as the bio scene. Also hated the hospital freak out, specifically the line “you can’t say those things to me” as if she has some history of abandonment issues. She is supposed to be strong, the rock for both her parents (though she and charlie hit up the diner probably every night since thats what she inferred when she told him off and we never saw her cook for him, boo). So that was an over-done effort to infer what happens in New Moon. The other new moon shadowing was good and well set up (I leave you alone for a second and the wolves descend…greatline)I hate when movies throw in the sequel set up at literally the last second, so that was well done and developed throughout the prom scene. The music was good I liked it, and loved how they used rob’s two pieces at two of the most important scenes. I thought it made it extra poignant knowing that “Edward” wrote them and they really complimented the moments well, especially the ballet scene EXCEPT that it doesn’t take Carlisle telling him to stop in the book, he does it completely on his own which is of major significance in terms of what it says about his personal strength and love for her over his love for her blood. bottom line” the movie was hurt most by its a) budget which will definitely change for new moon b) by its script and c) by its director

  • Megan

    Well i went and saw it friday with a friend who loves it. I had never read any of the books but i went and saw it anyways. I really liked it. i decided to go get twilight and new moon. I just finished twilight, it was soo good. Way better than the movie. The movie spent way to much time on them at the beginning, and didn’t go into enough detail about edwards family and the whole vampire trying to kill her thing.

  • Missliz Murder

    Ive been a fan since 2006. I was too worried about the movie that I didnt get to enjoy it as well ….. So I went the 2nd time friday night , I was content with it . Then when tonight for the 3rd time and I loved it!

    Going to see it ALL ALONE tomorrow afternoon…. 4th time.

  • The movie wasn’t good enough for me to see more then once…I am glad they are making the sequel though. However I hope it’s a bigger budget and they dont leave a lot out

  • athena


  • Mckenzie

    I’ve only seen it once (midnight showing) because I had Lasik surgery Friday morning… I wanted Twilight to be the last thing I saw if I happened to go blind !!
    I didn’t *love* it… but I’ve heard it’s much better the second time around because you aren’t comparing it to the book as much. Things I loved:
    -The baseball scene (Alice was fierce)
    -Charlie (seriously stole the show)
    -Jacob (I’m convinced NO ONE on the entire EARTH would make a more perfect Jacob)
    -The over-the-top use of slang words by Mike Newton and Eric… “Playa Playa” seriously?!? LOL
    -Kristen’s freak out in the hospital was a PERFECT set up for New Moon
    YES I will see it again! And YES I can’t wait for New Moon!!!

  • i went on opening night, but didnt get to see the last 45 minutes of the movie because the sound died…. i was pissed but they gave me free passes and my money back but it still doesntmake up for the fact that i missed it on friday

  • Zanne

    I’ve only seen it once so far (the midnight showing Thursday night) but I can’t wait to see it again. I almost broke down and went again last night but I’ve got a project due tomorrow so I’m trying to make myself finish that before indulging in my obsession again! I’ll probably reward myself Monday night after it’s finished though! ;)

    Btw, Roxster, they really didn’t mess too much with Stephenie’s “vampire rules” in the movie. In the book James didn’t realize Bella was human until a breeze ruffled her hair and he caught her scent. And in the book they knew James would be near Bella’s house too – they wanted him to hear her say she was going to Phoenix, which he did, and they wanted him to follow them away from Charlie’s house, which he did.

  • Samantha

    I saw the movie and I have never read any of the books, and I liked the movie. It was much better than I thought it would be but at the same time I think it could have been a lot better. I think it was the crappy special effects that hindered the movie from being not just good but great. The second movie will be made with much more money so everything will probably be a lot better.

  • Stephanie

    72 million thus far this weekend. can’t wait to see the numbers from worldwide ticket sales cuz the rest of the planet hasn’t gotten to see it yet.

  • nicole

    I LOVED IT! I went to the midnight showing and then again on Friday night ! yes I am hopelessly in love with Edward..its a sickness

  • Robert Pattinson has signed up for TWO MORE SEQUELS already. How they possibley have another actor to play Edward Cullen after Robert has done it so well…? He may be very British (those of you familiar witht he Harry Potter movies will remember him as Cedric Diggory) but he can cut that American accent rather well. Plus he’s still only 22, so it’s not as if he’s gonna look like Edward’s aged much in the next few years, because for obvious reasons he CAN’T age!
    I’m so excited about the London premiere, less than two weeks away now!

