Cheyenne Jackson Calls Kathie Lee Gifford A ‘Bitch’


Pink reader John gave me the head’s up that Broadway hottie Cheyenne Jackson (formerly of Xanadu) was a guest this morning on The Today Show (4th Hour) and while that isn’t necessarily all that interesting in and of itself, what he got caught saying (or mouthing) is very interesting … and LOL-worthy. As Today host Kathie Lee Gifford was introducing Cheyenne on the show, she revealed that he was late to the studio because he had overslept … unbeknownst to Cheyenne, the camera panned to him and he was caught mouthing the words “oh, bitch” — behold:

LOLOLOL! I’m sure he didn’t mean it but … damn, that was funny as hell (and, really, who hasn’t thought about saying the same thing about KLG?). Cheyenne Jackson is too much of a sweetie to really call anyone a bitch on live TV … even tho that’s exactly what he got caught doing. After the jump, check out a sexy and semi-NSFW image of Cheyenne (wearing only a pair of white boxers) making an apology to Kathie Lee

I’m sure all’s forgiven ;)

[Source, thanks John]

  • L

    haha that is hilarious

  • tiffany

    HAHAHA Thats why I love Cheyenne

  • Panti Christ

    that is so great!

  • Lauraloohoo

    so true.
    love it!

  • That is so funny.
    And look at his body those thighs, calves, and everything! YUM!!

  • lindyloo

    Oh God, I love him.
    That was so funny and cute as hell.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    That is HILARIOUS!!!

  • Mike

    That was sweet!!!

  • Melinda

    Oh no he di’int! hahaha…….that was priceless……

  • tanya

    I’m not familiar with Cheyenne or any of his work but I already love him! Kathie Lee totally deserved that; you don’t need to call anyone out like that (unless you know them and it’s in jest). Show him some respect.

  • Dana

    Haha, booyah beyotch! Reminds me of that vid of the guy who told Hoda and Kathie Lee both to STFU, in nicer terms.

  • rrright

    it was in jest and i’m sure kathie lee thought it was a friggin riot
    too funny

  • me

    I am sure he meant it but he got caught and everyone in america agrees with him! Did you see the one where she had it out with some chef who told her to shut up and listen. Who let her back on tv! Funny, thanks for sharing.

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