Kristen Stewart’s ‘Twilight’ Promo Tour


Last week I posted a few photos of Twilight stars Taylor Laughter (Jacob) and Rachelle Lefevre (Victoria) at an in-store appearance at a Hot Topic store in Seattle, WA and today we get to see a few pics of Twilight protagonist Kristen Stewart (Bella) at one of her only two in-store appearances at a Hot Topic store at Fair Oaks Mall in Fairfax, Virginia (she also appeared at a Hot Topic at Garden State Plaza in Paramus, NJ). It would appear that K. Stew wasn’t all that excited about meeting and greeting the throngs of rabid Twilight fans who queued up to meet her:

In her defense, they have been runnin’ the poor girl ragged over the last couple of weeks. Just this weekend, she met up with some of her co-stars in Toronto, CA to make an appearance on Much Music there.

But, thankfully for Kristen, she has been allowed to return to her home in SoCal for a hot minute … here are pics of her grand arrival back home yesterday:

But, no rest for the weary, I’m afraid. The Hollywood premiere of Twilight is this week and with the movie opening in theaters on Friday, I’m sure she still has much promoting left to do.

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[Photo credit: Splash News, Bauer-Griffin]

  • Kammie

    I dunno, for whatever reason she just doesn’t strike me as very pretty…or excited about this movie.

  • christine

    i don’t think she is pretty at all. while i’m sure it can be exhausting, again, it goes with the job.

  • Fae

    I think people are being a little harsh on her. So she’s not the bright, bubbly So Cal girl we’re used to seeing … it’s actually a bit refreshing to me.

    As for these photos … there’s really only one (top right) that shows her in anything less than a gracious manner … and really, we can’t expect every shot everyone takes to be a good one. Someone caught her right at the second where she let her guard down. No big deal. She clearly recovered herself quickly.

    Give the girl a break people. There’s not many of us who could keep up her hectic schedule and come through smiling.

  • Roxster

    The first thing that sticks out to me about these pics is that its almost the end of November and she is wearing a tank top…granted she was in Virginia, but still…its cold!! Love her NOLA t-shirt though! Trent – she is prob back in town for the LA premiere which is tonight. Can’t wait to see pics from that!!

  • kristy

    i dont know but im really starting to dislike kristen stewart.. like i loved her at first for bella but now watching her in interviews and all these photos of her at signings she just looks so pissed off all the time.. and i understand that she didnt realise how cult crazy people were about the books when she signed on but she just seems so unhappy about all the attention. like she barely answered any of her questions when she was in toronto, most of them she just said i dont know and she just seems so pissed off at the world

  • hmmm

    this girl looks constantly annoyed by the thing that will make her super famous: the twilight movie(s)…i ask yall: wtf is up with this girl? shouldnt she run around smiling cause she knows she got a looooot of money in the bank21

  • i fucking love this girl

    she sometimes comes off a bitch, but shes only 18.
    I’m not an extreme rabid twilight fan but i do love the books, this is probs all really new to her so shes not gonna handle it like amazingly well.

    nevertheless i dont think shes taking the newfound fame for granted.

    i love her whole teenage angst vibe shes giving us

  • Joanne

    I agree with Fae – we are too used to seeing bubbly – overly smiley, (sometimes) fake females. Kristen seems refreshingly normal – because she’s an actual actor – not a fame whore … (remember she was in Panic Room with Jodie Foster)

  • Monay

    even if she’s an actor: she’s a 18 year old grl ppl! she’s got a lil bitch in her. god! dun every teen??? and i dink she’s very pretty (she doesn’t cake makeup on her face.)

  • Lora

    I have to agree with others, she’s not your usual Hollywood starlet. She’s more introverted than she lets on, I think. The cast has done multiple photo shoots, running all over the country…it’s bound to take a physical toll on you. I hope they get a good break after the premiere tonight.

  • Jessica

    idk, i think she is a very private person and doesn’t like to be the center of attention. i agree with joanne. shes not the usual fame whore and i respect her for that. she is very pretty because she doesnt have to cake makeup on whenever she goes somewhere. and she seems like the typical 18 yr old.
    uh, “hmm.”, i think that acting is her passion and that she doesnt care whether she is making money or not. she loves to act and doesnt like all the attention. i dont think she likes talking to like reporters but she seems like a really cool person if ur like, her best friend. she is very introverted and i think she doesnt want the media to interfer with her personal life, that is why she seems so reclusive all the time.

  • kristine

    i think she’s awesome. she’s not your typical fame hungry actress. she’s very serious about the roles she plays and she’s done fabbb in the movies. she isn’t an attention-whore! just like bella, she’s rather not walk in the limelight even if the limelight is following her constantly. she’s more like bella than we give her credit for.

    i think she’s awesome, and i think she’s a refreshingly good actress! just kuz she’s not bubbly and all over the tabloids and partying/enjoying the attention, doesn’t mean she’s a bitch. she seems like a private person and she’s very modest! and i believe thats a great trait.

  • Jamie

    Ok. of course they post the worst pics they can find…I MET HER THAT NIGHT AT THE SIGNING AND SHE LOOKED NOTHING LIKE THAT. she was full of smiles!
    and of course you may look a little tired after signing 500 autographs! kristen is awesome:)

  • Tiffani

    kristen is very excited about the film and the tour,
    and of course she is tired. but these are just pics of her looking here and there, making it seem like she isn’t happy about the promoting. and i have to disagree whoever said that kristen isn’t pretty. she is beautiful. just like cathriene said she has the unique beauty, and her skin and face has a porcelain look too it. her beauty is classy.

