Guess Who’s Rockin’ The Porn’stache


Can you guess which hawt Hollywood actor has become the latest male celeb to get on board with the new facial hair trend?

This guy enjoys fame on the small screen but not on network TV. Additionally, he set tongues wagging when it was discovered that he is dating his on-screen sister in real life. After the jump, find out who it is and check out more pics of this guy’s new ‘stached look …

It’s Michael C. HallShowtime’s Dexter:

I’m not exactly sure how I feel about this new look for Mr. Hall. I’m afraid he looks a little too much like Robin Hood to me … mebbe if he shaved off the soul patch he’d look better? You will note that Michael is standing next to Jennifer Carpenter (who plays his foul-mouthed sister Deb on Dexter) … I’m glad to see that they’re still together. I wonder what she really thinks about his new look. Mebbe it’s for a new role, mebbe it’s just for fun but I don’t think I want him to keep it for long. This is a look I’m not really loving just yet. Do any of y’all like it?

[Photo credit: Splash News]

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  • Tiffany

    I guessed Danny Bonaduce haha!

  • Heather


  • Tommy


  • Bleeding Ears

    LOL@ Heather

    I second that.

  • ju-ju bean

    My immediate thought was, “Hmmm…why is Trent blogging about Danny Bonaduce? Dude is so fug!”

    Awww…what a disappointment to see this is my favourite serial killer!

    WTF is he thinking? Anything is better than this – a goatee, full beard, etc. What with the small little handle bars and the soul patch, I’m totes turned off.

  • O.M.G. LOL! I don’t even have the heart to mention the resemblance … HAHAHAHAHA!

  • Amie

    Ugh! I really hope that’s for a movie or something! He is such a hot “serial killer” that I’d hate for that image to be ruined! :)

  • Brenda

    Who knew he had a ginger ‘stache at that. Way to close to looking like Danny Bonaduce.

  • Lauren

    It’s movember in Australia. Mo for mo’ stache in November. Everyone grows one to support prostate cancer awareness.

  • Lauren

    It’s Movember in Australia! Grow a mo to support prostate cancer awareness in November.

  • nae


  • nae

    looks bad on him. although i like the Movember move in australia.

  • alisa

    Maybe their making a new John Holmes movie. LMAO

  • christine

    ew, he looks creepy

  • Rocktherepublic

    I had no idea he’d separated form his wife.

  • nanu

    It’s Movember in Canada too. Everyone here is sporting a stache.

  • Panti Christ

    Someone please get this man his denim jumpsuit and a can of Genesee Cream Ale STAT

  • Katt

    dude, no idea that he was a redhead?????? i thought danny b as well! lol

  • Janelle

    nooo not dexter! the disease has spurread!

  • Veronica

    awe….i think he looks cute….i love dexter!!!!

  • Pam

    guessed it in my first try.. love dexter! hate the facial hair.. ewwww, but I forgive him, he is my favourite serial killer, right after Patrick Bateman.

  • aimie

    as whoopi would say….”whaaaat the heeeeeell?”

  • Sean

    I think it’s soooo hot! I love it!!! Yummy!!!

  • kimmy

    its mo-vember! or novembeard….the month to support prostate cancer

  • Kari

    Is it weird that I guess him right away?
    and then reading the description underneath made me know 100% it was him?

    although the red is a little confusing!

  • pooneck

    what is up with the ginger? he doesn’t rock the facial hair well at all.

  • heidi

    It makes sense, his father died from prostate cancer.
    I like him and his facial hair, he´s sexy anyway.

  • Erica

    That looks awful, when I couldn’t see his face I thought he was Danny Bonaduce. I had no idea he was a red head…

  • fertility

    love your “Deb comment” ;) :D

  • ruiceAret

    You got to check this video out I found on Youtube. Its badass.

    Let me know what you guys think.

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  • Sam Fitzgerald

    MYO are doing their bit for Movember!