  • donna

    omgg, i watched it on Friday.
    and i’m planning to watch it on Tuesday and Wednesday again.
    i’m a Twilight fan for sure (:
    Robert PAttinson played the role of Edward incredibly well. i adore him.

  • Kelly

    I agree with Roxster on pretty much everything. I thought Kristen did a horrible acting job. But it is what it is.

  • Loved it. Will definitely go see it again, alone, without boys with me. Jacob couldn’t have been any hotter…

  • BB

    I hope the actors get some acting lessons before “New Moon”. I’ve read all the books and love the series but the movie was just awful. To many silent stares and awkward pauses. I didn’t believe Kristen’s Bella. I took a friend who hasn’t read the series and asked if the books were as boring.

  • Becky

    Ok, I was prepared for not loving the movie… I don´t know of one book that has been made into a movie that did it justice. That said, since I didn´t have high expectations I really liked it. Rob was an excellent Edward, I think he even added a bit of comedy that I didn´t see in the movies and it worked… So I will definetly see it again.

  • Kit

    I just got back from the Movie, It was better then I thought it would be. If you go into watching it not expecting it to be exactly like the book, its enjoyable. Though I still wish Gaspard Ulliel would have been Edward, I think Rob did a good job, along with all of the other actors. I actually thought Kristen was a great Bella, I didn’t see anything wrong with her acting and I loved Charlie he was really funny XD
    They played out the akward father and daughter moments well,Though I doubt I’ll see the movie again. But I’ll probably buy it when it comes out ^^

  • Really? Did any of you guys ACTUALLY watch the movie?!? It was ridiculous! Awkward and humorous where it’s just not suppose to be. There was NO chemistry at all between Bella and Edward. There was really no explanation of the back story of the Cullens, the high school characters were awfully portrayed. Awful, awful movie! I demand my $6.25 back!

  • Jax

    If you go in having LOW expectations, on this low budget film and realize that NO movie was ever made just like the book, Harry Potter movies being the best examples, then you’ll enjoy Twilight.

    I loved it and knew it wasn’t gonna be like the book.

    Jacob, Jasper, Emmett, Rob and James were perfect IMO.

    Rosalie didn’t look how I pictured but got the attitude right.

    Alice was perfect but I wish there was more of her

    Carlise is a sexy s.o.b.

    Charlie was perfect

    Bella was annoying…but she’s very annoying in the book as well, so what did you expect people??? :)

  • Jade

    I loved the movie, i thought it was really great =) I saw it twice on opening day. Once at midnight, the next that night. I’m prob going again tomorrow. I’m so excited that Catherin Hardewick made it possible to love. I was afraid of how it was going to turn out, and i already wish it was on DVD so i could watch it everyday.

    #1 Baby =)

  • BettyJ

    I’m not going to see it again in the theater. I’ll buy the dvd for sure though. It was rather slow but that is how the book was too. Rob did a great job as Edward and Kristen did a horrible job as Bella. She shook her head WAY too much and it looked like she had some sort of spasm problem. It looked like she didn’t know how to act, like she was practicing her lines and was lost or something. I hope she does better in new moon.

  • Rachel

    I saw it Friday night with my best friend, today with my boyfriend and plan to see it again with my mom who is also reading the books. I loved it…can’t wait for “New Moon”!

  • vgan

    I don’t know about the weekend totals but I must say Trent’s comment about “tween vampy angst” was stinking hilarious!!!!

  • tianna

    the movie was amazing!
    i watched it twice opening day & i loved it (:

  • Lola

    I’ve seen the movie once so far, and plan to see it at least once more this week. I loved the movie, but only because I’ve read the book. I don’t think people that haven’t read the book will understand it the way the rest of us do. Some of the acting could have been a bit better, I’m disappointed that the rest of the cullens didn’t get as much exposure as they do in the book. Jasper only had one line in the movie!
    I think they definitely could have made it longer… at LEAST 2.5 hours.
    With all that being said, I enjoyed it…. but probably only because I’m super fan of the books.

  • gennà

    Totally excited for the next movies I hope its out next year!!! And def going to see the movie at least two more times!

  • Aliciarose

    I have seen it four times since thursday night and plan on seeing it sunday with my friends that are home for vacation. I absolutely loved the chemistry between Rob and Kristen and can not wait to see this film at least 3 more times before it is out of theaters. Good job Summit !