The Jackmans Have A Pool Party


Okay, seriously … no celeb father spends as much time playing with his kids as Hugh Jackman does. While there may be other celeb dads who spend a lot of time with their kids, I can’t think of another who spends as much time playing with his children as Hugh does. Over the weekend, we got to see a few hawt pics of Hugh doing a bit of training with his personal trainer at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia and today we get to see a few more pics of the wet and half-nekkid Hugh … but this time, he’s enjoying a day at the pool with his children Oscar and Ava … behold:

Dang … wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to enjoy a playdate with Hugh Jackman? I mean … yeah. Anyways … Hugh’s playtime with the kiddies this weekend wasn’t relegated to just wet fun … he and daughter Ava (dressed as Snow White) spent some time at a local park as well:

All I know is that Hugh Jackman looks like a fun dad. Those kids are very lucky to have him. And we are very lucky to watch them sometimes. Le sigh.

[Photo credit: INFdaily, Bauer-Griffin]

  • La Princesa

    Hugh seems like a grrrrreat dad! He adopted 2 adorable kiddos, too. I looooooooooove this! Thank you, Trent, as always, for making my day! :)

    I have to ask, though…where’s his wife in all this?

  • Pam

    Dang! I wish I could get to call him daddy…
    Who wants to see his wife princess, first of she cramps his style, she is Fugly and looks a lot older and second.. I like seeing him solo or plus kids a lot better than seeing him with his wife.
    Australia definitely produces men of good quality huh?

  • Robert

    Is it just me or does it seem like Hugh is pinching his nipples in the last picture?

  • Kim1206

    Sydney has been getting some serious eye candy lady.. check out the new bond girl attending a photo shoot there,

  • Duckie

    He looks like such a fun dad! We see so many pics of him playing with his children! It’s really cool he makes sure he has quality time with his kids :)