Matthew McConaughey Surfaces … As A Skateboarder


Matthew McConaughey is back, y’all! You may be wondering, Back from where, Trent? Well … lemme speculate here for a min and then get to the new pics. It seems like it’s been an ice age since we last saw Matthew and/or his new family (babymama Camila Alves and newborn son Levi Alves) here on the blog. In fact, the last time we saw any of them was back on October 15 when the family were snapped taking care of preparations on the fam’s motor-home RV. I guessed back then that the family might be about to embark on a family vacay in the RV … and then they fell off the face of the planet. I suppose it’s feasible that the family did, indeed, leave SoCal for a family trip to the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone Park or whatever and have just recently returned home. Here are new pics of Matthew back on the LA scene, doing a bit of skateboarding with his cute little pooch:

Truth be told … I didn’t even miss him much. After those last pics, I kinda forgot he existed … BUT, he’s back again and I suppose it’s nice to see new pics of him. ‘Course, I think I’d be much happier to see pics of the guy doing a bit of shirtless surfing (or at least in rubber!) but I guess the beaches aren’t quite warm enough anymore for any of that tomfoolery. Ah well … Matthew’s back and that’s the point.

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • Kendra

    Question..What’s that stick all about? The one in his hands, not in his pants..Just thought I should clarify..

  • Ani

    That’s a long board fo sho! much easier!

  • Joanne

    You have to love this guy! LOL

  • Katie

    The BigStick land paddle is made by a company called Kahuna Creations from Hawaii. Shapers of and land paddles-