  • laura

    yeah i was there that night at fairfax to and she was very very very sweet and nice!!!! her and nikki were joking around the entire time it was great! they always choose the worst pictures and blow them out of porportion! ughhhh

  • Nicole

    I think Kristen is really pretty especially when she gets dressed up thats when she looks gorgeous. Like the other comments, Kristen seems very normal and humble. Its really refreshing to see an actress like her. I actual respect the fact that she doesn’t change herself to be some bubbly girl just for the twilight fans. I mean she is who she is and she sticks with that. I also really love her style!

  • KD

    Sure, she’s got some pretty big bags under her eyes, but she’s under a lot of stress and she smokes. Big deal, so does 90% of the country.

    I personally think she’s gorgeous! And she’s definitely my hero for not conforming to the typical young adult stereotype in Hollywood. I’ve admired her even before I found out she was cast as Bella.

  • i tHink kRisten is just dOin’ heR jOb …mayBe she dOn’t like tO pLay isabella swan..she isn’t lOOk happy..u guys tHinK that she enjOy that?? lOOks Like sHe dOn’t…she always lOOks pissed Off anD a lOt oF fans aRe pretty dIssapOinted =(

  • Lexi

    Kristen Stewart rocks! She’s not a fake little Britney Spears running around,” Oh wow, look at me I’m so awesome and I’m rich too!!!!!!” She understands Bella far more than any other actress who could have played Bella. Just because a person doesn’t smile when these crazy people take these pictures doesn’t mean they are all depressed and hate the world. Think about it, if your smiling for every picture the papparazzi takes of you, you’d have a pretty sore and tired face. Most of the people who write stuff about K-Stew have probably not even read the books or pretend they have because TWILIGHT’s the ‘cool’ thing of the moment. Stop and think of the more important things you could do right now instead of gossiping about Twilight. just saying.


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  • Joel

    She looks exhausted, seriously. poor girl. Maybe she’s just stressed and everything man.hope she can handle it well:)

  • I understand why she looks that way all the time I mean seriously people she is going here and there all around the world almost I mean I would be pissed and sick too I’m an actress also not that I’m famous or anything but just think about it more than a 100 interviews a day and asking the same damn questions all the time wouldn’t you be pissed off?

  • Vex

    Shes just tired, who wouldn’t be?

  • nina

    I agree with kristy, darling, you’ve been put in a position that people would kill ot be in and she looks as if sh’e shaving the worst time of her life. If she didn’t want to do this, why did she get into acting. I personally would hate to come to a signing of my favourite star (by the way, she’s not mine, I don’t like the way she acts in twilight and don’t really think she’s bella worthy) to only see them there checking their watches every 5 minutes. She should be grateful for what she has, put on a smile and leave the doom and glom for when she gets home, it’s what she signed up for

  • Rachael

    im with all you girls who back up kristen. all you who are like omg shes not smiling shes so unenthusiastic blah blah blah, shes probably sooo exhausted from all the promotion! shes just being herself, geez, poor thing. plus shes expressed so many times her passion for twilight and her gratitude for being given the role and the opporunity to bring it to life. PLUS she is only EIGHTEEN!! ..and she is exactly what this world needs, a NORMAL and GOOD role model who takes her job seriously for what it is, a JOB, not a lifestyle. i think it is so refreshing to see a young actress who takes pride in her work, works hard at it and doesnt just try to ham it up all the time and cash in on her fame. and the fact that you dont see her in the magazines at parties all the times is a huge plus as well. young girls desperately need someone like this to look up to instead of other girls who are so desperate to wear the hottest clothes, to go the hottest clubs and cash in as much as they can on their celebrity status- thats not admirable. but working hard and staying true to your character is, and i think kristen is a perfect example of that.

  • team edward

    She does appear cold but she’s more used to doing small independent movies so I think she’s just not use to all the hype.

    It seems like everyone on Twilight can play the guitar….first Jackson & Rob now Kristen too, why are they all so talented???

  • OCDperson

    …….before you accuse, critizise and abuse walk a mile in HER shoes. She is a natural beauty. She needs no makeup to look pretty and her personality is quite and kind of shy. I think she is a great person. She does a great job as Bella. Give her a break.

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  • Nykki

    Honestly though, she’s always been like that. Even when filming the movie, she just didn’t seem to care much for interviews or people asking her questions. She always seemed to be elsewhere when in interviews. I’m thinking for her, this is a job. Thats all it is. Its not woohoo people want to interview me? Really? Yay! … for her its more like, i did my job here now let me go home. In a way its understandable but in another, its like, you know now to expect insane amounts of people to come see you, at least act fake happy. thats all were asking. Dont make it seem like you dont deserve this fame.

  • Chiara

    i often look like this and it’s not because I’m bored or tired or anything. i never realize it until i see pictures of me where i look all stressed even though i’m not :D maybe it’s the same with kristen, she’s just trying to look normal and seems really pissed off.
    but i could really understand if she thought some of the fans were just ridiculous.

  • cs

    Oh give her a break everybody.

    Thank goodness she’s not a rabid fangirl like all the tweens who hyperventilate simply when the word ‘Twilight’ is mentioned.

    She’s an extremely mature and understated young woman. I think her responses in interviews go way over the heads of the children reading them. She’s so intelligent and thoughtful – exactly what this out of control franchise needs.

  • kelly

    she looks like lisa marie presley…anyone?

  • Gimmieabreak

    Exhausted, my @$$!!! What about the other actors and actresses in the movie! They all look so chipper and well spoken. Kristen is the only one with irritation in her tone of voice as if she could care less about her fans. I don’t care if she’s private or not. She should have known better than to be an actress if she was expecting nothing from this movie. The gal who plays Rosalie would have been a super cute Bella since she does look gorgeous as a brunette!!