Robert Pattinson Gives Tyra Banks A Pain In The Neck


Robert Pattinson (and Taylor Lautner) taped an appearance on The Tyra Banks Show this week (scheduled to air on Friday November 28) and the result is NOT TO BE MISSED by Twilight fans. Asking the question that every screaming Twilighter on Earth would love to ask of R. Pattz, Tyra implored of the actor “Will you bite my neck?”, and he happily complied:

Woot! Looks hawt! I’m sure there are quite a few folks out there who wish Robert Pattinson would put his open mouth on their necks but, unfortch, they’re gonna have to life vicariously thru Tyra Banks. Make sure you tune into The Tyra Banks Show next Friday to see this bite in action.

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[Photo credit: Warner Bros./Michael Loccisano]

  • kristy

    OMFE! im am so jealous rite now..

  • athena


    whereas i sure don’t want him biting me, the guy cracks me up!! he’s also so hot…

    i hope they make New Moon….

  • Nicole.

    am i the only girl who doesnt find him all that cute?

  • kristy

    i think so nicole.. lol

    btw im going to see the movie in t-minus one hour! eek so excited!

  • Vicki

    I was there at the taping and it was hilarious! I think everyone in the audience was shocked that she was so bold to ask that (and maybe a bit jealous that we weren’t the ones getting bitten!). The experience was so surreal; we were in the next to farthest row back but the audience is small and we still had a great view of the stage, but seeing him in person was CRAZY! It felt a little like there was a big movie screen in front of us that we were watching.

    He’s just as handsome in person.

  • Katt

    that is HOT

  • umm yeah that is pretty hot. damn you tyra.

  • R

    Ohh my godd.
    I’m so jealous.

  • Ewww, vampire porn…..not hot!!!

  • LaLaLa

    he is so effin hot

  • Anneyss

    I want one too!!

  • Shana

    Has he washed his hair yet? Just wondering.

  • Shana

    I’m not hatin’ on the guy…at all. It’s just that he looks like a guy I saw on Intervention and I have a dark sense of humor. Therefore someone would be offended if I said anything more.

  • Zainab

    ughhh omgosh, damn you tyra! :'(
    cant believe he actually did it!

  • umm…… tyra im guessing u liked that… looked like u loved it …….

  • kara

    Tyra looks a little awkward.

  • maggie

    Tyra seems to have kind of an ‘O’ face in the second pic, lol

  • Christine

    Can’t wait for The Soup to make fun of this!

  • Natalie

    Rob is totally growing on me. He was fantastic as Edward, but he seems like a really funny, humble person in real life. I think it’s so great that he doesn’t have so many inhibitions and is able to show his crazy side (on Tyra no less).

  • Maya B

    tyra banks has lost it. someone needs to tell her she has lost it.

  • me too Nicole. I don’t find him cute. however I’m gonna watch the movie. I love the book though.

  • Zainab

    rob’s facial expressions were priceless.
    he got soo awkward and was like”what?where?”
    hahah awww

  • KORN


  • Serena

    @ Christine:

    OMG, I thought the EXACT same thing!

    Still, I’d give anything to have been in Tyra’s place there =)

  • I love how Robert Pattinson on this show was so cooperative.. it was really funny. He was completely comfortable with the panties and was totally for biting Tyra sort of in the role of Edward asking her if she was sure :P.

    Taylor was hilarious. Not too comfortable with the panties and was so cute and shy.

    Both were awesome. Better than any Kristen Stewart interview. (Jebus, shoot me if i see another one)