Peace The Spork Out, ‘Lipstick Jungle’


Sad news for fans of the NBC shows Lipstick Jungle and My Own Worst Enemy … it is being reported that both shows have been given the axe and will be yanked off the air post haste due to poor ratings. While I doubt many people will shed a tear for Enemy (except for the 7 Christian Slater fans out there somewhere), I imagine that there are quite a few fans of Jungle (like my boo David and my friend Darion) who will be lamenting the demise of their show. It’s dunzo, y’all:

NBC has pulled the plug on freshman tentpole drama “My Own Worst Enemy” and returning sophomore series “Lipstick Jungle,” sources said Wednesday. The cancellations come after both shows dropped to new ratings lows in recent weeks, with the Christian Slater action series sinking to a 1.8 among adults 18-49 (4.3 million viewers) on Monday and “Jungle” falling to a 1.2 (3.3 million viewers) on Friday. Although the “Jungle” number was an improvement on the previous week, the show’s ratings have been below the line for a while and sunk into the red zone after being moved to Fridays. NBC’s expectation for the return of “Jungle” was modest, but “Enemy” was considered an important show. A spy thriller with a grown-up budget inspired by the “Bourne” movies, “Enemy” received NBC’s coveted post-“Heroes” time period. That valuable Monday hour of scheduling real estate has become less worthwhile in recent weeks, however, as “Heroes” shed viewers — weakening the lead-in for “Enemy” and hastening its decline. No word whether Monday’s episode will be yanked from the schedule, if the show will solider on for a few more weeks or what program will take its place. “Enemy” is now shooting its ninth — and final — episode. “Lipstick” has shot all 13 of its initial order.

Damn! It’s scary to think that Heroes’ coattails are not what they used to be and the show’s sagging popularity is part of the reason Enemy was canceled. If Heroes doesn’t shape up and start pulling in better ratings, can its demise be that far off? While I didn’t pay any attention to the Christian Slater show, I did hear great things about Lipstick Jungle. Both David and Darion are big fans of the show and would sing its praises to me very often … especially when it came to Robert Buckley’s character Kirby:

I may not have been watching the show but I have been paying attention to the filming of the show. Do y’all remember THIS post that featured sweaty, shirtless pics of Robert Buckley and Kim Raver filming a scene in NYC early this past Summer? I’m very bummed that Robert will no longer be required to film scenes like this any longer :( Do Did any of y’all watch either of these shows? What’re y’all’s thoughts?


  • coco

    BOOO!!!! I LOVE this show! Granted the season has had a slow start, but COME ON! It has great potential! Just liven it up! Don’t cancel! :(

  • FK

    Disappointed about Lipstick Jungle! It’s horrible but addictive!!! Why did they move it to Friday nights?! That’s a recipe for disaster.

  • aimie

    count me in with one of the 7 upset christian slater fans. that is a huge bummer to me. and just when i forsaw taylor lautner’s roll getting bigger.

    i too hope this isn’t what’s to come of heros?!?!?!

  • Sarah

    This one (of seven, apparently!) Christian Slater fan will miss ‘My One Worst Enemy’. :( They pulled this with the gorgeous and talented Kevin McKidd’s ‘Journeyman’ series last year, but because of the writers strike, they showed all filmed episodes. Damn you, NBC!

  • Ilivia

    AWWW!! This sux balls. I loved this show and was very happy with the cast. It was the closest show i had to sex and the city. Those damn ratings…dont they know that most people watch their shows on their DVR nowaways. Im guessing that cant be tracked. Again this blows!!!!

    I’ll miss it

  • Anne

    Sign the petition to keep Lipstick Jungle on the air

  • chelspels

    If you are a Lipstick Jungle fan please e-mail NBC by clicking the link below and then use the drop down that says Select Show to select Lipstick Jungle and fill out the form.

  • Katie

    I am beyond bummed about Lipstick Jungle. I loved that show and was so sad that it got moved to Fridays where I knew it would die a slow death.

    Robert Buckley will be in a movie (Flirting with 40) with Heather Locklear hopefully to be released in December.

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  • Beth

    Mebbe Kim Raver will get her shizz together and go back to 24 where she belongs.

  • Brenda

    Boo! I loved Lipstick Jungle. I figured it’d die out when they moved it to Fridays. Who watches TV on Fridays that much?!It was so perfect when Project Runway was still on…I’d watch PR then immediately switch to NBC and watch Lipstick Jungle. Kim Raver and Robert Buckley had some hot scenes…I especially liked the sex on the rooftop at a party where everyone switched clothes with everyone else and Sarah Bareilles sang her song “Bottle It Up.”

  • sabrina

    I am so sad!!! I love this show.

  • Jes

    I LOVE Lipstick Jungle, but I have had a hard time catching it on. When they moved it to Fridays I threw me off.

  • Liz

    Boo, I love Lipstick Jungle, so what it is on Friday, I DVR it anyway. They need a way to count in DVR ratings as well.

  • Kay

    Are you kidding me, Lipstick Jungle is the best thing on Friday night, and Liz is right they need a way to count in DVR ratings as well. Get with the times Sparky!

  • Sarah

    Does anyone know if the ratings take into account the people that record the show? TV networks are so quick to cancel shows…why bother watching TV at all if they are just going to cancel everything.

  • ab

    grr I had a feeling this would happen when they moved it to fridays! I just started watching lipstick jungle this season and I was getting into it. this is why I don’t bother to watch new shows any more, because networks are so quick to cancel! why can’t they give a new show time to find its footing and its audience?

  • Patricia

    I must be the third of the seven Christian Slater fans who reads your blog. My Own Worst Enemy is such a great show – one of only a few that I watch – can’t you use your great blogging powers to save it? Oh Please Super Trent?

  • killing.thefly

    i love lipstick jungle, this is no good.
    i hope they at least finish out the season.

  • Teri

    Dang I really liked this show too…ugh!

  • Randal

    Count me as one of the Christian Slater fans, because I think MOWE is a great show. I am really upset NBC is getting rid of his show. BOOO!!!! NBC. I’m with Patricia. Bloggers unite and save My Own Worst Enemy.

  • Lisa

    Lipstick Jungle is just bad, the story line is boring and drawn out. The only good part of the show was Kirby!

  • Claudia

    I’m sad, I watched it every week and never missed an episode. I thought it was very entertaining and had a lot of potential story lines developing.

  • katie

    NOOOOOOOOOOO! I love this show!!!

  • Emily

    I loved Lipstick Jungle. My husband even watched it with me. He would pretend to be surfing the Internet, but his eyes were on the TV, not the laptop. Lipstick was a great show and I really like watching 3 powerful women struggle with the everyday: marriage, kids, infidelity, losing a job, etc.

  • Sabina

    Ugh, I’m so upset!!! I LOVE Lipstick Jungle. I hate to say that I saw it coming, especially with it’s move to Fridays which pretty much set up for the demise of the show. I’ve seen every episode and I thought the plots were well developed. Definitely had a lot of potential for the future. Boo.

  • Cara

    I’ll miss you Kirby!!! Even my hubby agreed Lipstick Jungle was a good piece of TV trash. RIP

  • Babs

    I love this show – it’s the new Sex and the City!

    Lipstick Jungle is a modern day representation of strong women who are fearless in their friendships, love lives, and careers. Not only are these characters fun to watch, but they give women something great to aspire to while remaining relatable thanks to the every day struggles that we all deal with, no matter if we live in a penthouse or a one bedroom apartment.

    I think it’s a shame to cancel a show that revolves around such determined and capable women. Lipstick Jungle has brought me laughter and tears, and reminds us all that the bonds of friendship are stronger than family in that we aren’t born with our friends, but instead we choose each other.

  • Robert Buckley?!?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s hope he finds another show to act/be shirtless on SOON!

  • natasha1224

    i am so sad about Lipstick Jungle, please dont not this show i have been watching since season 1 and this one is even better, fridays was not a good day but that did not stop me at all from watching i just watched on demand or on their website, mistake NBC big mistake, NBC is AXED in my book how about that

  • i don’t get it. why do networks cancel shows before they’ve even begun? why don’t they give them a chance at least for a few seasons?? i feel like if 20 million ppl aren’t watching a show, it’s gonna get canceled. i’m sorry but we can’t all be glued to our TVs all day long. we have to work and we have lives. give the shows a chance!!!

  • Ashley

    On the message board for LJ, a few people claimed to have worked on the show and said that LJ was NOT canceled but MOWE was for sure. They said that the network was going to see how tonight’s show did and go from there. I really hope it doesn’t get canceled. I want to see what happens with Joe and Victory, Nico and Kirby, and Wendy and her production company!!! This show is great and as for it being on Friday nights, what a bad move. Of course once it was moved there it would get canned. There are other shows that can get the can first like Biggest Loser and Knight Rider, just to name a few. I am tired of reality shows. Let’s hope NBC realizes it would be a mistake.

  • Selina

    I must be the 5th of the seven My Own Worst Enemy fans cause I really liked that show. Yes, it was having some issues, but I guess since people had to put *thought* into it, it had to be pulled from the air.

    Makes me wonder how much longer Heroes and Lost have before they get pulled before their time.

  • Kate

    I’m a Lipstick Jungle fan and have loved it since it’s first episode. The show is great! I like many others don’t watch tv when it airs. I dvr the shows I like and watch them when I can. Even if it is only 15 minutes behind it’s actual start time. I have gotten so sick of commercials that I prefer to try and fast forward through them. Since the dvr makes a digital record of the shows people watch why in the hell hasn’t somebody tried to take that data into consideration before shows get the axe? Hello Neilson rating people, get with it!